Hamari Bahu Silk 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi tries to lie about dubbing artist

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Natasha was furious and says this girl must speak. Pakhi says she found the girl, it’s not her fault that Rose isn’t well now. Pinky asks how they can believe. Pakhi says they brought the recordings as well, but Rose didn’t care for her throat and got unwell. She requests Natasha to make her job permanent, and increase her salary as well. Natasha asks if she deems her to be a fool, this girl is of no help. Pakhi requests Aakash but he wasn’t as well ready to understand. Pinky also tells Pakhi to leave.

Naksh’s friend tells him to take care of his camera. There are no photos in it, and the setup is also ruined. Naksh was taken aback to find out there is no photo in it. Naksh was furious that Pakhi must have done this.
Downstairs, Ratti asks Pakhi if she isn’t afraid of that terrific Natasha. Pakhi says she is afraid. Her Baba said it’s extremely easy to get fearful in difficult times, and extremely difficult to find an opportunity amidst those tough time. She is sure Aakash would compel Natasha to increase her salary. She thanks Ratti for at least resolving her dubbing problem. Pinky comes there. Ratti gets a call. Pinky hears her and calls Aakash to come downstairs. Aakash reaches downstairs. He sprinkles water over the girls. Ratti shouts if he has gone mad. Natasha and Ratti were shocked to see Aakash. Both Aakash and Pinky leave.

Upstairs, Natasha throws a glass over Pakhi questioning why she dared lie to her. Aakash asks Pakhi why she lied. Pakhi replies it was for the sake of job, she can’t afford to lose this job. They haven’t been able to find that girl, how she can find her all alone. Pakhi requests them not to expel her from the job. Natasha charges towards Pakhi with a knife. Aakash drags her into the room. Pakhi was left distorted.

In the cafeteria, Ratti apologizes Pakhi. She was afraid and left that place. Pakhi agrees its not her mistake. She had thought about saving her job without giving Natasha her voice, but she must now think a way out from all this mess.

At home, Naksh stops Pakhi’s way and says he knows she deleted the photos from his camera. He knows a lot about Pakhi. Pakhi counters if he is a spy, how he knew what she did. Naksh blames Pakhi for breaking his camera. Pakhi asks what his problem is. He lost his interview that was her mistake; though she was only telling him to leave for work. His camera was fungus ridden, still he came to take her photos with Natasha and now he is blaming her again. Naksh still warns Pakhi. She asks if he would now complain Baa against her again, just likes kids do. Naksh was annoyed. Pakhi leaves. Naksh gets a call that his photo has been published in newspaper. He was excited. Pakhi brings the newspaper to him. Naksh was boastful that his photo has been published. Pakhi tells Naksh to thank the one who sent his photos; anyways best of luck. Naksh challenges he would soon disclose Pakhi’s real picture to Baa.

Baa makes Ayi job on the street with a stick. Ayi was panting heavily. Baa says Ayi must regularly exercise from now on, she will soon be fit in health. She tells Ayi to get the rent in time, then takes Ayi inside for a lemonade. Pakhi hears the conversation from upstairs and wonders where she will bring the rent.

PRECAP: Pakhi comes to Natasha and apologizes for the betrayal. Natasha slaps Pakhi. There, some women activists enter the apartment chanting slogans against Natasha and wanted to blacken her face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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