Hamari Diya hai woo… Bilkul pari jaisi (Episode 16)

The episode starts with Diya coming to Ratan room and sits near him . Ratan ask her how did you got your memory bavk . Diya thinks first and then says when she got to know about your accident that moment i got my memory back . After all it was just a temporary memory loss . Ratan says yes that’s right . Doctors check him and he says now you are fine Hukam saa . You can go home today only . Ratan gets happy and says finally this hospital drama is over . Diya gets happy .

They come back in palace. CT ask them to go to your room i will bring soup for Hukam . Diya notice her first but then she ignored it as she thinks she was Ratan’s kaki MAA saa , she loves him like her own son . She can’t do anything wrong with Ratan. Diya helps Ratan while walking . They enters inside there room . Diya helps him to sit on bed . She was going away after this . But Ratan holds her hands and says now you can’t leave me alone . Diya says who said i will leave you . Did you forgot we takes wedding rounds and promise each other we will not leave each other in ups and down . Ratan nods in yes . Diya goes to washroom . Ratan feels sleepy so he sleeps. CT comes there and sees him sleeping. She thinks god always take care of my son . Diya comes out from the washroom and sees CT . She ask kaki saa you are here . I kean you can deliver soup by any maid also . CT says i wish to give this soup to Ratan by myself but he slept already. She takes soup with her and leave . Diya keep seing Ratan and thinks i will protect you always from bad sight. She thinks of her promise to Maan singh that she will become his pehredaar. She says any problem before going to Ratan first have to face me .

Few days spent and Ratan gets fine again. He now started going to hotel . He works hard in hotel and manage everything so well . He comes palace back . Diya give him water and ask him to change first and then comes down for dinner . Ratan holds her and says first give me one kiss . Diya says if anyone comes then . He says if you don’t want to give kiss then atleast makes some logical excuses i mean seriously the door is locked and you thinks that someone can come . Koi super man ya fir batman hein kya jo band darwaje se ander aa jaega . ( Is anyone is superman or batman that he will come inside ) . Diya smiles and says ok sorry don’t be so angry i was just teasing you . Ok baba i will kiss you ok . She kisses on his cheeks. Ratan says now i wany french kiss madam . Diya says now you are taking advantage hmm . She smiles and goes downstairs. Ratan comes for dinner after changing. Ayush discusses about there future plan to increase our hotel finance . CT says stop you both , do this office meeting in hotel only , this is our home and there do some family talks . Ratan says ok kaki maa saa fine we will not talk of hotel now . Diya feels unwell and goes upstairs for vomiting. Ratan also follows her . Diya comes out of the washroom after vomiting. Ratan ask if she is fine . She says don’t know i was vomiting since morning. He says don’t worry i called doctor.

Precap- doctor checks Diya and says to Ratan that don’t worry Hukam saa you are going to become papa . Yes she is pregnant. Ratan gets happy and ask is she is saying right . CT says congrats Hukam saa now you are going to become dad . This is a big responsibility then a king .

  1. It’s too good and awesome lovely

    1. Its not the actual episode

  2. Awwwwww ???

  3. Fake… Haters plz go away

    1. Nav

      What is fake in this ? This is a fan fiction . I hope you know what fiction means – its all about imagination . I am not here to write the real episodes OK

      By the way , you thought this is fake so keep yoir thoughts by you only . Tata bye bye namaskar good bye

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  5. For long time Wanting for next episode

  6. For long time Wanting for next episode

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