Hamari Bahu Silk 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakash finds Pakhi as the voice

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Hamari Bahu Silk 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kapadia was in a meeting with a new heroine for his film. Natasha comes to his office and and charges over the new actress. Both have a cat fight. Kapadia calls the security to take them both out of the office. One of the man film the whole scene. Natasha furiously leaves the office, the other actress also leaves angrily.

Aakash found the register with the forms. He had reached 220th form when he gets a call from Kapadia. He complains to Aakash that Natasha created a huge drama in his office today. He tells Aakash to forget about the film. He should bring the voice. Pakhi had followed Aakash to the office and held the file behind. Pinky comes hold Pakhi’s hand and asks what she is doing. Pakhi says she wish to find the voice Natasha is eager for. Pinky tells Pakhi to get aside, he will do it. Pakhi spots an open ink bottle and spills it over the file. Aakash cuts Kapadia’s call and turns to Pinky. Pakhi apologizes that she didn’t know her attempt to help would be spoilt. Pinky says only P of the name is visible; no one can save Pakhi from Natasha now.

Baa plays snake ludo, while her daughter in laws climb the number of stairs. It was Janki’s turn to climb 5 stairs. Janki was unable to stand anymore. Baa comes to insult Janki. Naksh brings a glass of water to Janki as she might faint now. Baa urges Janki not to have it, she needs to slim down.

In the apartment, Pinky ignites Natasha against Pakhi as it was the last chance to find that girl. Pakhi joins her hands to Natasha, requesting her for forgiveness. Natasha was hurt by Kapadia’s insult.

Naksh helps Ayi placing bags over the wardrobe. Ayi was thankful to Naksh, and says Pakhi is busy most of the time. She is aware Naksh and Pakhi don’t get along well. But Pakhi is good at heart, and has taken care of her always.
There, Pinky held Pakhi on the couch while Natasha does her makeover. She decides that Pakhi will now become Natasha and her video will go viral. Tears fell off Pakhi’s eyes as Natasha rubs heavy makeup over her face. Natasha says Pakhi was well aware that the voice is her life, still she snatched it. Pakhi silently thinks she will never lend her voice to her cheap films.

Ayi tells Naksh that Pakhi’s uncle readily snatched their house from them, but Pakhi bears all the troubles with a smile like her father always did.

Natasha brings a short dress and tells Pakhi to wear it. Pakhi was not ready to wear the dress. Aakash comes there furiously and shouts at Natasha to stop it. He says Natasha made a fun of herself, and plays the viral video of Natasha’s video. He warns that Kapadia will now ruin her reputation and career. Natasha dismiss Pakhi from work and leaves. Aakash tells Pakhi to go and wash her face. Later, Pakhi was crying. Aakash comes to Pakhi. He says he was also angry at Pakhi, but Natasha didn’t behave rightly with her. He tells Pakhi to go home and take some rest. Aakash goes inside. Pakhi gets a call from Chacha. She forces a smile over her face, and takes the call. Aakash came to the hall to take a call, and overhears Pakhi’s voice from outside the apartment. He recognizes the voice at once. Pakhi tells her Chacha she met a number of men in Mumbai to handle her business, but couldn’t get anyone like him. Aakash had reached right behind Pakhi and wonders if it’s really Pakhi? Pakhi walks downstairs while still on call. Aakash follows Pakhi and thinks he has been looking for this voice. He recalls Natasha had heard this voice once before. The game puzzles fell in place for Aakash.

Update Credit to: Sona

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