Hamari Bahu Silk 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s house sold

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Hamari Bahu Silk 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi comes outside and leave with her friend on bike. She says they had challenged her, she showed them her voice but left. Aakash comes behind them, then takes the information of 122 from the reception desk.

Natasha practices with Pakhi’s dubbed voice. Aakash comes inside and positive that he will soon find this girl. Natasha says she can no way lose this girl.

At home, Pakhi finds her Ayi cleaning the plates from table. She angrily throws her bag over the table. Ayi was terrified. Pakhi complains why she behaves as a maid. She complains that Ayi is the owner of the house, Kaka Kaki are younger but still won’t help with house chores. She takes the plates from Ayi.

The next morning, Aakash comes to tell Natasha they found the voice. He had brought the girl of token 122. He tells her to repeat the lines. The girls repeat the lines. Aakash interrupts and tells her to repeat it as she did in RJ hunt. They weren’t satisfied.

Kaka and Kaki were in their room. Kaki tried some jewelry. Pakhi says she wanted to speak to him, her Ayi takes care of everyone. At least Kaki can wash the dishes. Kaki replies to Pakhi that her Ayi does a lot of work, she has huge pain in her back. She is even unable to bend. Kaki drops the jewelry and easily bends down to look for the earring. Pakhi thinks curtly that it can’t be done. Kaka asks Kaki to massage a cream over his head for head ache. Pakhi replaced the cream with another balm.

Aakash plays the recording of Pakhi’s voice. The girl says this isn’t her voice. Natasha shouts at her to leave, if this isn’t her voice. The girl instead insults Natasha’s male voice. Aakash feels helpless.

Pakhi brings medicine to Ayi. She hears Kaka shouting for help. His scalp was burning and looks around for water. Pakhi tells her Ayi that this is punishment for making her Ayi cry.

The next day, Pakhi sat in an office with her Baba’s friend. They discuss how strong hopes her father held. When he booked the house, he never lost hope and became an owner of the house. Pakhi says she is thankful that they have their own house, else house rents are rocket flying these days.

It was evening. Pakhi reaches home and finds the luggage of Kaka Kaki shifting. Inside, Kaka tells Pakhi that they are leaving tonight for Sataram. Pakhi was happy, then says they can come here anytime. They are here. Kaka says Pakhi must live here, they can find a house nearby. Pakhi was shocked. Kaki tells Pakhi they have sold the house. Pakhi was helpless.
Natasha shows the dubbed video to Kapadia. Kapadia was happy with the voice, and says he needs this voice for the movie. Else this picture can’t be made.

Ayi cries and questions Ashok why he did this, he snatched their roof as well. Ashok says he took burden of their family. Pakhi questions what burden they held. Her father took advance and investing all his savings for his business. Ashok says they had loss in business and had to sell house. Pakhi empties the bags of Kaka and Kaki, the jewelry box drops down. She now questions how this house had been named after him, it should have been named after her Ayi. They only wandered with the papers of the insurance, but they never got insurance. Kaka smirks. Pakhi now understands he took her Ayi’s signatures. She says her Baba always claimed he has two children, one is Pakhi and other is Ashok. But Ashok sell his house. She was determined not to leave the house anyway. Ashok says now, the new owners of the house will make them leave. Two young men came inside, and were flirtatiously ready to let Pakhi stay. Pakhi’s Ayi tells Pakhi to go, and requests Ashok to let them take a few of their usable and some memories of his brother.

Pakhi’s Ayi’s take her mangal sooter, and some jewelry. The walk outside. Ashok touches the feet of Ayi and leave with his wife. Ayi cries while looking around the house. Pakhi miss her father and comes to console her Ayi.

PRECAP: Aakash asks Natasha why she took that voice to Kapadia. Natasha says she couldn’t afford to be replaced from the film. Pakhi comes to meet Natasha for being her PA.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The theme seems to be not about a passionate love story between the leads and the male lead Zaan Khan has not even made his entry….but way different from the so called romantic serials being aired on the channel presently….I would like to see how Pakhi will face this situation created by those sharks.,her kaka and kaki …it is better to have no relatives than having this type of brother in law who does n’t even mind back stabbing his brother’s widow and her young daughter for money ….hope the film producer will find out Pakhi’s address and use her talent….I wonder when zaan will enter the show and what character he will play….may be as the new owner of Pakhi’s sold house….

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