Hamari Bahu Silk 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi looks for a house

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Hamari Bahu Silk 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kapadia doesn’t approve of Natasha’s voice. Aakash convince Kapadia that even Natasha has the magic in his voice, it will even save their dubbing money. Kapadia tells him to play the earlier recording, and just make a comparison. Natasha stares Kapadia in fuming voice. Kapadia enjoys the recording of Pakhi’s voice, and was appreciative of the Silk voice. He tells Aakash to bring the voice. He says if they can’t get the voice, they can even replace the heroine. He leaves unconvinced.
Pakhi sat with a Real Estate Agent, Tillu. She tells Tillu uncle that she has only 10k budget and no deposit. He says there is a house in Ambernath. Pakhi agrees. Tillu says there is an old lady, Baa there. He plays Baa’s interviews. Baa had objection with open hair, and naked legs. Pakhi asks who says Hitler died, he is still alive in the hearts of people like Baa.
Natasha showed tantrums to Aakash. She screams that she doesn’t know about her appointments for today, didn’t she appoint a PA. Aakash says the girl had to shift home, she will join from tomorrow. Natasha was furious who would do her work from now on.
Pakhi comes in double braid and glasses to meet Baa. Baa closely eyes Pakhi. Tillu follows Pakhi. She touches Baa’s feet. Mamta bring tea for Baa. Baa scolds her as the cup was stained with tea from outside. She denies having this tea. Mamta leaves. Baa asks Tillu to start the recording. Baa asks about the name. Pakhi replies, Kunjan Mata. Baa: Whom? Pakhi: It’s the Devi she hung a photo of. Her Ayi always told her to take blessings of Devi. Her own name is Pakhi Joshi. Baa: What views she hold about Katrina. Pakhi: It brought a lot of destruction, and ruined a number of houses and families. Baa: She was asking about the film star. Pakhi: She doesn’t know much about film stars, but is fond of gathering knowledge. She even teaches her children the same. Baa: If she is a teacher, teaching has less money as profession. Pakhi: Her Ayi says money isn’t everything, one must prefer a respectable job. Baa was impressed. Pakhi asks what if she pays deposits to her in parts. Baa says she doesn’t want a deposit, only the monthly rent and Rs. 1000/ as security. Pakhi bends to touch her feet. A young man comes home. Baa introduces him to Pakhi Joshi, their new tenant. She says her grandson just came from jail. The young man shouts at Pakhi what she is doing here, he complains to Baa that this girl got him to jail yesterday. She made him lose his interview timing, break his phone and wasn’t in this avatar of glasses. He tells Baa to ask her leave. Pakhi smiles and appreciates her ways of evaluating a person. Baa asks if the camera is working. Pakhi replies no. Baa says it’s not an evaluation, she must now tell him what he is saying. Pakhi denies even recognizing him. She asks which jail he went to. The young man was frustrated and says she is a liar. Baa asks Mamta to bring the Holy Book, the guy takes an oath. Baa tells Pakhi this is the rule book of Parekh family, and is going to be her Geeta. She asks Pakhi to take an oath over it now.
A girl repeats the lines intimately with Aakash. Natasha was angry and pushes that girl out of the house.
Pakhi tells Baa that her Ayi always taught, those who have to believe in her will believe them anyway. And the ones who don’t have to believe, will never do it. She won’t take an Oath. Baa replies she will also decide later whether this Joshi family would stay here or not.
Pakhi sat with the renter. He says Pakhi must have taken the oath, as it was the lowest tenant place. Pakhi says she thought about it, then decided not to do so as the book contained all the rules of the family. But she has times till tonight only and must find a residence.
A rapper comes to meet Natasha with flowers, but when Natasha speaks he questions if there is someone else in the room as well. Natasha replies it’s her own voice. He was astonished, and raps insulting her voice. Natasha cries in front of Aakash. She was hurt that a producer rejected her voice means she can’t be a super star. Aakash hugs Natasha and assures she will surely be a star once their film has been confirmed.
Pakhi watches a tempo coming their way. Baa was walking right in front of the tempo and it was headed towards Baa. Pakhi runs to push Baa out of the way. Afterwards, the crowd had gathered. Baa says she was taking the Bhoj to Thakkur Ji, it was ruined. Pakhi apologizes to Baa, as she deemed it necessary to save Baa at the moment. Baa tells Pakhi to pack her luggage and come in for living with them.

PRECAP: Kapadia asks Natasha to bring the signatures of the girl who dubbed this sound, else the movie is closed. Natasha gives Pakhi the task to hear the voice and find the girl. Pakhi was shocked to hear her own recording.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Amal

    That confrontation between Natasha and that rapper was funny ???????

  2. The episode itself was on the amusing side….the interview between Pakhi and Baa ,the way her grandson reacted on seeing the insolent girl in his own house after she had almost sent him to jail and Kapadia’s horror on the suggestion that Natasha would use her own voice ….At the same time we can not help but feel bad for Natasha … very difficult to tolerate the insulting remarks for no fault of hers…Anyways nice story and nice characters so far…worth watching even at the late hour of 10.30 pm in India….how I wish that one of the prime slot Ekta’s serials wrap up their shop and give way to new serials…I don’t understand how Kumkum Bhagya is still being aired at 9 pm that too with high TRP s when the number of viewers is almost negligible…..

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