Hamari Diya hai woo… Bilkul pari jaisi (Episode 19)

The episode starts with Shivani comes to hall and says what all are you discussing. Kaki saa ask her is she likes Yuvraj . Shivani first looks on but then she says yes i like him . I am ready for this relationship but i need some time . I mean all of this is so suddenly for me . I hope tou can understand yuvi . Yuvi nods amd says of course take your time , i am with you . Sujan singh and all take there leave from there.

Ratan comes home back . He goes to his room . He saw Diya resting and without any disturbance goes to washroom and gets fresh n up . He comes out and sees diya was not in room . He wonders where she can go suddenly. Diya comes there and gives him coffee. She says i saw you going for washroom so then I thought to make coffee for you . He says so you made this coffee suddenly i mean i just take few minutes and in between you go downstairs and then made coffee for me . I think you become superfast after pregnancy.

Diya says nothing like that . Actually when i reached in kitchen i saw Kaki saa already making coffee for you . I just brought this from them . He says don’t do such sweet things for me . You should take care of our baby first , then me . Your first priority should be this baby not me . She says i was feeling bored sitting in the room for full day . So I thought to make coffee for you and ask him for his forgiveness for the morning accident. Ratan says don’t be sorry for that . Iam sorry for that . Actually I already lost my mom dad in accident. I don’t have the guts to loss my baby. So that’s why I reacted on that incident. I think i am already become dad. I am start caring for him . He hugs her and says this feeling is so awesome i can’t explain that . I am so excited for him . He says i already choose his name ” Vansh ” .

Diya says vansh is nice name but how do you know we will be having baby boy . It can be girl also . Ratan says but i want a boy first . Then next time we will plan our sweet cutie girl . Diya laughs and says you are saying like you are ordering some product fromt he market that first we will try this then we will try that . She says if we first got girl then . He says then my whole plan will get fail . She says plan ! What plan ? Ratan says i planned that we will have first elder boy then we will have young girl . She must be younger then we all. She will be our princess and our prince will take care of his younger sister like a mature elder brother. Diya says you are planning so much . Ratan says yes , i have full proof plan . Diya says lets see what will god decide for us . Ratan hugs her and says actually i will be happy with both also wether first baby will be boy or girl . It will be our first baby and that feeling will be so amazing. Diya says yes that’s true .

Precap – someone plans for Diya’s miscarriage. He fails the car breaks in which diya and Ratan will go for Diya’s checkup . Ratan drives the car . In between his way , he tries to apply brakes and realises that breaks are failed.

  1. Suma123

    nice episode….i loved dira scenes……….

  2. Very nice . I heard a news that makers is going to take kushal tendon as elder rattan sa.please we dont want kushal tendon in ratan sa role.he will spoil the show.please take namish taneja as rattan sa as he is having look of prince .i am surprise how maker get the image of rattan in it. He look like angry man while the role of ratan sa is going to be romantic. I love the ppk but sorry to say if Kuahal tendon then I will not able to watch the show .please maker make a right decision. I dont want to leave watching this show.please please……….,…..,….

  3. amazing very nice. Please save DiRa and their baby too good

  4. figure crosseddddd……trio must b safe nd soundyyyyyttt

  5. Saurabh Suman

    Waiting for the promo..anxiously..

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