Haiwan 28th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Ansh turns Amrita against Randhir

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Haiwan 28th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ansh hugs Randhir. Gia watches this and thinks he is an emotional fool.

Randhir was in the room. Ansh sat with him in the bed. Randhir asks how he reached here. Ansh says he found his bike near the forest and brought here. Randhir recalls he was passing by the forest when he heard the voice, it was a powerful being. Ansh asks Randhir if he saw the creature. Randhir says he didn’t. Randhir asks what if Gia created another Haiwan. Ansh thinks about being Gia’s Haiwan.
Gia uses her electric glove and appreciates her scientist for creating this. She warns Chetan not to show it off outside, none should know their lab is still working. Govind comes to ask if Ansh didn’t kill Randhir. Gia wonders what went wrong, she injected the evil potion in Ansh. Govind says Ansh’s heart is large and

filled with goodwill, the medicinal effects might delay.

Ansh stood in the balcony thinking about his friendship with Randhir. He cries silently. Randhir comes asking Ansh if he is alright. Ansh replies he didn’t sleep for past few nights, that’s all. He silently thinks he had told Randhir about his love for Amrita. Randhir tells Ansh about Amrita, but Ansh had already left the balcony.

Downstairs, Nisha shows her new factory plan to her parents. She was upset as she made it, but Randhir won’t approve of it. Randhir comes downstairs looking for Ansh. They ask Randhir about the plan. Randhir says this area is good because it has been inhabited by generations of slum people. He can never approve of a plan on their land.

Randhir comes to Ansh’s room and talks to him. Amrita comes there concerned about Randhir’s medical condition after attack. Ansh excuses himself and goes to the other room. Amrita warns Randhir not to ignore her next time. Randhir picks Amrita in his arms and asks what if he tells her it was a plan, to bring her close. Amrita punches Randhir. He puts Amrita down.

There, Ansh’s negative emotions light up.

Randhir holds Amrita’s hand, forbidding her to leave.

Ansh’s body begin to shiver, his veins constrict out of pain.

Randhir gifts her a bangle and tells Amrita it seems filmy, but this belongs to his mother. He wish she wears it as Shagun. Amrita was elated. Randhir kiss the back of Amrita’s hand and gets a little emotional. Randhir says last time he saw these in his mom’s hands, he is just missing her. Amrita tells her to be ready for the scolding.

Ansh leaves the corridor.

Randhir sits with Amrita. He says after his parents, Ansh has only be in his life. He has been trying to tell Ansh about them but its not been possible. Amrita says Ansh is her friend as well, they will give this good news to him together. Ansh was sitting at the bar. He says Randhir and Amrita’s friendship is escalating, they don’t fight anymore. Amrita gets a call and had to leave, she forbids Randhir to tell Ansh anything without her. She takes a leave, then returns and says their friendship is like chewing gum. It helps in any tensed moment. They must always be like this.

Later, Super Human runs to Gia’s room. Ansh clutches Gia’s neck. She was with a man. Ansh warns him to lay still if he doesn’t want to die. Outside, Ansh tells Gia to pull out the potion she had injected in his body. He wants to win Amrita with his truth, not with the ill. Gia offers Ansh a drink. Gia says Ansh is furious only because he couldn’t kill Randhir. Ansh says he understands Gia has been using him for her enmity with Randhir. Ansh says he will never kill Randhir for Amrita, she won’t say a no when he tells Amrita about his love. Gia says all the best, but when Ansh has lost the game he must remember Gia is here.

The next morning, a Yeti Master practiced attack and strike through a distance. An invisible being enters and removes the cloak. It tells him there are three people being his brother’s death, one scientist, one police woman and the third is Super Human. The yeti master wished for a revenge. The investigator says it was Gia Grewal who played with his brother’s life. Yeti Master sends him to first kill the three; they will deal with Gia Grewal later on.

Ansh reaches the spot he had an accident. He notes the foot prints and figures out the height and weight. He then finds a few leaves with blood spots and thinks it must be the blood of Haiwan.
Amrita was jogging in the park. She gets a letter and some red balloons from some kids. She was happy to receive them and opens the card, setting the balloons free.

In the lab, Randhir tests the DNA sample on the leaf. He thinks this DNA belongs to some Haiwan, showing Gia made a new Haiwan.

Amrita returns home. Her house was decorated with flower bouquets. She was happy to see all the arrangements. Ansh stood at the door. He tells Amrita if she liked this all, he arranged everything.
Ansh starts an experiment and thinks in twelve hours, he will get all the details of that Haiwan.
Ansh tells Amrita it’s a small effort for her little smile. He never lies. He promises to make each of her life’s morning happy, and he can do anything for that. He swear that no one will love her more than him. He says ‘I love you Amrita’. He has only loved her since childhood. It was she he was about to propose. She was the one they discussed about in the birthday party. Even in the car, they only discussed about her. He had actually bought that ring for Amrita. He thought a lot, planned extensively to propose her. Amrita tells Ansh he is a very good friend of hers but there is someone else… in face he is… she gets a call from Randhir. Randhir says he is a little late, but will soon be there. Amrita makes up that she isn’t home, she is busy in the police station. Ansh asks Amrita if he had proposed her before Randhir, had she accepted the proposal. Amrita assures Ansh he is really nice and strong, he will make any girl’s life. He turns to silently leave. Amrita stop Ansh and asks if he is fine? Ansh replies, for now it is. Amrita says their friendship is extremely special, she can’t afford to lose it. Ansh replies, for him as well; there can never be anything wrong between them.
The Yeti Master’s spy comes to a forest and peeks from within the trees. A young couple enjoyed their time. The boy suspects a presence behind the tree as the can fell as if it strike something in the air. The girl takes a selfie and the figure was visible in the picture. They try to run but were caught by the black cloaked, white faced man. Both fell unconscious. The cloaked man watches his photo on the phone and throws the phone away in the air.

Later, the invisible being was passing by the forest. Randhir was driving his car at a fast paced, the cloaked man following him.

In the lab, Gia checks on the electric glove. She instructs her scientists to increase the potency. A servant comes to take Gia outside as her future husband is here. Gia was disgusted and goes outside. Randhir sat there enjoying Paneer. He asks Gia why she is behind him like a wife. She was the one who attacked him yesterday. Gia clues may be he is someone closer and hates him more than her. Ansh comes there but hides behind a wall. When Randhir had left, Gia tells Ansh that Randhir thinks she attacked him and threatened Gia dare not hurt him or Amrita. She inquires about Ansh’s confidence in proposal. Ansh says Amrita accepts that she would have accepted his proposal, had he proposed before Randhir. Gia suggest Ansh to turn Amrita’s love for Randhir into hatred. Everyone knows Randhir’s company has been interested in the land where slums reside.

Amrita tells her Dharam and Dadi about herself and Randhir. Dharam objects as he works for Randhir. Dadi claims Randhir sent such beautiful flowers for her. Amrita says Ansh sent this, he loves her too. She feels sad that she came between Ansh and Randhir. Dharam forbids her to be a part of matter between friends.

There, Randhir worked in his lab. He notices the DNA of the blood matched the DNA of his Super Human with a few negative effects. He wonders how Gia got his solution with which she created this Haiwan. He tries to call Ansh but can’t connect.

The Super human reaches the desirable slum land and causes destruction. It tells the people that Randhir Aghihotri sent him, he wants all of them to vacate this place. They want a set up a new factory on this land. People run out of the land. Super Human turns himself into Ansh and saves the life of a young boy. He hurriedly leaves. Amrita was involved in the rescue operation. Gia arrives at the location. People there tell Amrita that Randhir Aghihotri had sent the monster, he wants to expand his business on their hereditary land. Gia tells Amrita to show some professionalism now, her father inherited this habit of creating monsters from Deepak Aghihotri. Deepak created the first monster. She gives a clue to Amrita to go and look in Randhir’s room, she will find a secret passageway to Randhir’s lab where he is still trying to complete the experiment. Amrita was in a disbelief.

At home, Nisha and parents still discuss about the model. Amrita arrives in uniform with her team, she announces she has the search warrants for the house. She inquires about the model. Nisha’s mother says this is an expansion model of their factory. Amrita goes straight up. Dharam objects but Amrita says she is on her duty, they should only pray what she heard doesn’t come true. Amrita look around Randhir’s room and all at once finds the way to his lab. She tries a few codes and the door is unlocked. Amrita gets into the escalator.

Randhir was in the lab when she walks inside. She looks around and was shocked to see Randhir there. Randhir turns around and was taken aback by Amrita’s presence. Amrita questions Randhir what this all is. Randhir asks how she reached here. Amrita says may be his security system fell weak. Randhir was concerned if she told someone else about the place? Amrita asks Randhir why he lied to her. His father created the first Haiwan of Shimodra. If he sent the Haiwan which destroyed all the slums to free the land up for business expansion. Randhir says he doesn’t care for anyone. If she also believes he can do so. Amrita says court wants proof, and all the proves go against him. Randhir leaves Amrita’s hand and tells her to arrest him. Amrita handcuffs Randhir. Randhir silently thinks he only wished her to trust him, he would have told her the secret himself.

PRECAP: Gia plans an attack on Amrita and Randhir’s way to police station, putting the blame on Randhir. Ansh comes inquiring where Randhir and Amrita are and threatens to kill her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Ansh madness will turn him negative.. First half was nice but second half was scary… Amrita and Radhir are leads but Ansh Amrita pair look more cute… Lastly hope zee writers doesn’t spoil show as always

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