Hamari love story (trailer 1)

Hey everyone. Today only i joined in tu family. Finally i am here to the most beautiful family. Yar i have read many ff’s written by the members of this family. And i have also seen friendship bonding between them. Felt so happy to see pure relationship. I appreciate it.

Anyways today i am here to say you all a fantastic love story on my 4 fav couples & they are shivika (ishqbaaz) , swasan (swaragini, kaira (yrkkh) & last but not the least mehbeer (badtameez dil). So guys for today i am giving some trailer & then we can get into the story.

Please comment because i need your support.

So here we are.

First trailer is of shivika.

A beautiful garden in the area of big square feet is seen. It is fully decorated with flowers & anyone can say that marriage is going to be done by seeing it .

Then we will see a girl who is seen in bridal attire wearing a embroidered netted lehenga in rust colour & matching jewellery.

The pic of lehenga can be seen by this link.


She is so beautiful & elegant but her face is clearly shows that she is sad & very upset.

Opposite to her a handsome guy is seen who is also bit angry & upset mood. He is not facing her & controlling his tears.

There is a pin drop silence in the hall.

Anika: Shivaay is this necessary to do?

Shivaay : we have no option anika. You have to do this.

Anika is weeping silently.

Anika : Then what about our love Shivaay?

Shivaay : Forget about it anika. Love doesn’t meant to be stay together but sacrifices also a meaning of love.

Anika: sacrifice? But why Shivaay? No i can’t do this. I love you. Please don’t leave me.

He closes his eyes by hearing her words. He cannot face her sad face.

Shivaay : its getting late. I have to leave.

He is about to leave but she holds his wrist & stops him.

Main phir bhi tumko chaahunga song plays in bg score.

That is it for trailer yar. How is it? I hope you eill like for sure? And ya be ready for trailer 2.

Stay tuned & comment.

  1. Charms22

    Awesome dear

  2. Saumya_K

    Hii Ng8! Welcome to tu family! The trailer of Shivika is really interesting. Waiting for SwaSan trailer. Stay blessed and post soon.
    P.S- Will u like to b my frnd? 🙂

    <3 <3 <3

    1. Ng18

      Thanq saumya & ya ofcourse i love to be friend of yours

  3. Awesome di please continue.

  4. its nyc dear
    are you going to use all four couples in one ff or every couple have different ff

    1. Ng18

      Thanq only one ff yar

  5. AIHA19

    loved it

  6. Niriha


  7. nyc waiting for swasan .
    dear is this ff mixed of 4 couples

    1. Ng18

      Thanq & yes this ff is mixed one

  8. Alekhika20

    Asum trailer

  9. Seebu_s

    nice…eagerly waiting for my swasan???

  10. Fenil

    Its superb !!
    looking forward for this story .
    All 4 are mine favourite too….if u can add then add IshKara (Ishqbaaz ).

    1. Ng18

      Thanq & sorry yar only 4 couples in this ff

  11. Misbah

    Awesome… Plz post next trailer soon☺☺

  12. Awesome intro dr….

  13. it is so interesting dear?

  14. loved that lehenga?interesting teaser of shivika?waiting for swasan teaser?

  15. seems interesting..continue soon

  16. nice dear…waiting for swasan scenes☺

  17. Superb..

  18. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting Shivika teaser! Waiting for Swasan teaser…

  19. Haridhra

    Its very interesting .. Plz post next teaser Asap ..

  20. Verna

    Its really interesting Ng18 and I don’t know whether u know.me or not.. Welcome to our family 🙂 its feeling special whenever new family member enters 🙂

    1. Ng18

      Thanq verna & ya i don’t know you but shall we be friends?

    2. Verna

      There is no question for shall we.. when u joined this family u r my friend and family 🙂

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