Hai Tere Bin Pal Bhi Baras Lagde — description and prologue

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‘love doesn’t erase the past, but it makes the future different.’ – Gary Chapman

he loved her enough to let go….

two broken souls, shyama and om – shyama is a married woman trapped in the cages of a forced marriage whereas om is a widower only living for his five beautiful sweet children. she is shattered, he is regretting. both souls are miles apart from each other.

one day shyama with her husband goes to Mumbai (where the om lives) to seize a deal. in his house, a party is held and shyama and her husband goes there. from there, something kicks off….so close yet so far.


om looked at the picture which is blurred in his hand. a photograph, that was all it took for the tears to burst om’s dam of restraint. he clutched the solid wooden frame tight in his hand, able to see a ghostly reflection of his face in the thin sheen of glass that covered it.

om: maybe i was stupid but i did it just for you. i hope you are happy wherever you are. i am sorry baby but this was the only option. a million words would not bring you back, i know because i’ve tried. neither would a million tears, i know because i’ve cried. all i can just do is say sorry.

he cries hugging the pic keeping it close to his heart.

she fell on the floor, bruises visible on her arms. she allowed her tears to escape from her eyes. her husband’s yells became deaf to her.

her POV:

i had never felt so alone, so lost… so incapable of doing even the smallest tasks. it’s strange.

how hollow i feel. . .

it’s like those chocolate bunnies people used to buy around the time of Easter.

a sweet shell encapsuling a world of nothing.

i’m like that.

i encapsule a world of nothing.

what will happen for these two broken souls?

will some miracle happen for them?

will light replace the darkness?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shyama in an abusive marriage n om a widower with a kid.is shyama Gauri?

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