Hamari Bahu Silk 29th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s gets a new name: Silk

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Hamari Bahu Silk 29th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi reaches Natasha’s house. Natasha says Pakhi was saved by a second only, she was about to send the video. Pakhi fells into her feet, joins her hands and requests Natasha to forgive her and delete the video. Natasha was boastful, and asks what happened that Pakhi has been speechless. If she has completely lost. She tells Aakash that these middle class values are of great help, they must only know how to exploit them. She asks Pakhi if she would sign this contract with a cheap pen, or her expensive diamond pen. She gives Pakhi a contract and reads the clauses, she says from today Pakhi will dub for her, will be at work whenever called, and she would no more be called Pakhi. Her voice will be recognized, and people will know her vastly; from now on her name will be Silk. Pakhi signs the contract.

Natasha asks Pakhi to repeat her new name, Silk. Pakhi stammers that from today on wards, her name is Silk.

At home, Naksh tries to convince the inspector that Baa can’t be involved in all the matter. They say it’s been three hours now, still they couldn’t get a proof against Baa. They apologize for the inconvenience but will surely return if needed. Mamta and Naksh take Baa inside.

It was night. Janki was working in the kitchen when Pakhi returns home. Janki asks Pakhi where she had been. She tells Pakhi that police had to leave without taking Baa, the fake proof sender couldn’t provide any proof. Pakhi was relieved. Janki says Mosmi had already threatened she won’t let them stay if Baa goes to jail. She inquires about Pakhi’s headache, but Pakhi had left the kitchen.

In the washroom, Pakhi cries sitting on the floor. She asserts she is Pakhi, only Pakhi.
Natasha stands for a painter to crate her painting in short dress. Aakash asks Natasha how she can be sure Pakhi would stay in the industry. Natasha says Pakhi called her industry as filthy, now she will also be a part of their world.
There, Pakhi says she will have to give her voice to Natasha, but she will never be a part of their filthy world.
Natasha tells Aakash and Pinky that she has to break Pakhi’s pride, she will have to dance around like a puppet of circus and must bear much more. She won’t only be working as the dubbing artist. Her portrait was complete. She was happy, as the portrait had Pakhi’s face.

Ishaan brings the coffee to Naksh. Naksh discuss with Ishaan that there must be some reason that their Papa left. Baa isn’t telling them the complete truth, and he must find out why he had to take such a decision. They hear a glass break and follow the voice. There in the room, Mosmi slaps Rimjhim and questions who is she to inquire about Naksh’s father, as even the men of the house are unaware of the real reason. Men in this house bend their heads in front of women, how can they question any truth. This reality will never disclose. She tells Rimjhim there must be something extremely wrong. Even Baa’s grandchildren doesn’t know about the matter, though they are rightful of knowing the truth.

It was night. Aakash brings a drink for Natasha and asks the reason for portrait. Natasha says this is Silk, Pakhi’s new reality. Natasha’s body is about to get Silk’s voice. She hated her, her work… will now give a voice to her. She will have to repeatedly remind that girl about her new reality. Aakash asks why she wants to trouble the innocent girl, she is helpless and finally signed the contract as well. Natasha says she will have to what she had done.

Baa asks Naksh why he is repeating the same question. Baa says whatever she said was the truth. Naksh says it’s not the complete truth, there is police complaint and search of a person; was there any complaints. He knows his father didn’t vanish, he left this house. Everyone had gathered in the hall. Baa tells Naksh to inquire Ketan. Naksh argues how he must believe that what Baa told Ketan was true. He asks Ketan if he knows why their Papa left. Ketan says he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t even want to. Baa must have kept it secret for some reason. She has always been thoughtful for the family. Naksh claps at Ketan that such is the problem, no one wants questioning. Mamta tries to silence Naksh, but he asserts he won’t leave anywhere without knowing the truth. Baa shouts they have told what they had to, and tells him to go to his room. Naksh shouts he won’t go to his room, whenever he tries to inquire about his father he is sent away. Can’t he know about his father, even when he was a son of the house; if only such is the worth of this family’s sons? He asks Baa if she made his father leave home. Baa replies his father ran away.

PRECAP: Naksh blames Baa for she must not have let him fulfil his dreams.

Update Credit to: Sona

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