Hamari Bahu Silk 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi confused about taking the dubbing artist job for Natasha

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Pakhi and the Naksh (Naksh) regret watching each other. Pakhi asks who said he is her husband. The sales man says Pakhi herself pointed that the man in red jacket is her husband. Pakhi asks the inspector if she had to steal the car why she must have brought it back. She hands the keys to the manager as she isn’t interested in the car, nor in Naksh. She leaves the showroom.

Kapadia brought a contract for Natasha and Aakash. Natasha studies the contract. Pinky tells Natasha to sign the contract, it’s her first film. Natasha asks Kapadia where her name in the contract is. Aakash was also worried.
The interviewer calls Pakhi and says there are a few papers missing in her file. She must come here with them and take her appointment letter.

Kapadia tells Natasha that the contract will have the name of the girl who will dub her voice, then Natasha will also sign the movie. But there will be no film without the voice. He asks them to bring the girl with the voice, they can sign the contract right away. Aakash says the girl isn’t here right now. He says they can start the shoot, and will begin the dubbing as soon as they get the voice. Kapadia agrees but only with a condition that the camera will have no batteries. He tears the contract in front of them, and says he will take contract printing amount from his fee. He must bring the voice over person, else the picture is closed. Aakash continue to request Kapadia while he leaves. Natasha breaks the glass.

Pakhi comes to the office. She asks Bhao about Mr. Mehta. She had given all her certificates, but Mr. Mehta called that some certificates are missing. Bhao checks the certificates and says only the certificate with Gandhi Ji’s photo is missing. They have a fixed rate of 5 lacs for the job as bribe. Pakhi was shocked. Bhao leaves. Pakhi leaves the office. Pakhi gives the sweet box to a beggar. She was heartbroken and sits on a bench. Pakhi gets a call from Natasha, warning that it’s a reminder call and she will lose her job if the girl isn’t found. Pakhi thinks about her Ayi’s worries, she decides she can’t let give her voice to that Natasha.

Pakhi comes at a venue for washroom to tie her hair. She was shocked to see Baa with her grandson there. Some men take the mirror frame outside. Pakhi hides behind the mirror. The Naksh spots Pakhi and decides to catch her red handed. Pakhi was terrified and hides herself from him. Naksh asks the vendors but no one knew about her. Baa comes to Naksh and asks what he is doing. Naksh says that Pakhi was here in a different get up. He tells Baa that the girl is shrewd and has been lying to her for long, she even played a prank with him in the showroom he went for interview. Baa instead scolds Naksh for always making up. Naksh asks what if he proves Pakhi Joshi is a liar. Baa promises she will oust Pakhi from their house, and will increase his limit of time as well. Naksh was determined to prove Pakhi wrong.

Pakhi returns home worried. Baa offers her a meal. She spots her Baba’s shirt and asks Ayi if she has a head ache. Ayi denies. Pakhi says her Baba wore this shirt the last time, and Ayi hasn’t washed it since then; this means she must be thinking of Baba. She must have a head ache. Ayi says she was extremely worried for Pakhi, then tried to take the answers from her Baba. Pakhi hugs Ayi and asks what did her Baba says. Ayi tells her that Baba is sure her Pakhi is extremely brave girl. Pakhi discuss with Ayi that her friend is a little worried, she is being offered a job where salary package is fine, but the people are a little weird. Ayi says her father always advised that one must wear what other’s like, but work where only you are satisfied. Her friend must instantly leave the job.

Later, Pakhi gets a call from Natasha and demands the status update about the girl. Pakhi replies she couldn’t find it yet, she visited a number of studios and will go tomorrow as well. Natasha warns that Pakhi might have to look for another job, if she doesn’t find the girl. Naksh overheard her conversation that Pakhi had to meet Natasha at Haray Krishna Temple at sharp 10 am.

Natasha was dressed up in eastern saree. Pinky comes to Natasha saying her video went viral on social media. She says everyone tends to get famous in life. The girl must be shown a way to reach them, when the voice gets famous the girl would surely come to claim her fame.
Pakhi was tensed watching the video.

PRECAP: Pakhi reaches the temple where people appreciated Natasha’s new video and appreciates her voice. Everyone wanted to hear her true voice. Pinky sends Pakhi for help. Pakhi demands a similar saree from Pinky. She slips in that saree while the media gathers to take her close up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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