Hamari Bahu Silk 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi to find proof for Ayi

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Hamari Bahu Silk 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi says Ayi suffers from hypertension, blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, and high cholesterol. She even gets attacks of epilepsy. The police inspector gives them time till afternoon, after which his seniors will visit the police station. They must reach the police station with all the proofs by afternoon.

Pakhi reaches Natasha’s apartment. Natasha tells Pakhi to read the lines she has to dub. She plays the vulgar video. Natasha pulls her jaw and says she is aware Pakhi doesn’t like her, and even considers her work as filthy. She feels pity for Pakhi as she signed the contract; but Natasha has turned Pakhi into a puppet. Pakhi says her Ayi is in danger, she signed the contract. Natasha must fulfil her promise now, and get her Ayi out of jail. Natasha says only a single lioness is allowed in one forest, and here it will be Natasha. She tells Pakhi to read the lines. Pakhi looks towards the clock which struck 11.30.

At Parekh House, everyone sat in a pooja. Mosmi had her eyes over the money and steals a note from it. Ketan and Mosmi take blessings from Baa. Baa was worried about arrangement of a Maharaj for the kitchen. Ketan says he has fixed a few meetings for today. Baa realizes she scolded Ketan for no reason, she was instead angry at Naksh for not attending the family pooja.

Pakhi dubs the lines. Natasha was unhappy and tells her to put some life in the lines. Pakhi watches the time, it was 1.30pm. Pakhi tells Natasha to get her Ayi out of jail first. Natasha says her lawyer has gone to Khandelval, and won’t be back till tomorrow. Pakhi tells Natasha she won’t let her Ayi get to jail again. She throws the script paper over Natasha’s face and leaves.

Ketan and Mosmi speaks to the Maharaj that he must give them a portion of his salary if they get him a job here. Maharaj demands a raised salary. Mosmi says Baa would surely raise the salary if she likes the food. Baa comes to taste the food.

Pakhi and Naksh walked across the street where the incident took place. They spot the kinner who was a witness to all this and requests his help. The kinner place a condition, she demands Pakhi to send her boyfriend for a date with her. Pakhi and Naksh at once say they aren’t in a relationship.

Natasha takes the clip with Pakhi’s dubbed voice to Kapadia. Kapadia was ecstatic to hear the voice of Pakhi and claims it to be magical.

Baa insults the chef if his wife still live with him, after this cooking. She says her business would be spoilt in a single day with this cooking. Ketan doesn’t let that Maharaj discuss about his 20%. Baa was worried and tells Ketan that they need to find a Maharaj.

Pakhi takes Naksh’s hand to leave, as it might not be the right way. Naksh holds her hand.

PRECAP: Natasha was ready for a shoot. The police arrive to arrest Natasha. Pakhi enters from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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