Hamari Bahu Silk 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi gets paid from Natasha and Baa

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It was night. Janki asks Paki where she got all the money from. Pakhi was speechless. She receives Natasha’s call. Natasha asks about the surprise, and says it’s because Pakhi works for her. It’s a whole one lakh. The industry values talent, and Pakhi is talented. Once her voice begins to work, Pakhi will begin to bathe in money. She says Pakhi only needs to speak to everyone with love, and she will get all the money by herself. After the call, Janki asks Pakhi an answer. Pakhi replies it’s a lottery. Janki was happy and excited to resolve all of their problems with this money. Janki says they shouldn’t spend this money, but instead they will go to temple to spend it. Baa calls them outside. Janki hides the money and goes outside. Ketan sat with Baa for accounts. Pakhi and Janki come outside. Baa happily gives Rs. 10,000 to Pakhi and says it’s her hard work paying off. Baa says Pakhi is working hard, her salary must be more than the house rent. Pakhi also brought her Naksh into the catering service, this is what she ever wanted. Pakhi takes the money with a thanks, she was happy and relieved.

Later in the room, Pakhi had placed both bundles of money side by side.

There in apartment, Natasha tells Aakash that money breaks pride and ego of any needy person. Pakhi won’t be able to return this money. And if she keeps the money, she will be a slave to their world. It will be the beginning of her journey into their cheap world.

Pakhi holds all the money and thinks about all the small needs and demands of her Ayi.

The next morning, Janki was ordering dry fruits on phone. Baa comes to the room and asks if she got some lottery of one lakh. Janki was about to tell Baa, but Pakhi comes to stop her. She tells Ayi they will save the money and will now spend sensibly. Baa compliments that Pakhi is sensible, then tells her the check the menu list. There are two new dishes in it. Pakhi gets a call from Naksh on her phone but doesn’t attend.

In the kitchen, Naksh cooks all on his own. He was upset that his meeting demand took their friendship at stake, she isn’t even attending the call. Mamta comes to the kitchen and watches Naksh click some photos of the food. He wish she calls him after watching the photos. Mamta clears her throat. Naksh jumps to the cooking chair at once. She silently feels upset that Naksh now hides his matter from his mother. She inquires about the odd style she found him in. Naksh likes that he has pain in his hand. Mamta says she is happy Naksh is working for Baa; but she realizes that his camera is his first love. She will talk to Baa and try to get his camera back. Naksh was annoyed with Mamta. He clarifies he doesn’t either want his camera, or anyone’s favors. Mamta objects. Naksh was annoyed that now she has problem with his talk as well, then silently heads to his work. Mamta silently leaves the kitchen. Naksh gets a comment on his photo, that pictures could have been better if taken from professional camera.

Later in the room, Pakhi watches Naksh count his savings. He calculates that he still needs 5000 for a new camera. He wish to take the money as debt, but wonders who would help him.

He now comes to the kitchen. Pakhi also comes there and observes him. She says asking for help isn’t a problem. Naksh wasn’t ready to take any help. Pakhi insists upon helping. Both fights over holding the pan of curry. It fells over Naksh’s arm, burning it. Pakhi runs in a hurry to wash his hand. Naksh stares at her over the concern. She turns to go and bring the medicine, but Naksh pulls his arm. He shouts at her not to elevate his problems anymore.
In the room, Pakhi calls Natasha as she wants to meet her. At Natasha’s apartment, Pakhi presents her with a gift. Aakash asks why Pakhi bought Natasha a gift. Pakhi says their money resolved all her problems. Pakhi says she was extremely excited from the day she knew the money will increase each week. Kapadia comes to the makeup room. Pakhi offers him a seat but he leaves, saying he only came to see Natasha’s dress. Pakhi also leaves to memorize her lines. Natasha smirks that she turned Silk at a part of industry as well.

Outside in the hall, the whole film crew was protesting for fulfilment of their demands. Aakash offers to speak to them. Kapadia also calms the crew but none was ready to work till their payments are cleared. Natasha asserts she is sitting here, and will see how they go on a strike. The crew drags the chair from beneath Natasha.

PRECAP: Naksh wished to meet his friend. He says she was with him when everyone had left his side. Naksh comes to meet the friend in a restaurant.

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