Hamari Bahu Silk 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Naksh proposes Pakhi

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Hamari Bahu Silk 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi was packing her bags and convince Janki they will no longer live here, these people don’t recognize her abilities and that Naksh also doesn’t understand. Janki was worried and tells Pakhi that she understands how much Pakhi takes care of on her own. Pakhi hugs Janki and says she will take care of her like her Baba. They will change everything, and not stay at home where they have no worth. Naksh comes to their room. Janki leaves him and Pakhi in the room, while she goes to bring some clothes from balcony. Pakhi avoids Naksh. Naksh says he figured out that Mosmi and Rimjhim played with her, she was right. Pakhi tells Naksh he needn’t worry about her, she apologizes for all the trouble because of her. He is right in his place, she couldn’t win his trust himself. She loves him, but this

doesn’t mean he loves her back; love in return of love is like trade. Pakhi wipes her tears and forces a smile on her face. She thanks Naksh for always taking care of her mother, and standing with them; she couldn’t do anything for him in return. Naksh silently leaves the room. Pakhi cries while sitting on the door. Naksh tries to call on Pakhi’s number but she disconnects it.
In the morning, Pakhi touches Baa’s feet and apologizes for any mistakes. Baa was silent. Pakhi looks around the hall, and glances at Naksh’s room door. Naksh appears from her front while she was leaving. He takes bags from Pakhi and Janki both and carries them inside. He announces that Janki and Pakhi will not leave the house. Pakhi did what Baa had demanded her to do, and she has seen Naksh into catering business for days now. She did this by igniting his photography passion for food. But this all doesn’t matter anymore. He is a member of Parekh family; and Baa must place her demands in front of him without involving Joshi family. He took the photos, not Pakhi. Pakhi intervenes. Naksh forbids her to interfere, its his family’s matter. Baa asks why he holds such a soft corner for outsiders. Naksh replies he doesn’t want Janki to suffer because of him. Baa goes to her room, brings all the foot photos and his camera, throwing it on the floor. She gives him a matchstick, and tells him to bear the punishment as well. Naksh takes the matchstick, lights one and vows that he will bury his passion of photography and focus on family business on a condition that Pakhi and Janki will live at Parekh House. Pakhi will work in the business, and he will take care of it. Pakhi requests Baa not to let Naksh’s dreams burn. Naksh turns his back to the burning photos, wipes his tears and leaves.
It was night. Naksh was waiting at the same restaurant when Pakhi arrives. She asks Naksh why he left his dreams and passion, only to stop her. Naksh replies he just realize what was more important to him than his dreams. Pakhi argues he doesn’t trust her. Naksh replies he didn’t, but last night when she was packing bags he realized he might never be able to stop her. And when his friend didn’t pick up his call, he realized he lost her. She might have lied a lot to make a space for herself in the house, but she didn’t lie to him. Today when he burnt his dreams, she felt terrible and all his pain was visible on her face. He has never seen so much love for himself. He kneels down and asks if she will always be with him, and marry him? He smiles but Pakhi jerks his hand away and kneels in front of him. Tears fell off her eyes while she hugs Naksh. Naksh also cries and hugs her again; then puts the ring in her finger. He holds her hand close to his chest for long and kiss it.

PRECAP: Baa asks Rimjhim if she will marry her Naksh and does her Roka. Naksh and Pakhi just returned home hand in hand, and were shocked to see the development.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Memesforlifr2004

    i wish the roka does not happen wtf is happening

  2. Baa playing God with everyone in the house. She is the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Hope Naksh makes good on his promise to marry Pakhi instead of that cheating, lying woman.

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