Haiwan 8th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Amrita confused between real and fake Randhir

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Govind tells Randhir that the robot seems so real that even Amrita won’t recognize. Randhir says Govind has been fond of hurting people. He thought it was him, but now he is sure it was the robot. Ansh comes from behind saying he will continue to do. He and Gia had not known about the robot till it kidnapped him and brought him here. Now, it’s the end of Randhir’s life. Ansh beats Randhir badly. Randhir tries to defend himself. Randhir takes a bottle of a solution and throws it on Ansh. Ansh turns to Haiwan. Randhir thinks of a way out, as he can’t face him right now. Govind says in the end, Randhir must lose.
Baby watches the CCTV of killing of witness.

Haiwan follows Randhir. A car stops nearby and the men follow the two. Randhir run across the forest for life.

Gia and Chetan had started to move now. There, Baby finds Randhir as the killer in both the videos. He thinks he must tell Amrita. The look-alike stood behind Baby and says they must delete this unnecessary footage.

Govind’s new Haiwan comes to the lab. He orders it to catch Randhir.

Amrita comes to the lab with her team. She employs the team to keep an eye on lab, and take Gia and Chetan to a safe place. The look-alike comes from behind Amrita. Amrita points a gun at him. He shows the CCTV footage to Amrita. Amrita says this is actually his look-alike. He poses to be innocent and worried as he doesn’t know what this is, this is attacker and has been framing him. Amrita says Ansh has flown, this assures Gia, Ansh and his attacker are a team. Randhir was upset and says he needs to get hold of his look-alike first. Amrita apologizes Randhir as she thought it was because of the solution. They hug each other. Baby was enclosed in a bottle nearby and tries to take Amrita’s attention. He shouts this is Randhir’s look alike and not him.

Randhir was tired and panting behind a tree. Ansh comes looking for him. Randhir rubs the mud on his face, as this fragrance will help decrease his body odor. He hides himself behind a tree. Haiwan reaches the clearing but was unable to spot Randhir. Randhir watches it walk away, then goes in opposite direction.

The teleporter tries to escape the tank. Govind says this is particle glass, and won’t let his atoms leave. Gia and Chetan come to the lab. Govind was happy and welcomes them back. He tells them about Randhir’s look-alike. Gia was excited to know.

Randhir was caught by the goons that appeared from the car. Randhir gets hold of one of the men and fires a bullet at their hive. There was an attack from the bees.

Gia and Chetan ask why he had hidden the experiment. Govind says sometimes scientists have to hide their experiments, especially when one child stops using her brain in victory, and other’s brain isn’t worth mentioning. He says Randhir just flew, they need to stop him from reaching Amrita.

Randhir’s look-alike powers himself through solar energy. Amrita comes to him and inquires what he is doing in such scorching sun. Amrita says she couldn’t find any video except the fight between him and Redics. Redics tells Amrita he needs to plan Amrita’s party right now, and the whole Shimodra will see the party.

Randhir reaches home. Some servants were discussing that they shouldn’t let anyone inside, as Randhir’s look alike is in city. The real Randhir is inside already. Randhir stops a servant, narrates an old story to assure him he was the real Randhir and takes his clothes.

Randhir watches Redics and Amrita together. He changes his voice calling Amrita as Dadi. In the hall, Randhir stuffs Amrita’s mouth and takes her aside.

Ansh comes to punch Redics for flirting with Amrita. Redics says he was ordered to be Amrita’s husband, he would romance. Why is Ansh jealous of a machine. Ansh understands.

Randhir assures Amrita he is Randhir. Redics comes to punch Amrita and inquires Amrita if he hurt her. Randhir tells Amrita he isn’t lying, Govind created this robot. Redics says Govind is dead, couldn’t he get anyone else to blame. He orders his servants to catch him and takes Amrita inside. Randhir comes running behind them. Even Nain Tara, her husband and Nisha were astonished. Redics scolds the servants to get hold of Randhir. Redics slaps Randhir. Amrita intervenes and tells them to prove they are real. Real Randhir must know all about her childhood.

Randhir was ready, Redics was silent. Amrita says Randhir had a crush over his English teacher, tell the name. Randhir replies it was science teacher, Miss Jessica. She asks the next question, Randhir replies it. Redics replies the next two questions. Randhir marks Amrita’s birth mark. Redics also knew about its direction. Govind had told Redics that whenever Randhir is in front of him, his thoughts would reflect in Redics mind as well.

Ansh beats the security guard for letting Randhir inside. In the hall, Randhir and Redics fight each other. Redics pulls a dagger and marks a cut on his hand. As the blood oozes out, Redics go to show the cut to Amrita. Amrita disbeliefs Randhir and was sure her Randhir can’t hurt anyone like this. The police arrive. Randhir leaves through the window saying he will prove the truth.

Ansh follows Randhir across the street. Randhir’s servant takes him in his car.

In the room, Amrita bandages Redics. Redics thinks Govind had told him his injuries will not hurt, but he must pretend it does. Randhir listens to the song playing at the back and says it’s his favorite. Amrita recalls once he left the wild dogs behind Chief guest when she had forgotten the lyrics of the song she had to perform. Randhir corrects it was Ansh, and asks if she is dubious. Amrita assures she isn’t. He asks her to write I love you on his hand once. He asks Amrita for dance. Amrita dances with him, with a reluctant smile.

At the Kaka’s house, Randhir tries the operator’s number. Kaka says his enemy is dangerous and kept the security on all entrances.

Redics asks Amrita to look in his eyes, can’t she find the love in his eyes. No one can love her as much as he does.

Randhir was tensed. Kaka says in old times, there were no phones or technology. Their mothers said angels themselves protected the wives.

Amrita apologizes Redics as she doesn’t feel well now.

Ansh was furious in the lab. Chetan tells Ansh to chill out, the Redics is there. Ansh says the real Randhir won’t cease attempting to reach Amrita.

Amrita was tensed in the hall and discusses with Nisha that they need to find Baby. He might have some way to find the real Randhir. Nisha gets Randhir’s call. Randhir asks to speak to Amrita and requests meeting her in the café. Amrita says she will bring her team. Govind had tapped the call. Ansh was furious that Randhir will surely convince Amrita in the café. After the call, Nisha goes to find Baby. Amrita was tensed. Redics brings the cake for Amrita, singing Happy Birthday song. He asks her to cut the cake.

Nisha looks in the lab for Baby.

Redics and Amrita share the cake with each other. Redics reminds Amrita he had promised her years ago that he will reach her on her birthday wherever he is. Amrita was taken aback at his memory. She pulls his hand off and offers to have dinner first.

Nisha looks for Baby in the lab. Baby tries to get her attention but was unheard. He uses a small laser beam but its battery goes dead. Baby pulls his shirt off and burns it. Nisha notices the smell of something burning and goes back inside. She notices the smoke emitting from the bottle and pulls Baby out. He was unconscious due to smoke. Nisha wakes Baby and pours water over him. Baby wakes up and was happy to save Nisha. Nisha tells Baby the dilemma of real and old Baby.

Ansh and Gia were waiting outside the café. They were sure Randhir won’t be able to meet Amrita. An advertisement shoot was going on. Amrita reaches the café busy on phone. Ansh spots Amrita and goes close to her, about to touch her hair. He thinks he will soon be close to her. Amrita senses someone behind her but Ansh had vanished.

Inside the café, Amrita instructs the team to catch Randhir as soon as he arrives. They only need to confirm if he is the real Randhir or not. Gia comes inside in a veil and gets hold of Aditi. She shows Aditi a message of Dev. Gia says she is only reminding; Aditi must tell her when Randhir has reached. Today, whether Randhir will live or Dev.

Randhir was hiding behind a coaster and watches the team. He thinks he needs to assure Amrita he is the real Randhir.

PRECAP: Amrita suggests Randhir to mark a tikka for her to differentiate between the real and fake. Randhir suggests her a love bite as a better option. There in the lab, Ansh and Gia traps Randhir. Gia hits Randhir at the back of his head. Ansh marks a cut on his hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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