Hamari love story (trailer 4)

Hey everyone. How are u all? Ya today we are in 4th trailer. Thanks for the comments. Many of them having doubt that whether i am writing single ff or many. No guys i am writing my 1st ff & in this ff there will 4 couples & story will be started soon.

So now lets start 4th trailer starring mehbeer.

A couple is going in car somewhere. Girl is driving & boy is seen blindfold. They are our meher & abeer.

Abeer : Meher what is this? Why you have blindfolded me baby? Where are you taking me?

Meher: Relax my love. It is a surprise. I am sure you will like it.

Abeer : Fine as you say.

Soon they reached a house which is not very small & not very big but ya it was so decent & elegant.

Meher : Here we are come lets go.

Abeer: Idiot how can i? Open my eyes.

Meher : Oh sorry wait i will help you. But i will not open so soon.

Abeer: Meher please baby. I want to see where you have taken me. Have you planned something against me?

Meher : Abeer can’t you be silent for few minutes. Now just come quietly.

He nods & she took him in & the hall is fully decorated with red balloons & his & meher’s photos. It was so beautiful with candle lights.

She makes him stand in center &

Meher : abeer wait her i will be back ok.

Without listening him she went in & abeer here stood like a statue.

Abeer : She is totally mad. Don’t know what is going on in her mind.

Then she comes by by wearing a beautiful outfit of a top & skirt along with a chocolate cake.


You all can see the dress by this link.

She is looking so hot & breathtaking.

She comes to him & opens the blindfold & now is seeing everything & he was shocked by seeing those decorations & then he sees meher.

He was awestruck by her beauty. She slowly hugs him.

Meher : Happy 6th month anniversary my love. I love you so much.

Abeer is again shocked now.

Abeer :What? Anniversary?

Meher : Ha baby i know you forgot it. So it is our 6th month. Our love has completed 6 months successfully. I am so happy abeer. I love you love you so much.

Abeer is in guilt that he forgot this & didn’t reciprocate the hug. Meher observes this.

Meher : Abeer what happened? Are you not surprised? Did i do anything wrong?

Abeer : No meher it was my fault that i forgot this. As a lover i should surprise you but you are surprising me. I am an idiot.

Meher : Ushhh abeer calm down. Look into my eyes. Can u see love for you.

Abeer : So much.

Meher: So my baby love is important not the person who gave surprise. We both are one then what will be difference in who gave surprise? My love is more for you abeer. These dates or anniversary are just formal. These cannot change my love for you.

Abeer gets teary eyed by her words. He hugs her tightly.

Abeer : I love you meher i love you so much.

Meher: I love you too abeer & ya dnt think i forgive you. You have to give me a gift.

Abeer smiles

Abeer: Sure baby anything for you. Just command.

Meher : Think well abeer anything can you give?

Abeer : Ofcourse darling just ask.

Meher : Fine & she hugs him & says today make me yours abeer.

Abeer after listening it immediately left her & gets shocked.

Abeer: What?

Meher : yes abeer you heard me right. Can you do this for me?

Abeer: but meher before marriage. ….

Meher: I trust you abeer.

She comes close to him & hugs him very tight. He also hugs her. They are so close that they didn’t wish to separate at all. They are enjoying the moment. He then lifts her up & takes her to room where is fully romantic with flavoured candles & choclates on table. Rose petals on bed. It was just awesome.

Abeer makes her stand

Abeer: Are you sure meher you want this?

Meher: Yes abeer please.

She then on music system & started to play song yeh haseen wadiya from roja.

Yeh haseen waadiyan yeh khula aasman

Aa gaye hum kaha aye mere saajna

In bahaaron mein dil ki kali khil gayi

Mujhko tum jo mile har khushi mil gayi

He slowly put his hand around her waist from back and pulled her towards him & made her sit on his lap. She didn’t expect it. She is shocked. Then he put his other hand on her thighs & caressed her romantically.

She started breathing heavily & me too. Then he put her hair on one side & hide his face in her nape & bitted it slowly. Immediately she left a moan by holding my shirt tight.

Meher : Ahhh….. abeer .

He went crazy after hearing his name huskily then he sucked by bitten area. She is holding him even more tight.

Tere honthon pe hain husn ki bijiliyaan

Tere gaalon pe hain zulf ki badliyaan

Tere baalon ki khushboo se mehke chaman

Sangmarmar ki jaise yeh tera badan

Soon there lips met & it was there first kiss & don’t want to end it soon. They both are lost in for 10 mins. His hand was running in her thighs & her hands are pushing his hairs more towards her.

He slowly started to remove her top & he undressed himself & they are open to each other. She was just like a goddess. So beautiful. He made her lie on the bed.

And soon they got intimate.

Thats it guys. I can’t say more detail now. Already today’s trailer is longer than remaining. So the balance romance will be seen while story starts. Anyways please comment. And ya tomorrow is the final trailer regarding all couples. So keep reading & dnt forget to comment.

Love you all take care.

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