Hamari Diya hai woo… Bilkul pari jaisi (Episode 18)

The episode starts with CT informing that Sajan singh and family must be on there way . Do arrangements fast . Sajan singh comes and says we already came here . CT welcomes them and ask them to sit . They all sit . Sajan says now please call my daughter, she was going to give me a big news . I am going to become grandpa . CT orders her maid to bring Thakurani saa downstairs. Maid comes to diya and says Thakurani saa your parents came . Diya gets happy and runs to meet them . She is on her way suddenly she gets slip . All family looks this in shock . She is going to fall down just then Ratan comes and hold her . He says What the hell you think pregnancy is ? Is it any joke or something. You are going to become mother .

Be careful while walking. By the way where are you going . She says actually i got excited for meeting my parents . Ratan says be careful for the next time ok . He takes her downstairs and takes blessings of elders . Sajan says Diya now you have big responsibility dear so take care of this for the next time . CT says your parents come to meet you only . They are not going to run anywhere , be responsible Thakurani saa . Diya says i am sorry all of you , i will take care from next time . Ratan says goodbye to all as he was leaving for some urgent meeting with foreign sponsors. He leaves from there . Diya and all talks . Yuvraj says di how you are feeling right now . I mean till now we sre only childrens of our mom dad and now you are going to become mother and me mamu . It is so exciting.

Diya says yes this is my life’s lovely feeling . CT ask Yuvraj now when do you think to marry prince . Yuvraj says actually there is no girl yet who can compete me . When will I meet with that type of girl then believe me i will marry her on the spot only . CT says your thinking is just like my daughter Shivani she also thinks the same . Yuvraj says by the way aunty where is Shivani. CT says where will be she as usual she is in ground doing shooting practice. He says i am going to meet her . He goes . CT and Sajan notice this . She says sajan singh ji if you don’t mind can i say something. Sajan says please CT go ahead.

CT says i am noticing there meeting from few days and i think they are enjoying each other company also . I mean Shivani doesn’t allow any men to be her friend from long time . I think they like each other . So i am trying to say that can we push there relation ahead . I want them to marry each other . Sajan singh says CT i am also thinks the same but before this i think we should ask them only what is there opinion on this . Shivani and Yuvraj comes inside and ask whose opinion you all want and for what ? CT says come you both we need to ask you both something. She says we thought to marry you both . Shivani says what marriage and of us . I need some time to think on it . She goes to her room. Yuvraj says actually I don’t have any objections in this but if she says yes then only .

Precap – Ratan says sorry for the morning . Actually i was scared for the baby as I already lost my parents but doesn’t have the guts to lost you and this baby . Diya says don’t feel sorry. Actually that was my mistake i have to be careful. She hugs him . Ratan says today I really felt like a dad caring for his child.

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