Haiwan 16th February 2020 Written Episode Update

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Haiwan 16th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Randhir follows the peacock feather into the forest.
At Grewal’s lab, everyone decides to follow Randhir.
Randhir reaches a clearing in the forest. Baby sat there, normal under a tree. Randhir asks what he is doing here. Baby was terrified and tells him to stay away, he can’t control this and the Ratan won’t spare him easily. It will do what it did to police men.
Randhir says he trusts him, Baby won’t hurt him. He convinces Baby not to think about this Ratan but anything else, anything that keeps him happy. He grabs the Ratan from his palm. Baby was relieved, and wonders why it doesn’t affect Randhir. Randhir shows the peacock feather saying maybe this.
Ashvadhyama, Ansh and Gia had reached the forest.
Baby tells Randhir to leave the place. They need to protect the stone from Disha. Randhir says Disha is in their team now. Baby says Disha has a single motive and that to take Ratan to Ashvadhyama. Randhir was alert.
Gia and team reaches the forest using tracker. They find Randhir’s phone near a stone. Ansh guess Randhir dodged them again.
Randhir and Baby come back home. They explain to Amrita that Disha hypnotized Baby for Ratan. Amrita was heart-broken. In the room, Amrita cries in front of Randhir that her sister is going on a wrong path. She wish Disha had stayed with the family, at least she would have known the importance of love and beloved one’s.
Ashvadhyama decides that Disha’s wait is useless. He decides to take a way which is dangerous. Gia was ready to go anywhere with Ashvadhyama. Ansh had a single goal, to get Amrita. Ashvadhyama leads them into the forests in front of a meditating man. He says this is God Rishi Parshuram. Gia recognizes him from ancient stories. Ashvadhyama says only eight people in this world are immortal including him and Parshuram. It’s a blessing for a few, while curse for one’s like him. He must now get hold of the Ratan and revenge this world for each of his suffering.
At home, Randhir, Baby and Amrita discuss they must find a way to protect and hide the Ratan.
Parshuram shots an arrow towards Ashvadhyama and scolds him for coming before time. They are immortal and must never mingle with human matters. Ashvadhyama says he will continue to work hard to find his Ratan. Parshuram wasn’t ready to help him. Ashvadhyama demands his Bram Astra. Parshuram shots multiple arrows towards Ashvadhyama but he effectively counters. One of the arrows hits Ashvadhyama. Ansh decides he can’t let Ashvadhyama win, else Randhir will be ever so powerful and get Amrita as well. He turns to Haiwan but was easily beaten by a single strike of Parshuram. Parshuram decides to use his Bram Astra and send Ashvadhyama for a prolonged sleep. Gia comes as a shield to Ashvadhyama. Parshuram tells her to get some way, he can’t attack a lady.
Randhir observes the stone under microscope. Randhir smiles that it seems there is a whole universe in this Ratan. He tells Amrita they can’t destroy this Ratan. There is a reason Krishna had hidden the Ratan, not destroyed it. He tells Baby to keep the Ratan in a high-security vault.
Ashvadhyama strikes an arrow on the sky. There was rain of fire.
Amrita speaks to Randhir that Ashvadhyama is still very powerful. They must grab the Bram Astra. Randhir says they can’t let him win anyways. Suddenly, there was a thunderstorm and rain of fire.
Baby gets itching as soon as he touches the vault. He thinks it happens because of poisoning of radiation, but he hadn’t touched any such thing.
Outside, Dharam and Dadi cough badly. Ashvadhyama alerts Randhir through a television forecast that he has made use of Bram Astra. Amrita also got the bad cough.
Disha comes to the vault room and says fate never supports a person repeatedly. She hypnotizes Baby and orders him to open the vault and hand the Ratan to her. Baby takes the Ratan from the vault. Disha smiles watching the Ratan, then thanks Baby.
Randhir decides to stop Ashvadhyama. Randhir was tensed that he lost his parents, and can’t afford to lose those who are alive. Dadi says only the user of Bram Astra can change its course. Randhir and Amrita find Baby sitting in the vault. He tells Randhir that Disha has taken the Ratan from him. They head to stop Disha from reaching Ashvadhyama.
In the forest, Gia and Ashvadhyama plan a future together. Disha comes to them and slaps Gia. Ashvadhyama complains to Disha what she has done. Disha shows the Ratan and says she got this, but now she would never hand this Ratan to Ashvadhyama. Gia struggles to snatch the Ratan but Disha pushes her away. Ashvadhyama threatens that he can harm Disha for Ratan, the way he snatched Bram Astra from Parshuram. Disha says that on her way she has seen people suffer ailments and diseases on her way. She isn’t Ashvadhyama side anymore. She hypnotizes Ashvadhyama and orders him to change the course of Bram Astra. Ashvadhyama smirks he can turn the direction of Bram Astra towards Disha. A fired arrow hits Disha who falls on the floor nearby. Ashvadhyama gets hold of the Ratan. He leaves with Gia.
Randhir and Amrita reach Disha. Amrita tries to pull the arrow from Disha’s body and takes her in her lap. Disha says I am sorry, forgive me. Amrita cries. Disha was apologetic for betraying her. She says tomorrow, Ashvadhyama will wear his Ratan on Amavasya. If not done tomorrow, he won’t be able to use the Ratan for another century. But he needs Randhir’s help for the matter. Randhir is Krishna’s Vanshaj (heir) and can still stop this.
The next morning, Amrita mourns for Disha. Dharam tells Randhir to go and end the war with Ashvadhyama first. Amrita tells Randhir to go away from this place, where Ashvadhyama can’t find them.
In the forest, Ashvadhyama cheers that he is about to get his powers back. Randhir must come here. Ansh asks what’s special about Randhir. Ashvadhyama says Randhir is the heir of Shri Krishna and can break the curse. Ansh was sure Randhir will never come. Randhir greets them. He says he knows Ashvadhyama is extremely powerful and he doesn’t want to fight him. He is ready for Ratan-Lagan. He speaks in isolation and demands to help him revenge Gia, Govind and Chetan. They have killed his parents, and he wants Ashvadhyama to kill them as soon as his Ratan is re-applied. Ashvadhyama agrees.
Gia asks Govind what deal they must have cracked. Govind says Randhir must have demanded to kill them.
After the Pooja, Ashvadhyama asks Randhir to come and apply the Ratan. Randhir thinks he has a better plan. He replies to Ashvadhyama that it will never happen. Amrita and Baby who were hiding behind a tree were grabbed by Ashvadhyama. Ashvadhyama holds a gun at Amrita’s forehead. Ansh attacks Ashvadhyama. Gia got hold of Baby. Ansh turns to Haiwan dodging Gia’s Haiwan. Ashvadhyama got hold of Amrita once again. Randhir calls someone for help. Parshuram appears there. Disha had told them about Parshurama who was angry with Ashvadhyama for stealing Bram Astra and will help save the earth.
Ashvadhyama throws Amrita at Randhir. Parshurama has a one to one fight with Ashvadhyama. Randhir sends Amrita and Baby. Amrita gets a hand over Gia and gives her multiple slaps. Randhir shots some electrified arrows towards Gia’s Haiwan. Ansh was saved.
Parshuram injures Ashvadhyama. He holds his sword at Amrita’s neck. Parshurama says Ashvadhyama is weak and is protecting himself by a woman. Ashvadhyama didn’t care. Parshurama strikes Ashvadhyama, sending him into a deep sleep of thousands of years. He tells him to save this Ratan. Amrita hugs Randhir as everything is fine once again. She hugs Randhir. Randhir says he can fight anything if Amrita is with him. Ansh had walked away, annoyed.
Few months later, Dharam tries to stuff sweet in Amrita’s mouth. There was the news of Amrita expecting. Randhir wished four babies at once. Randhir takes Amrita to a side, for surprise. She got all the messages. He then gives her a necklace which Randhir’s father gifted to his mother when she expected him. He reads his father’s note for his mother. Amrita asks if Randhir knows if they will have a son or a daughter. Randhir wished for a daughter.
Randhir was at once upset that Ansh is nowhere to be found after the fight. There was an alarm on his watch. Randhir heads to the lab as someone tried to break in. They find the staff unconscious and vault empty. Randhir says its Ansh.
Ansh held the Ratan, and says Haiwan is Back!

Update Credit to: Sona

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