Half Marriage 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun And Chandani Get DNA test done, Maya changes the report

Half Marriage 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maya recalling making plan to trap Arjun when he slept in her room. She recalls getting artificial insemination done with Dr. Kashyap’s help. She thinks baby can be born without getting physical. Arjun tells that he wants to get DNA test done. Chandani tells Arjun that date is matching. Arjun says nothing had happened between us. Chandani says let me handle and requests Doctor to make it confidential. She says they want to do DNA test done now itself. Doctor says ok and asks them to come after two days. Maya says she will not get any test done and comes there. She tells Sulochana that she can’t stay here and can’t bear this. She says I am asking you to let me go from here. She says before leaving from here, I want to ask Chandani why did she save me when I tried to die, to humiliate me. She asks why did you bring me, if this is my mistake. She asks if it is all her fault.

She emotionally blackmails them and tells that she is cunning, betrayal etc and happy with the way she is. She folds her hands and asks Sulochana to let her go, says she don’t want to prove herself. She says I can’t see the man hating me whom I love so much. She says I will spend my life with my Raj’s memories. Sulochana stops her. Arjun asks what you are doing?

Sulochana says Maya is our responsibility if this baby is our or not. Arjun asks Sulochana, won’t you trust me. He asks Maya to wait for the DNA test reports. Maya says she will not prove. Sulochana says Maya will not get any test done and will stay with us. Chandani says test will happen. She says if Maya can be right then Arjun can never be wrong. She says we shall end this misunderstanding for once and all. She says Maya is 2.5 months pregnant and that night they were together in room. She says what is the problem to prove. Janki says you people are doing wrong with her.

Sulochana says no DNA test will happen. Arjun says test will happen. Maya asks after that, if it is proved that baby is yours then…Janki says then he has to agree. Maya stops her and says I want to listen from Arjun. She asks will you agree then? Arjun says then I have to agree. Maya gets happy and smiles. She asks him to say it again and says I want to listen. Arjun says then I will agree that the baby is mine. Maya smiles victoriously, sheds fake tears and says I am ready to get DNA test done. She says I will get the test done in your chosen hospital. Sulochana feels bad. Maya thinks she has enough time to make lie as truth. Chandani is tensed in her room and recalls Maya agreeing to get the test done.

Janki tells Maya that she has taken a long jump and says truth will come out soon. Maya says she has chosen to take a long jump always and says lets see if they get the test done or not. Arjun asks Chandani what is she thinking? Next day, Arjun and Chandani come to Sulochana and says they have taken a decision. Chandani says DNA test will happen today itself. Arjun says he talked to Dr. Oberoi and got an appointment. Chandani asks Maya to come and says I hope you have no problem. Maya smiles tensedly and thinks she had planned for tomorrow. They all go to hospital and wait to give samples. Arjun and Maya go inside and give samples. After sometime, Nurse gives reports to Arjun. Arjun opens the report and gets shocked.

Arjun checks the report and says baby is not mine. They check CCTV footage. Doctor tells Arjun that Maya had changed the report and the baby is of Arjun. Chandani takes Maya home. Maya smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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