Hamari Bahu Silk 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi restores everyone trust on Parekh catering


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Hamari Bahu Silk 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Baa stops Rimjhim’s accusations over Pakhi. She says she isn’t concerned with whatever Pakhi or Rimjhim did; she is only sad for the disgrace of Parekh Catering’s name. She cries with the broken heart. She leaves the kitchen, so does everyone else. Pakhi was determined not to let Baa or her business die.

The next morning, Pakhi was beating a drum on a stage set in the neighborhood. Everyone from the vicinity gather around, including the Parekh Family. Pakhi takes the stage and asks everyone to see this woman, Baa. They all know this lady as Parekh Behn. But her motherly face is fake, she is actually a dyan who wants to poison their kids. Naksh comes to stage and scolds Pakhi for speaking ill. Pakhi says even Baa’s grandson must be ashamed of his grandmother. These are the news everyone

heard on TV channels and news. She will tell them the truth. She unveils the curtains behind her.

Everyone was shocked to see a group of children wearing masks of Baa’s face. Behind that plays Baa’s fake video and the one of Baa’s arrest. Naksh whispers Pakhi to turn it off. Pakhi says now they will watch the video which made police release Baa on jail. She now plays the video muffed as the inspector. The police also realized that Baa was being trapped in this scandal. She says at least the neighbors should have trusted Baa and stood with them. She reminds one of the neighbors Manoj, that it was Baa who fed his children when he moved into the vicinity. She says she has heard all this from the neighbors. How they could easily believe in all the fake scams against Baa. Baa has always stood by her principles and values. The neighbors apologize Baa, and wish Baa sends their children’s tiffin. The children run to Baa and complements Baa’s catering food. Baa nods at Pakhi and hugs her, with a wide smile on her face.

Later, Pakhi was setting the tiffin boxes of delivery order. Naksh comes to hold the tiffin and thanks Pakhi. He is aware she might find his thank you awkward after what happened between them in past few days. Pakhi turns around to hide a wide smile. She now turns around. Naksh repeats the thank you. Pakhi replies, it feels awkward as he thanks her for helping her own family. Naksh holds Pakhi’s hand and says he must trust her once again now. He wish so, but can’t. He drops her hands. He says her name is still connected to that B-grade Natasha; he never wants any of his family member to know about Silk. Pakhi insists she isn’t Silk anymore. Naksh says when Baa will know about the truth of Silk, she will break once again. Pakhi must leave his house. Pakhi was shocked to hear this. She loses her balance and was about to fell off. Naksh at once supports her. She removes Naksh’s hand from her shoulder and asks if he would trust her if she does so. Naksh nods and looks away. Pakhi says she will leave.

Rimjhim heard the conversation. She was happy that Pakhi will leave now, but before she gathers favors the family must know, Hamari Bahu Silk. It will then be enjoyable how the family will kick Pakhi out of the house.

Pakhi packs her luggage along with Janki. Naksh was restless. Pakhi and Janki leave the Parekh House in an auto. Naksh holds Pakhi’s hand while she was about to get inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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