HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI – Does this story has happily ever after? (22 Sept 2015)

The story starts at the “Aaj tak news” channel where preparation going for an exclusive interview. Famous reporter Sameera Gupta and her camera man are anxiously waiting for someone. Then she could feel somebody’s entering the room. As the person entered, all stood up and shouted “Happy Birthday Agnika Mam”. Unfortunately, that person turned out to be Meera so all were dissappointed. Sameera rushed to Meera and enquired ” Where is Agnika Mam?” Meera replies” Am I not invited here?’. Sameera smiles and says her to sit down. She asks Meera about her convinience during her long journey from TN. They discuss a lot of matters.
Suddenly that Camera man comes near to Meera to ask for a favor. He says to Meera” Excuse me mam, I am a very big fan of Agnika ji.
She is like a role model for youth today. Now whole world is speaking about her. I want to know how she started her journey to reach here.”
Meera gives confused look at both and feels difficulty to accept his request. Since Sameera too insisted, she agreed. ” I agree” said Meera “but one condition- I hope you press people will not telecast this one in your channel.” They both laugh together listening to Meera’s sarcasm.

Meera starts to narrate,” Where do I start? It’s like everything happened yesterday. We sisters never thought that our life will
make us to stand at this point. Everything started five to six years before, till now I remember that morning of my life. That day was my mother’s death anniversary. Sitting on the bank of the Temple pond, I was thinking how my mother’s seperation changed our lives. After that happened, I even lost my dear akka(Elder sister In Tamil). She was not like this at all. She used to laugh, dance and enjoy life. I know some situations in life changes a person but not this way. I felt that I’m living with some other person. Akka totally turned aggressive, harsh, insensitive and rigid. Above all this, I loved her dareness and fear is a word unknown to her. Due to this attitude, all young boys and girl in village called her ‘Jhansi akka’ out of affection. I was praying God that If this continues I will lose my akka completely. Then I realized that I had to rush home fast and a pooja is held in my house. I was scared that my sister will surely scold me for being unpuntual.” Before Meera could continue with her narration, she mobile started buzzing loudly. She seeked excuse from both and went to attend the call. Sameera and camera man feel restless to wait for the continuation,

Meera sees mobile screen and realizes that it’s a call from Anay. As she picks the call, Anay starts speaking without a breath. He says,” Where are you? Where is Gautham? Have you both forgot to buy presents for Agni?”. Meera replies,” Stop Bhaiya! Take a breath, I am at the news channel and your dear friend has went to our house for decoration. Now your work is to buy presents for akka. Listening to this Anay disconnects the phone with a smile. Meera comes back sit to start the narration and both of them are eager to listen the rest of it.
She continued,” I ran fast and tried to reach my home as soon as possible.

PRECAP: Meera enters the hall and pooja is already taking place. Agni sitting down with folded hands and gives an angry look at Meera. Meera is worried.

Credit to: Royal Queen

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