Hamari Bahu Silk 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Natasha vows to help Pakhi


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Hamari Bahu Silk 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi clarifies to Natasha she would better lose her voice than to return to Natasha. Natasha jerks Pakhi and says she is determined not to let her lose her voice. A flower from the temple fell over Pakhi.

At home, Janki sat on a couch upset. She hadn’t eaten anything as well. Pakhi asks why she didn’t eat. Janki straightens up and says she always longed to hear Pakhi’s voice even when she was unborn, then after her birth they wished she grow up quickly. She and Pakhi’s Baba sat for hours only to hear her call their names. Why she decided to give up on this beloved voice. Pakhi says this voice is the root of all the problems. Janki claims Pakhi is selfish, her punishment, her repentances; she never thought about her mother. Pakhi consoles Janki and requests her to eat a little,

and gives bites to Janki with her own hands. Afterwards, Pakhi requests Janki to sing her a lullaby. She is extremely tired and it’s Navratri from tomorrow. Janki begins to cry instead. Pakhi hugs instead and says she will help Janki sleep today.

In the room, the doctor tells Naksh that Baa’s condition deteriorated, she needs rest. Naksh sits beside Baa and asks why her condition worsened. It seems she is unhappy with her decision. Baa says that girl Pakhi has disgraced Parekh family, she will have to go through this testimony. Naksh says what Pakhi did was wrong, and she must be punished. But what troubles him is, if people would ever forgive her for forcing Pakhi to lose her voice. Still, he isn’t forcing her; she may take her decisions.

The next morning, Mamta asks Naksh how Baa is. Naksh says Baa wished to stay in the Aashram, though he never wished to leave her there. Mamta says Baa’s childhood was spent in that village, she will feel better there. She asks Naksh to get ready for the Pooja. During aarti, Pandit ji calls a married couple forward for Pooja. Naksh steps forward, Rimjhim steps to his side but Naksh calls Pakhi. Rimjhim leaves the Pooja. Naksh and Pakhi hold the pooja thaal together.

Outside, Rimjhim murmurs to herself she will soon end this Pakhi’s game. She finds Natasha outside Parekh’s house. Rimjhim questions who invited her here. Natasha pushes Rimjhim aside and says she isn’t used to reply to everyone. Rimjhim doesn’t allow Natasha inside, and inquires why she came here. Natasha says she wish to tell everyone the truth. Her career almost finished after what Rimjhim did, now the family must know the truth.

Inside, Pakhi and Naksh take part in the Pooja.

Outside, Natasha shrewdly walks behind Rimjhim and forces her into the car. She locks her inside and goes into Parekh House. Someone hits her head with a wooden rod. Pakhi was alert and turns around but finds nothing. Rimjhim hide behind the sofa and pulls Natasha’s unconscious body outside.
After the Pooja, Pandit ji tells them to show this thaal in every corner of the house. Naksh and Pakhi save a flame together on the thaal.

Rimjhim had tied Natasha to a chair in a dark store room. She throws a glass of water on Natasha’s face. Natasha struggles to get herself freed. Rimjhim slaps Natasha and asks if she wants to tell everyone the truth. She can’t harm her.

Pakhi felt something was wrong. She prays for the courage that no matter she loses her voice, but this family is saved from Rimjhim. She takes the thaal upstairs to Mosmi’s room. She says only Mosmi can now save the family, she has everything in her hands now. She prays for Mosmi being blessed. Pakhi turns around and hears a beep on the ECG machine. Pakhi turns towards Mosmi. Her finger moves. Pakhi hurriedly speaks to Mosmi to open her eyes. Mosmi finally wakes up. Pakhi was happy and relieved that Mosmi is fine.

Rimjhim tells Natasha Pakhi wants to become an idol by sacrificing her voice. But today, in Dandhia function there will be a blast, and Pakhi will be no more.

PRECAP: Rimjhim plans a blast in Dandhia function which Pakhi and Mosmi watch on their cell phones together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Natasha had a change of heart and wanted to save Pakhi from sacrificing her voice. Rhimjhim is so mean and evil minded that she knocked out Natasha in her bid to hurt and separate Naksh and Pakhi. Hope that Pinky or Pakhi will save Natasha and the other family members. Hell hath no fury as a woman ( Rhimjhim) scorned.

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