Hamari Bahu Silk 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Theft at Parekh House

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Baa tells Pakhi how she had warned Pakhi not to get caught. She daydreams that Baa tells her to leave the house. She finds Baa sitting with the newspaper and thinks about an idea. Naksh comes there, Pakhi hits him and the tea cup fells over the newspaper. Baa complains that there was a tender of a school tiffin. Baa tells Naksh to go and get a new newspaper. Mosmi comes to take Baa for breakfast Rimjhim cooked by herself.

On the breakfast table, Mosmi complements that Rimjhim cooked exactly like her favorite confectioner. Rimjhim breaks the secret that it came from them. Mosmi makes up that the Rimjhim took the idea from them and cooked here. She says Rimjhim is a good cook and a good writer as well. Rimjhim shows a desire to write about Baa and Dada Ji, they have worked really hard in life.

Naksh comes to the vendor to buy a newspaper. Pakhi comes behind him and stops Naksh, convincing him to let her take the paper. The vendor says it’s the last copy, they must not tear it. He recognizes Pakhi’s face and says may be he saw her in the paper. Pakhi says they are middle class people and don’t appear in news. Naksh had gone by then. Pakhi deliberately fell into a mud pool and calls Naksh back for help. Naksh comes to help her, but Pakhi pulls him into mud as well. The newspaper was ruined.

In Baa’s room, Mosmi and Rimjhim had opened Baa’s cupboard with a plan. Baa comes to the room. Both hide behind the cupboard wall. Baa finds it strange that the cupboard was left open. She hears Pakhi and Naksh fighting outside and goes to see.

Outside the house, Pakhi tells Baa she thought Baa had sent her for newspaper as she ruined the first one. Baa takes the newspaper. Pakhi was relieved that the photo was hidden. Baa finds the form still intact.

There, Pinky was worried that Janki was happy on call, this means Pakhi successfully hid the photo from the old lady.
In the room, Mosmi calls Baa out of worry that there was a robbery at home. Baa spots that her trunk was missing. Naksh assures Baa he will file a complaint in the police station. Baa was doomed that they even took the trunk, it held her old memories, precious belongings and items she held dearer to her life. Mosmi and Rimjhim leave the room. Naksh hugs Baa.

In her room, Pakhi wonders how no one saw the thief at home, she can’t digest the whole matter so easily. Janki asks why she is concerned about their matter. Pakhi says she felt for Baa, she was at the verge of crying.

Rimjhim was worried that they are talking about police, and she is afraid of police. She doesn’t want to play with Mosmi anymore. Mosmi tells Rimjhim to shut up, if she wants Naksh then she must be a part of this game.

Outside, Pakhi discusses with Janki that no one came or left the house. Baa locked the kitchen door two days ago by herself. Janki asks Pakhi why she was fighting with Naksh outside, but Pakhi asks Janki to think about the matter. Janki tells Pakhi that Mosmi is suspicious, she and her sister signaled each other in Baa’s room. Pakhi doesn’t doubt, as Mosmi is daughter in law of the family. Janki leaves while Pakhi still thinks about the theft.

Naksh comes out speaking on phone to Ketan that he is leaving for police station. Pakhi was checking the possibilities of theft and thinks the only other way into the house is through the balcony. Naksh spots her there and comes to her. Pakhi says may be Janki is right, Naksh also needed money for competition. She lies to Naksh she was only wandering around. She then asks Naksh if there is any other way out of this house. Naksh was dubious why she wants to know. Pakhi doesn’t tell him the reason. Naksh says he is going to police station to report against the thief. Pakhi’s phone bell rings, it was Natasha. She looks towards Naksh suspiciously.

PRECAP: Pakhi held the trunk in the store room. Baa and Naksh came there, and asks what she is doing with the trunk.

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  1. Who is trying to set up Pakhi for stealing at Parekh house? Is it the daughter-in-law and her sister?

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