Hamari Bahu Silk 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Natasha get contract signed by Pakhi

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Hamari Bahu Silk 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishaan congratulates Naksh that Pakhi has gone, but Naksh says he couldn’t recognize Pakhi’s real face. She isn’t a bad person.

There, Natasha thinks Pakhi insulted her work, she must revenge Pakhi and teach her a good lesson.

Pakhi was at a stall. Ayi screams for Pakhi’s help while two ladies were trying to snatch their luggage. Pakhi comes to help but was injured. The ladies run away. Ayi asks why Pakhi fought for a mere bag. Pakhi says she can’t let her Ayi be in any pain, and lose her Baba’s last identities. She goes to get something to eat and a glass of water. The ladies come along with police man and blame that this lady snatched their chain. The inspector checks the luggage. A gold chain was found in the luggage which the lady recognizes as hers. Ayi says she is unaware where this chain came from. They ask about her daughter. Ayi says these girls were instead snatching their luggage, and her daughter has gone opposite direction. Pakhi watches an ad on the wall, takes its snap and comes back. Ayi wasn’t there. Pakhi was worried and tries to inquire a few people. One of the transgender passing by was witness to the whole scene and tells Pakhi that police took that old lady along.
In the police station, a young man was chanting slogans against her girlfriend. Ayi was brought to the police station and was pleading to the inspector that she is innocent. The guy recognizes her as Naksh’s tenant. Pakhi had reached the station and overhears that inspector was looking for her. Pakhi thinks she can’t go inside else she will also be caught, and there would be none to save them. She passes by the young man and was at once recognized by him. He holds Pakhi’s hand and points that this is the daughter of that lady they brought, she teased Naksh a lot. Pakhi bites on his hand and hides behind a car. Pakhi decides to call Ratti for help, but Ratti’s phone goes switched off. She thinks about calling Naksh, then wonders what if Naksh tells Baa. It would become impossible for them to get to that house once again.

Aakash was shocked to hear from Pakhi. Pakhi says they are innocent, still her Ayi was kidnapped. She requests Aakash for help. Aakash promises to be there. Natasha smirks it’s a coincidence and goes inside to bring contract papers for Pakhi.

Naksh wasn’t ready to believe Sumit that Janki was kidnapped by police. Sumit insists he himself spotted that girl and Janki. Naksh asks him for the address and turns to leave. Mamta stood at the room door. Naksh tells Mamta that he thinks Janki and Pakhi aren’t thieves. Mamta also believed in them. Naksh says they must be tensed, Pakhi is also an orphan and no one can realize this loss better than him. Mamta gives him some money and warns him not to let anyone know about it. Naksh hugs Mamta and leaves.
Aakash insists on Pakhi to sign the contract and she will be over with all her tensions. Pakhi says she thinks it’s a planned trap of Natasha.

In the apartment, Natasha celebrated with the two girls and Pinky.

Aakash tries to explain to Pakhi that she is thinking all wrong. They have what Pakhi wants, and Pakhi holds what’s dear to them. Pakhi shouldn’t forget she could also be in the jail. Pakhi was still confused as Aakash warns her, Contract or Jail?

Natasha gives all the credits to the two girls’s acting and Pinky who was stalking them. Pinky was ready to do anything for Natasha. This was necessary to flop that Pakhi’s game. Natasha says Pakhi degraded her work, now once the contract is signed Pakhi would work for her as puppet.

Pakhi’s hands trembled, her face sweating badly while her vision was blurred by tears. She signs the contract. Aakash was happy and calls Natasha to tell her that the contract was signed. Natasha warns Aakash that Pakhi’s work shouldn’t be done tonight. Aakash apologizes Pakhi that they can’t get a bail for her mother tonight. Pakhi was tensed and reminds Aakash of his promise. He can’t now back off. Aakash says he spoke to the lawyer, and some formalities can’t be completed right now. He is helpless right now. Pakhi was tensed and wonders what she must do.

In the police station, Pakhi hears Naksh convincing the inspector that Janki can’t be a thief. He knows both ladies well, they belong to well off brought up. He requests to speak to inspector once. He is extremely tensed these days because its his daughter’s wedding in three months. Pakhi prays for Naksh’s help.

PRECAP: Natasha was determined to revenge Pakhi. She calls Pakhi to reach here right now. She says Pakhi must not have read the contract, Pakhi must come here anytime she calls her here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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