Hamari Bahu Silk 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s plan to delete photos from Naksh’s laptop

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Pakhi tells Baa that she is leaving, she can’t live in the house anymore. She wish her Baba was alive, and she could have cried over his shoulder. She apologizes for any mistakes and takes Ayi’s hand to leave. Baa stops Pakhi and apologizes her. Pakhi comes to hold Baa’s hand. The family wonders what a miracle it has been.
Naksh’s friend laughs over his insult from Pakhi Joshi. Naksh was furious and determined to find a way out from Baa’s catering business. At home, Ayi asks Pakhi if she really works for that lady. Pakhi tells Ayi she speaks to a lot of people, and can’t evaluate each’s character. She surely doesn’t work for that lady.
Natasha was in a meeting with the producer Bijlani. She was expecting a movie but it was for advertisement. He places his hand over Natasha’s bare knee. Natasha was furious and throws a glass of water over his face. Aakash says Natasha could have shot him if she had a gun in his hand.
It was night. Ayi was asleep. Pakhi thinks she must be cautious with Naksh. She comes out with an idea, then calls Naksh with her other number. Naksh was in the room, and was happy to see 5k likes on his photos in 2 hours. He wonders why his family doesn’t recognize his talent. His friend had slept. Naksh gets a call from Pakhi. She speaks in a changed voice. Naksh asks if he knows her. Pakhi says she shouldn’t have called him at this time, but she couldn’t resist. She has seen his work of photography, he is a genius. She wish to have some of her photos clicked, she will pay him good money; whatever he says. Naksh thinks about Baa’s ultimatum. He suggests about meeting tomorrow. Pakhi says she is downstairs his house, can he meet her right now. Naksh says its too late. Pakhi says may be her money is written in someone else’s share. Naksh assures he will soon be downstairs. He turns the lights of the room off and leaves the house.
Natasha was drunk in her room. She cried wondering how Bijlani dared touch her. Aakash comes to console her. Natasha cries why people doesn’t let her forget her past. She creates those films because people like to watch them and pay her for that; but she can’t allow people to behave her anyway. She won’t spare Bijlani. Aakash consoles her.
Naksh comes outside and calls on Pakhi’s number. He stood in front of a juice shop near his residence. Pakhi now turns her phone off and heads to delete her photos from his camera. Naksh was afraid of stray dogs sleeping nearby.
Natasha questions Aakash if her respect is connected to her work only, can’t this society accept her with the kind of work she wish to do. Aakash says Pakhi has been finding the girl, and they will soon change people’s views from their work. Natasha questions if she is so unacceptable with her voice. Aakash says it’s only because of Natasha that he could reach such heights. They sale what the world purchases, and this is what we must do for film. But one hit and she will be a superstar. Natasha was relieved and requests him to bring her a grilled sandwich.
Mamta prepares tray of meal for Naksh. Her daughter in law comes in and asks what she is doing at this time. Mamta says Baa scolded Naksh, he didn’t eat anything and is hungry. The daughter in law thinks Mamta has ruined Naksh with her love.
Pakhi checks into the camera but there was no photos inside. She decides to look into the laptop and deletes the photos. Naksh had returned into the house. Mamta had reached outside the room. Pakhi hurries to leave the room. The camera slips off her hand. She reset it and cautiously turns to walk outside. She opens the door but Mamta had opened the door before her. Pakhi hides behind the door. She wonders how she would leave the room now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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