Hamari Bahu Silk 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mosmi accuses Pakhi for attempt to murder

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Baa gives Naksh a letter stating he will inherit half of his property, but he marries against her will she will disown him. Baa asks if he would still go against her will. Naksh leaves Pakhi’s hand. Baa was happy and tells Pandit ji to read the Mantir, her grandson has returned. Naksh goes to sit besides Rimjhim. Pakhi was broken. Naksh lights a matchstick and burns the Mandap fire. When the fire was lit, he place the papers in fire, burning them altogether. Naksh says he is sorry but Baa didn’t understand his love with Pakhi. Baa curses Naksh, Naksh says he requested her blessings not curse. He joins his hands to guests to bless them, then takes Pakhi into the Mandap. He asks Pakhi to sit down.
In the room, Mosmi opens a diary and brings a note. She recalls Rimjhim told her their last resort, Mosmi will have to gulp the vitamin tablets and pose to be ill. She must write a note that Pakhi is behind her illness. Here, Mosmi gulps a fistful of vitamin tablets.

Naksh and Pakhi’s wedding has started. It was time for Gathbandhan by Janki. The bride and groom stand up for the wedding rounds.

Rimjhim restlessly awaits Mosmi when she arrives. Mosmi was drowsy and questions what Pakhi did to her. Why she mixed something in her medicine. She faints in the middle of the hall. Naksh was concerned and goes to check on Mosmi. A doctor in the wedding function comes to help. She says Mosmi has eaten poison. This is bottle of vitamin but contains poison. They must take her to hospital. Rimjhim cheers that she didn’t give Mosmi vitamin tablets, instead it was real poison so that no one can caught Mosmi’s drama.

In the hospital, Naksh comes to Ketan but Ketan was angry with Naksh. The police inspector keep a strict eye over them.

The doctors try to suck out the poison from Mosmi’s body.

A lady inspector comes with a letter in Mosmi’s room. It read, ‘if they are reading this letter, then it means Pakhi is the culprit. She came to threaten her last night that if Mosmi doesn’t help stop Naksh’s wedding with Rimjhim then she will die in a situation that she won’t realize’. Baa slaps Pakhi and tells the inspector to arrest Pakhi. Naksh shields Pakhi but Rimjhim argues if her sister had written falsely. The inspector says they can’t arrest anyone till they investigate the letter.
The nurse comes out to inform them that the poison was removed, but Mosmi isn’t in a condition to speak. The police wanted to interrogate. Inside, they ask Mosmi who is responsible for her condition. Mosmi points towards Pakhi who stood right behind Rimjhim. Her condition deteriorates. The doctors try to stabilize the condition. The doctor says she has gone to comma. Rimjhim cries out of tension but smirks.

Pakhi continues to plead that she is innocent and didn’t attempt to kill anyone. Naksh arrives at the police station and assures his trust over her. He convince the inspector that this is some trap. Pakhi never went to meet Mosmi, he wonders why Mosmi wrote a false letter. He requests the inspector to trust him, why he must have called them home then. The inspector tells Naksh to give all this explanation in the court. He leaves the police station.

Janki comes to Mamta and holds her feet in the hospital room. She requests Mamta to save Pakhi, she lies sometimes but for her own liabilities. She can never attempt to kill anyone. Mamta assures Janki she is aware Pakhi can’t do so. But she is helpless because Mosmi has taken Pakhi’s name. Janki wakes Mosmi up, and pleads her to clear her Pakhi’s position.

In the police station, Naksh assures Pakhi he is here. Baa asks Naksh if he still believes her. She questions Pakhi why she trapped her grandchild and even tried to kill Mosmi. If she wants the property, or is it some revenge. Naksh objects that Baa is blaming Pakhi. Baa asserts that Mosmi blamed Pakhi, at least now Naksh should be her side. Rimjhim cries where she will go now, her sister wanted her to be a daughter in law of the house. Baa announces her wish will be fulfilled, Naksh should marry Rimjhim at 9 AM.

PRECAP: Rimjhim tells Pakhi in jail that she sacrificed her sister’s life only to marry Naksh. Now, Pakhi will rot in jail. Pakhi was shocked to know this.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Leisa s morris

    Y is it d accused is always standing in front of d innocent one for d innocent to get blame

  2. Amal

    How can Pakhi get arrested without the case being investigated ? Is this how they introgate criminals ? It’s 2019 we’ Close to 2020 at least make it bit realistic. These baseless ballgames where someone goes to hell and back to prove their innocence or their families being tortured coz if it . I think I’m Pakhi’s case the only hope she has is Natasha for whom Pakhi works as voice artist, she would prove her innocence by threatening and making that Rimjhim girl spill the beans.

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