Hamari Bahu Silk 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Baa intolerant of any misconduct

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Hamari Bahu Silk 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At the apartment, Natasha shouts at Pakhi what attitude she has. She dare not cut her phone again. Pakhi says she found the girl. Natasha was in a disbelief, then restlessly asks Pakhi how she found her. Pakhi says it took a lot of hard work, she visited a lot of studios and found her. Natasha turns to go and meet her right away. Pakhi says she only found the girl, she yet has to find her address and other contacts. Natasha shouts at her to bring that girl till tomorrow. Pakhi gulps. Natasha pushes her outside, shouting ‘Get Out!’ Outside, Pakhi was worried what she will do now.

In the kitchen, Baa comes to instruct a cook about the food. She spots Maharaj watching the video of Natasha. Baa snatches his phone. Maharaj says it’s his son’s mobile. Baa forbids him to even touch her food. She suspends him from his job right away. Pakhi returns home. Mamta asks Baa why she is angry. Baa tells Maharaj to play the video to everyone. Maharaj was apologetic, and pleads he won’t do it again. Baa shouts at him to play the video. Pakhi was shocked to hear her own voice over. Maharaj says he didn’t know what it is, someone sent it to him; he has been an honest worker for past five years. Baa says he lost all his respect within minutes. Mamta raises a hand, and says he committed a mistake for the first time, he must be forgiven. Baa asks Ayi’s consent. Ayi says how someone can bring their daughter in a manner that she would use her voice over for such a disgraceful act. Baa clarifies to Maharaj it won’t work in her catering. She takes the mobile and throws it in the hot oil for roasting. She suspends Maharaj from the job. She deems her catering business as a pious temple for her. Maharaj had left. Baa tells Mamta she can cook by herself, but Maharaj must not be seen around the house. Pakhi had clearly known the consequences. She thinks Ayi would be badly hurt if she knows about her voice over. But how she would say a no to Natasha now.

Natasha and Pinky were dancing in the hall. Aakash comes to turn the music off. Natasha shouts at Aakash what’s his problem. Natasha says Aakash disgraced her in front of that Pakhi. Now that Pakhi will have to lose her job because of Aakash. Aakash says Pakhi has been the best PA for Natasha. She saved Natasha in the accident, in temple and even found the dubbing artist for them. She must not even think about suspending her.

Naksh shows Baa the photo of Pakhi in the temple. Pakhi comes to the room. Baa asks what this is, and shows the camera photo. Pakhi was taken aback. A young couple enters the house. Naksh asks Pakhi how she fooled his innocent Baa for so many days, but today the curtains have been raised off her character. Everyone know that Pakhi Joshi is a liar. He tells Baa to send this girl out of the house. Pakhi thinks it seems she is going to lose both her job and house within two days. Baa tells Pakhi to collect her luggage as soon as possible. Ayi comes from behind and asks them what happened. Baa asks Ayi if this is how she brought her daughter up. She tells Ayi to vacate her house as soon as possible. Ayi asks Pakhi what Baa is saying. Pakhi takes Ayi’s hand, but spots a magazine. She tells Baa they are leaving this house right away, she only requests her the newspaper. Baa holds the newspaper for her, so that she can find a new house. Pakhi clicks some photos of Baa with the newspaper. She now shows off the cell phone, and says their Baa is reading the spicy filmy news from newspaper. Baa was offensive. Pakhi gets to her feet and says this is how a photo can mislead. She went to the temple, and her hair were lose because they were wet. This photo has also been taken at the wrong timing; even the photos lie. She wonders how no one deemed it important to know the truth behind the photo. Someone’s truth is other’s lie. Naksh appreciates Pakhi’s skills which she learnt from Natasha. He doesn’t have a single picture, but a number of them. He plays the series of photos where Natasha and Pakhi stood together. He questions if she had been singing Bhajan for Natasha. Pakhi tells Baa to see herself, only this girl is visible in this photo. Naksh explains his lens is a little blurred. Pakhi says she agrees she has no house to live, but they can’t live under this roof at the cost of their self-respect. She has given enough clarification, they are leaving the house.

PRECAP: Early morning, Pakhi comes to Naksh’s room to delete the photos. Naksh enters the house, back from jogging.

Update Credit to: Sona

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