Hamari Bahu Silk 31st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s trick to bring Naksh to kitchen

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It was night. Pakhi sits is the room with her Baba’s photo. She miss having good time around him. She says she has fallen alone, but her Pakhi hasn’t forgiven her promise. She will always take care of Ayi, and will never hurt her. She is trapped in this complicated web of world. Today, she faces two problems. She wonders how she will do all this, she is clueless.

Naksh gets a message from courier boy. He opens his bag.

Pakhi applies makeup on her face, wears the glasses but with tears. She gets a message from Natasha.

Naksh place some marks on the wall, put on some nails.

Pakhi prays to God that she is leaving her challenges to Him.

Mamta brings tea for Naksh to his room and asks what he is up to. Mamta asks if the tea is good. He replies it is. Mamta says it feels he didn’t sleep whole night. Naksh says he can’t sleep, because then he would have dreams. He has no right to fulfil his dreams. Mamta asks Naksh not to be silent, he can fight with her and question why she didn’t let him go. Naksh asks why he must fight with Mamta, who said he is angry with her. Mamta requests Naksh to return her son. He replies, Naksh has left the house long ago. The person he stopped is only her son, he will fulfil all his duties as a son. But her Naksh will never be happy again. Mamta vows she will make him happy once again. Naksh turns around, while Mamta leaves with a heavy heart.

Pakhi was worried about the extensive menu of the day. She was all alone for work. She thinks she must end all the work and reach Natasha’s by 11am. She hurriedly sets to work. The time was running out. She finally tastes the food and thinks it’s all done. Baa comes to the kitchen and says the work is still left and hands her the menu for sweet. She reminds Pakhi that Naksh is still not here, if she has forgiven her promise. Pakhi promises that she will bring Naksh down.

In the room, Naksh thanks a friend on phone that he downloaded the app and will soon clear all his payment. Pakhi comes to the room. Naksh tells her she needn’t apologize, he has forgiven her already. Pakhi asks if he wouldn’t help her. Naksh denies. Pakhi gets an idea and takes his phone. Naksh chases Pakhi to the hall. Pakhi says she is his boss and is ordering him to finish the work in kitchen. In the kitchen, she begins to cough and pant.. Naksh asks Pakhi if she realizes how expensive the application he bought is. Pakhi assures his phone and application are both safe, and tells him to get to work. Naksh was checking the kitchen cabinets. Pakhi spots Baa on the door, and tells Naksh to carefully work with the Barfi. Naksh works with the Barfi, and once Baa is gone he tells Pakhi he won’t work tomorrow. Pakhi tells him to talk about today, none has seen tomorrow. Pakhi checks the time, and tells him to make the delivery first. She hurries to leave. Naksh holds Pakhi into his arms while she was about to fell off. All at once, the phone bell rings and he finds it tucked in her shirt. Naksh holds Pakhi into his arms, and throws her on the floor. The phone fells off. Naksh tells her to arrange for her delivery, he is leaving. Mosmi was worried that everything is going wrong.

Outside, Baa stops Pakhi and tells her not to leave before breakfast. Pakhi was in a hurry and lies that she has to make delivery. Baa insists she can’t leave without breakfast, and tells her to call Janki downstairs as well. Pakhi tells Baa that Ayi is fasting. She was in a hurry but helpless.

On the dining table, Mamta tells Pakhi that its Baa’s chair. She always sits on the one and keeps another one empty. Pakhi asks if it’s for Naksh’s father. She apologizes when Mamta gets emotional and offers to serve. Mamta says no guest can serve. She tells Pakhi to take the opposite seat, as Naksh always sits with Baa. Naksh comes to take the left over seat. Mamta objects. Naksh says it’s mere a chair, if they really believe his Papa would return. Baa curtly tells Mamta to serve the food.

Naksh brings some photos to the table, and says he clicked these photos and is about to hang them in his room. Ketan reminds him of the table rules. Naksh argues if Ketan doesn’t suffocates from all this rules. Ketan says he is the older son of the house, and will always be on elder’s side. Naksh says he remembers all the rules of Rule Book, he can at least display what’s his passion. Pakhi tries to stop Naksh. Naksh apologizes Baa for discussing the matter in front of outsider. He leaves the table. Baa kiss the break and leaves the kitchen.

Pakhi hurries to delivery boy while continuously checking the time. Natasha was in makeup room. The spot boy comes to tell Natasha they have a shoot in ten minutes, if dubbing artist has arrived. Natasha watches Pakhi in the mirror.

PRECAP: Natasha and Pakhi were in makeup room. Natasha tells Pakhi she will keep the proof till the film ends, as it’s important for her to complete this film. Pakhi must cooperate, else she will use other means.

Update Credit to: Sona

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