HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj Tiktik 22

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HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 22

Hey guys! How r u all? I hope that u all are doing well! Thank u for all your love and support…you have been my support system and knowing that i actually have a special silent reader was a bonus dose of happiness…i cannot explain how happy i am…

U guys wished for a longer epi…so here it is…i hope u’ll like it…so without further ado let’s move to this part…

❤___________ready set go____________❤

Twinkle entered Kunj’s room. She had tears in her eyes. She saw a messed up bed and a body figure under the blanket. She was crying and constantly wiping her tears which were blurring her vision. She sat down beside Kunj.

She looked at him and uncovered his face. She lightly kissed his forehead. He was hot but not having any fever anymore, making Twinkle smile a bit. She started taking care of him. She changed her upper body clothes and checked her temperature. She called a friend of hers who was also a doctor and took some prescriptions from him. She made him to have some injections and medicines. Finally she gave him a water compress(is that actually called this or am i talking french? Comment down pls?)

She sat on the bed and looked at him. She decided to talk to him a bit.

T-oye bandar! Aise leta kyu pada hai? Aaj achanak se battery down kaise ho gyi? Tum na bohut kharaab ho! Mujhe gussa bhi ni hone dete! Are mein ladki hun, nakhre karna, tevar dikhana mera janmasidha adheekaar hai…aur agar iss siyappa queen ke gale pad hi gye ho to pura package apnana padega na…aur tum aaye na mujhe manane ke liye…aadha raste tay karke tussi jaa rhe ho? Tussi na jaao! Tussi menu gale lagao…menu pyaar kro…oye sadu ke bachche! Aise 1 expression kyu de rhe ho? Aise karte rahe na to ho chuka actor ka khwaab…ban jaana…dhobi ghaat ka sidhant?

(Oye monkey! Why are u lain like this? How come u lack energy today? U are very bad! U never allow me to be angry! Since i am a girl i have the right to throw tantrums and show attitude…and if u have decided to accept me then u will have to accept me with my flaws…as far as i remember, u were here to pacify me then why are u leaving half-way? Hug me…love me…oye idiotic Mr Rude! Why are u giving me only an expression? If u do so then u better forget the dream of becoming an actor…)

She pouted then she smirked. She got up with attitude.

T-dekhiye Mr Sarna! Mere paas zyada time ni hai! Agar aapko Miss Taneja se shaadi karni hai to mere wishes ke basis pe hi chalni hogi! Vaise to mein itni aasani se haath aane se rahi par phir bhi aaj aapke paas golden opportunity hai.
(Look Mr Sarna! i do not have much time! If u really want to marry Miss Taneja then you will have to fulfill my wishes! Normally i would not have been so easy to get but today you have got a golden opportunity.)

She lay down on the bed beside him and faced him.

T-kya? Aaj aapko mujhe apne pyaar ka saboot dena hoga…
(What? Today you will have to give a proof of your love…)

She took his hand in hers with tears flowing continously. She caressed his forehead with her other hand.

T(in a low voice)-aaj tumhein mujhe apnepan ka ehsaas dilana padega…Miss Taneja ko pyaar karna padega…mujhse maafi chahte the na? Isliye Mr Sarna ko mujhe kaske gale lagana padega, apne pyaar se mere har dard ko bhagana padega…par usse pehle apni aankhein kholni padengi tumhein…unmein khone ka ji karta hai Kunj…please theek ho jaao…i am sorry…

(U have to make me feel urs…u will have to love Miss Taneja…u wanted my apology right? For that Mr Sarna will have to hug me tightly, he will have to make me feel his love…but before that u will have to open ur eyes…i feel like getting lost in them…please get well soon…i am sorry…)

A tear escaped her eyes and fell on Kunj’s arms. She saw no reaction on his face and wanted to cry more as she knew that she was responsible for his state. She was about to go away when two strong arms pulled her towards himself. She looked into those two eyes in disbelief…but after sometime she hugged that person tightly, letting no air pass in between them….

T-i am sorry!! I love u Kunj!


Twinkle looked at him weirdly.
T-what do u mean by huh?

She looked at him suspiciously, yet with so much innocence that Kunj chuckled.

K-pyaar karti ho par mere naam ko apnane se darti ho! Ye Miss Taneja Miss Taneja kya laga rakha hai? Bola tha na its only Mrs Kunj Sarna!
(U say that u love me but yet u are afraid of accepting my name! Whats with this name? Miss Taneja? Miss Taneja? I had told u that u were Mrs Kunj Sarna!)

He said, slowly shifting Twinkle below him. He caressed her face. Twinkle giggled but then a lone tear formed in her eyes.

K-hey! Mein mazaak kar rha tha…
(Hey! I was joking…)

T-itna pyaar karte ho mujhse? Itna ki khud ki fikar ni krte ho…
(Do u love me so much? So much that u forget ur own pain while loving me…)

She said looking at his red and swollen eyes. She kissed each one of them.

Kunj enjoyed that feeling of love that he had once lost. He wanted to remain in that moment forever.

T-ek minute! Tum bilkul theek ho! Jab mein aayi thi tab tumhein bukhar bhi ni tha…bas thode garam the…hawww! Tumne mujhe bewakoof banaya?
(Wait a minute! Ur perfectly alright! When i came here u had no fever…u were just a little hot…hawww! U fooled me?!)

K-uhun…tumhare aane se meri halat mein sudhaar aayi…saans mein saans aayi…varna tha to zinda par laash se kam ni tha…
(No…i became better by ur presence…i got a new breath…otherwise i was as good as a dead body…)

His words made Twinkle cry.

K-i promise ki mein tumpar kabhi shak ni karunga Twinkle! Marte dam tak apne dil mein basa kar rakhunga…i am sorry!
(I promise that i will never doubt on u! I will always keep u in my heart…i am sorry!)

He said holding one ear.

T-Kunj tumhein andaaza hai mujhpar kya beeti hai? Mujhe ek pal ke liye aisa laga ki mein vo kude ka hissa hoon jise use kiya aur phek diya…i felt worst than a piece of thrash…ek aisi cheez jisse pyaar to kiya hai par jiske saath chalne mein sharam aati hai…
(Kunj do u even know what i’ve went through? For a while i felt like that unwanted piece of thrash…who has been used and thrown away…some sort of a thing which u can love but of which u are ashamed…)

Her voice choked.

K-shhh! Aisa kabhi mat kehna! Tum mere dil ka vo hissa ho jisse mein duniya se chupakar pyaar karna chahta hoon…jiska haath thaamkar duniya se nazrein milakar baat kar sakta hoon…har subah jiska chehra dekhkar muskurana chahta hun…jisse har roz pyaar karna chahta hoon…apna banana chahta hoon…
(Shhh! Never say so again! You are that piece of my heart which i want to keep for myself:..ur the one whom i want to smile at in the morning and the one i want to love and make mine every…)

Twinkle closed his mouth as she turned a deep shade of red hearing his words.

K-i am so….

He felt a soft pair of lips on his. He smiled and reciprocated the kiss. His hands automatically crept to Twinkle’s waist while the latter’s hands got locked on his neck. He pressed his body against Twinkle’s who was just beneath him and as they broke the kiss, he buried his head in her neck. Twinkle pushed him away.

T-maafi ni mili hai to mujhse door raho!
(U have not been forgiven yet so stay away from me!)

She tried to escape.

K-to ye kya tha? Meri izzat loot rhi thi?
(Then what was that? Were u taking advantage of me?)
He said as he pulled her back to her position.

T-mujhe sachchi lagta hai ki tum ek number ke nautanki ho! Abhi abhi uth bhi ni pa rhe the aur abhi ye stunt kr rhe ho!
(I really think that ur being a fakester! U are doing such stunts now when sometime back u could not even get up!)

She said, rolling her eyes.

Kunj smirked.
K-mujhe Miss Taneja se shaadi krni hai to shartein to poori karni hongi naaaa…
(I want to marry Miss Taneja so i have to fulfill her conditions…)

T-ohh hello! Its Mrs Kunj Sarna for u Mr Monkey! And kaunsi shartein?
Kunj smiled.

K-oops sorry! Aapko shaayad yaad dilana padega…ab kya keh sakte hai? Aajkal ki ladkiyan…shaadi krne se pehle casting couch se guzarna padta hai…hum jaison ki izzat unhi ke haathon mein aa jaati hai phir…handsome aadmi dekha ni ki bhookhi sherni toot padti hai…
(Oops sorry! I think i will have to remind u of them…what can we say? Girls nowadays are so fast…we have to go through casting couches even for mariage…)

He buttoned the first two buttons of his shirt. Twinkle remembered her wishes and rolled her eyes.

T-get off Kunj!
She said angrily.

K-no! Sorry ma’am! Gussa mat hona! mujhe Miss Taneja ke pati hone ka kaam chahiye hi chahiye! Unke case mei mein risk ni le sakta…iske liye mein kuch bhi krne ko tayyaar hoon!
(No! Sorry ma’am! Dont be angry! I want to be the husband of Miss Taneja! I cannot take any risks concerning her…i am ready to do anything for her…)

He said removing his shirt. Twinkle closed her eyes.


K-yes Mrs Sarna…
He said huskily.

T-aap bhut besharam hote jaa rhe hai!
(You are becoming very shameless!)

She tried pushing him away. Kunj held both of her arms and pinned her to the bed.

K-pyaar hai?
(Do u love me?)


Kunj kissed her on the lips. He kept on deepening the kiss with time and then buried his face in her neck, placing kisses there. He then moved and glanced at her.

K-haan ya naa?

Twinkle looked at him lovingly and pecked his lips quickly before looking away. Kunj smiled.

K-kunj beta aaj to tu shaheed ho gya…madam romance ke mood mein hai…
(Kunj u may consider urself as gone…ur in a mood to romance…)


K-i am sorry! I will never doubt on you again! I will always trust u!

T-i am sorry too! Whatever happens, we will discuss it! Promise?

K-siyappa queen promise!


K-not again!

Saying this, he covered them both with the blanket.

Precap: engagement…

❤__________to be continued___________❤

So here it was. Do leave ur precious comments down below.

Now…writers please excuse my absence…i am literally non-existent right now. I have just got my sc results and the effect has been flooding my life…in a really good way…i feel so blessed to have been upto the mark concerning my education. Those who follow me on instagram know about the sudden happenings. I am really sorry for my lack of involvement in u guys…i will try to be on track soon…this year involves loads of responsibilities as a student and most importantly a daughter and helper to my school which will be history in 2 years’ time…i know it is a mouthful but please bear with me for some time.

Hope that u enjoyed this one. I will try to post the next one soon…i do not promise anything though…

I hope that ur having fun in life! Be happy guys cuz let’s face it…life is nowadays on fast forward mode…can’t tell when we will be smiling or not so just jump on the present opportunities…

Love u all❤

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