Haiwan 15th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ansh turns against Gia

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Redics bends forward to kiss Amrita but her Mangal Sooter breaks and scatters on floor. Amrita says it’s a bad omen. Redics says it’s just a chain, he will get a new one. Amrita replies it’s not, and it means a lot to her. She decides to take it to jeweler tomorrow.

Govind had a bad cough and notices blood on his tissue. Gia was playing punching in her room. Aditi requested her to leave her husband Dev, she has even killed Randhir. Chetan notices Govind wasn’t well, and was sent for Gia. Gia demands Aditi to get the red diary. Chetan comes to bring Gia to Govind’s room. Govind questions Gia about the red diary and wanted it right away. He needs the diary, as there is a big secret in the diary to control life and death.

The next morning, Amrita decorates the cake she had prepared. Baby wanted a little bite but Amrita says it’s one month anniversary of her and Randhir, they will taste it first.

In the room, Redics looks for the red diary. Govind shouts in his ears to find it somewhere else. Redics says he even scanned Randhir’s brain but he couldn’t find it anywhere. Govind tells Redics to scan Randhir’s brain once again.

Govind walks to a hidden room, scans his palm and goes inside the hidden room. He scans through a computer.

Amrita was walking towards the room with cake in her hand. Redics murmurs where Randhir had kept the red diary. Amrita comes to the room and was shocked. She questions what this all is. Randhir says that Redics was here in this room for so many days; he wants to change everything according to her. He questions what’s so special? Amrita was annoyed that he doesn’t remember. Redics reads Randhir’s brain, then hugs Amrita from behind congratulating her on one month, eight hour, and twenty seven minutes to their wedding. Amrita hugs him. Ansh watches this through a distance. Redics takes Amrita to bed, promising to make the moment even more special. He goes to the window and shuts the curtains for Ansh.
Baby tells Nisha he was eager to turn back to normal size soon, it’s difficult to life like this. Ansh hides behind a wall watching them together. Nisha feels someone’s presence around but Baby says it’s just an illusion. He takes Nisha before the cake is finished.

Ansh breaks the furniture in the terrace aggressively. Gia tells Ansh they can’t let Redics leave the house till they find the red diary. Ansh says Redics must be touching his Amrita. Why he is made to suffer all this. Gia thinks whatever the secret, it’s even more special now.

After the scanning was complete, a box appears from behind a wall. Govind takes the piece of parchment in it. It was a scenery. He says that red diary has the way to a place from where the world can be controlled. Once he finds the way, he will be the new God.

Redics was planning a table and decorations at the café. Nisha brings a cake for him, and asks he is really romantic, then why he planned all this in this café. Redics says he first met Amrita in the same café. Even when Amrita returned to Shimodra, she met him in the same restaurant. Nisha and Baby leave happily to lend them time alone.

Amrita returns from jeweler with Dadi. Dadi asks how she can be so careless. She stops the car. Dadi tells Amrita to take black thread from her first. Amrita gets a call from Randhir’s number, it was Redics claiming he is restless and waiting for her. Redics senses someone’s presence behind the wall. He asks who? It was Ansh. The call was cut but Amrita senses the danger around Randhir.

Ansh and Redics have a fight with each other. Ansh was thrown out of the café by Redics.

Amrita drove to the café.

Ansh decides to use his powers and turns himself into a Haiwan. Redics runs to attack the Haiwan but was thrown away by Ansh. He falls down on the floor. He stands up again but was once again beaten by Haiwan. He fixes his broken arm with a jerk and stands up again. Haiwan throws him the other way. He now lay faint on the floor. Ansh sits besides Redics and says he doesn’t care he is Randhir, or a look alike; Amrita only belongs to him. Today, he will take Amrita from here, away from Shimodra. Now he and Amrita will live together. Redics mind reads, target-electric pole i.e. 400 Volts. Redics pulls the electric pool and throws it over Ansh. A car stopped outside the restaurant. Gia and Chetan come inside saying this Ansh was spoiling their plan. Redics tells Gia that Amrita hasn’t arrived yet. Gia takes the body and leaves Redics to try and inquire Amrita about the diary. It’s not a usual diary.

After Gia and Chetan had left, Amrita reaches the restaurant. She finds Randhir outside and hugs him. She inquires who was there. Redics replies it was no one, just a passerby demanding way. There was a thunderstorm, and rain; Amrita wanted to go inside. Redics feels it’s a plan for romance. Amrita had an objection as they might get cold and flu. Randhir offers to go inside as he has set up something inside. They share some close moments with each other. Inside the café, Amrita was happy to see the arrangements and décor. She was sneezing and coughing. Redics was concerned that she was actually cold. He tells her to go and change into something else and takes off a curtain around.

Amrita goes inside and appears draped in the curtain as a maxy. They spend some intimate playful moments with each other. Redics pulls her closer and tries to kiss her. Amrita goes to open her bag and gives him the Mangal Sooter to put around her neck. Redics looks towards it closer and goes behind her to tie it. It slips her hands. Amrita was annoyed and says she will wear it herself now. There was a thunder of clouds. Redics pulls Amrita closer reminding how in old movies the heroine was always afraid of thunder and came into the arms of hero. Amrita says these days’ heroines are courageous and strong. They now cut the cake. Amrita chokes at the bite of cake. She asks which cake this is. Redics says it’s the same, her favorite fruits and nuts cake from Old Delhi Bakery. Redics seemed clueless as Amrita mentions the allergy she had with nuts. He offers to go to hospital but Amrita tells him to take her home, she will get the allergy shot.

Ansh was in Gia’s lab. Gia tells the staff to transfer him into a cell to be held captive. Ansh wakes up. Gia activates her Haiwan. She orders her Haiwan to capture him. Ansh kills the Haiwan. He grabs Gia’s neck and says he turned into a Haiwan on his will, not to take her orders. Gia tries to give him a shot. Ansh holds her arms. He says a mere Redics can’t take his place. Gia says she will create a new Haiwan, she doesn’t need someone who uses his brain too much. Ansh holds him by neck and threatens that Gia’s bad times start now.

Amrita sat on the terrace and took the medicine. She recalls how Randhir had earlier brought her a cake without nuts. He surprised her by a snowfall in April. He had boasted of creating the snow for her as she complained to Dadi for no snow in Shimodra these days. He mixed some baking soda with shaving cream. They shared their love for each other, and danced in the fake snowfall. Amrita wonders how Randhir couldn’t remember about her allergy today. She stops herself from overthinking.

Gia brings Redics to lab and was happy to see Randhir’s look alike. Redics says he is only programmed to love and flirt Amrita. Gia says he is only programmed to follow her instructions. Gia tells Redics if Ansh reaches Amrita he will tell her his truth. Redics was sure Amrita will never trust him. Gia tells Redics that they will be loser if they let their enemy a chance to win. Amrita will at least be in doubt and will never trust him again.

Upstairs, Ansh comes to Amrita. She was alert and stands up at once, holding a knife at him and calling Randhir for help. Ansh asks why Amrita is always running away from him. Amrita says she loves Randhir and married him. Ansh asks what if he is no more alive.

PRECAP: Gia, Chetan and Redics plan against Ansh. There, Ansh compels Aditi and Dev to tell Amrita that they killed the real Randhir.

Update Credit to: Sona

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