Hamari Bahu Silk 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Naksh shares his dilemma with Pakhi

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Pakhi leaves Naksh’s room and comes out with her suit cases. She cries silently. Naksh was in his room, fallen on the floor. Naksh runs to the balcony and then downstairs and stops Pakhi before she could step out. He tells Pakhi he remembers everything, her love, their wedding and everything else. Pakhi happily wipes her tears and runs to hug Naksh. She asks Naksh why he kept it hidden then. Naksh says he didn’t have the courage, he is a sinner. He tells Naksh about the night when he was drunk, and he had deemed it was Pakhi with her. Rimjhim blackmailed him else she would tell the whole family. He cries and fell into her feet for an apology, as it was a huge mistake. Pakhi was in a disbelief, and says their love wasn’t tender. Naksh was concerned as she cries and sits with him on her knees. She asks how Naksh could hide such a huge matter; he should have told her earlier. She knows he can’t be disloyal even when drunk. She doesn’t trust Rimjhim at all. She helps Naksh stand up and assure her support for him, no matter what the world thinks. Pakhi and Naksh hug each other.
Later in the room, Naksh again apologizes Pakhi. Pakhi says it wasn’t his mistake. Rimjhim forced him. Naksh asks Pakhi if she loves him, and trust him. Pakhi replies, more than herself.
Rimjhim comes to the room. Naksh at once pushes Pakhi away and shouts he doesn’t want her and any medicines from her. Pakhi says Naksh has lost his memory, may be… Naksh brings Rimjhim inside and tells her to let Pakhi leave. Rimjhim pushes Pakhi out, then asks if Naksh is faking all this. Naksh says alright, Rimjhim must have thought he also plays games like her. Pakhi came in the room, but he sent her away with his bitter talk. Rimjhim says Naksh has no other option but to be with her. Naksh demands some more proofs of that night. Rimjhim says she has kept them safe, will show them if needed. Naksh requests her not to show them to the world, he will do what she asks him to.
Pakhi had convinced Naksh to find the proof. She insisted Rimjhim is lying, because Naksh was drunk and doesn’t remember anything. He wonders where Rimjhim has hidden all the proof. Pakhi gave him a suggestion and convinced that this method would work.
Later, Mamta gifts sarees to Pakhi and Mosmi. Mosmi and Pakhi go and wear the dresses. Rimjhim comes to snatch the saree as it’s for daughter in law of the house. Mamta scolds her to give it back. Rimjhim says she is the daughter in law of the family, and she will wear the dress. Naksh comes to defend Rimjhim as she is rightful of the saree. He tells Rimjhim to go to the room and change in the new dress. Mamta was tensed what had happened to Naksh, she promises to bring another saree. Pakhi was sure to get all the rights of being a daughter in law.
Rimjhim comes downstairs and finds the family happy and enjoyable. She fakes a fall and calls Naksh for help. Naksh notices it’s a foot strain. Pakhi signals Naksh, who unwillingly carries Rimjhim in his arms. Everyone from the family was upset, Pakhi thinks she can’t tell anyone that this is to let go of Rimjhim. Mamta decides to speak to Rimjhim now.
Later, Pakhi comes to Rimjhim’s room with the plate of food. Rimjhim says they will have to appreciate Pakhi, she has to watch Naksh with her. Pakhi says she is sure she will get Naksh back as soon as his memory recovers. Rimjhim says once when she and Naksh… Pakhi asks what? She says once they go somewhere, she won’t let Naksh meet anyone. Naksh comes to the room. Rimjhim demands Naksh to feed her. He was annoyed, as she was hurt on her foot only. Pakhi signals him. Naksh sits to feed Rimjhim instead.
Ketan comes to Mamta with a bag. He asks if she is sure her plan would work. Mamta says a mother must make every possible attempt to save her child. She will pay Rimjhim even more than this if it’s for Naksh’s life. It was dark at night. Mamta comes to Rimjhim’s old room but she was nowhere to be seen. She finds her wardrobe open and tries to shut the door pane. A pile of proof photos fell from the wardrobe.

Update Credit to: Sona

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