Hamari Bahu Silk 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Naksh forces Pakhi to sign divorce papers

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Pakhi complains in front of the temple why she was proven wrong. She was attempting to prove herself true and innocent. Janki comes from behind and hugs Pakhi. Pakhi cries in front of Ayi. Janki was upset that none in her family is ready to believe Pakhi, why she became Silk. Pakhi says she wanted to save Baa’s respect. Natasha had made a fake video of Baa; she thought once the video is revealed no one will be able to force her into work again. Janki cries that she and Pakhi’s father wanted to give her the best life, its heart breaking how Pakhi’s life is turning tougher day by day.

There, Natasha questions Rimjhim if she leaked the video of Pakhi. The video went viral, and everyone knows Pakhi is her voice. Rimjhim was furious and shuts Natasha up, as her voice is irritating already. She clarifies she never take permissions before any action, and does what comes in her plan. Natasha twists her arm behind but Rimjhim takes over and clutches Natasha’s neck. Natasha was about to die of suffocation. Rimjhim says she didn’t even care for her sister’s life, why she would even bother for Natasha. Pinky parts them, else Natasha would have died. Rimjhim leaves with a devilish smirk.

It was night. Naksh walked in his room thinking how he never wanted anyone in the family to know about Silk. He comes to the kitchen, drags Pakhi from there and pulls her out. He drives the van to a deserted place and questions why Pakhi even came to his life. Pakhi replies she always questions herself about it. Naksh says he requested Pakhi not to let his family know about it, but she brought his Baa at a verge of dying. He had wished she leaves his family, and regrets stopping her. Pakhi thought she must leave a mark of disgrace for the family before he leaves. He pushes her away, she was about to fell off but Naksh holds her. Pakhi convinces she didn’t do so. Naksh shuts her up, as truth doesn’t suit her. Pakhi says she didn’t send the video to anyone. She wouldn’t have been blackmailed in hands of Natasha otherwise; she had to dub for Natasha because Natasha possessed a video of Baa. Why would she want a disgrace for her own family? Naksh calls the lawyer who comes to hand Naksh some papers. Pakhi takes the papers from Naksh while the lawyer was asked to leave. Naksh place a revolver on his forehead and says Pakhi will divorce him the way she married him. Pakhi says it’s strange, she wanted to spend her life with him but he wants to sacrifice his life for parting ways with her. They both care for each other’s life. She had already promised to leave the house, this piece of paper doesn’t matter. She signs the papers and stuffs them into Naksh’s pocket. Naksh says three months, they will be divorced. This burdened relationship will be off their shoulders then.

Naksh was unable to look towards Pakhi and appears disturbed. Pakhi hands the papers to Naksh. Naksh turns to leave when Pakhi says she never wanted to live away from him. She loves him and will continue to do so till her last breathe. She was forced to do a lot by her harsh life, but she loved him at her will. If he wants to sacrifice her love for false accusations… Naksh turns to say this talk of love doesn’t suit her. He had loved her, and his love changed his life. He opens his arms and says here, his life is changed. He has been shattered.

Pakhi walks alone on the deserted road. Someone stops her. Pakhi thinks it was Naksh, but two goons stop her. They teases and harasses Silk and demand her to speak in her sweet Silky voice. Pakhi furiously tells them to leave her way. A third goon joins them. Pakhi threatens them but they were stubborn and tries to physically touch her hair. Pakhi slaps the goon.

PRECAP: Pakhi requests Baa to forgive her, she is ready for any punishment. Baa demands her voice from Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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