Haha..Urs clown is falling in Luv with U Senora (Ishqie-AIntroScene)

“Luv..Senora Ur Smile hh Haha..Listennnn to the Music”…
A male Peppy Humming like a Song by A Crazy Guy on Road..
The people on Road n childrens:” Omie”(surprise)..
The Crazy guy smile n take the RedClownNose from his Nose…
N take a Pink Balloon from his Jerkin pocket n Fills his O2…..

N tied with Clown Nose by a thread…n made that fly..
The Kids strts running to catch The Balloon..

He smiles by seeing childrens n corrected his long hair..
N moves his hair for The song playing on his headphones…
Strts his move again in walk..
By seeing the childrens..

His shoulders collide with someone..
He turns n see Who is?
A girl…
He(S!!He,the only one is Om!) face goes tensed…
Om(think):”Oh..No..Is she blind?”..
Sees her..
Om(apologise):”Sorry,Mam..!!Really,I didn’t see..Where is ur Stick..”

She(none other than Ishaana!) too sees him…
He seems RedTShirt,Jean Trousers,LongHair,Unshaved mild beard..n looks like a clown bcoz of some makeup…

Om(shock):”Oh..Sorry Mam..I think U r blind”..
She(Ishaana) see Om:”U r crct..I m trying to be blind”..

Ishaana:”I m an Opera actor n prepare a little for my Story..U look gud as a Clown..R U interested to act?”
Om smiles n said “S..I am..”
Ishaana turns bcoz of childrens sound..
“I got the balloon” (A kid’s sound)…

Om smiles..The childrens too see him again…
Ishaana(surprise):” Omie!!”
N turns n realise He is Om…
Om:”Where is Our Opera?”
N walk like a break dance.
The childrens claps n sing in chorus”S..I m Listen to the Musicc” …

Hi frndzz..Waitingggg for Ur reviews n thoughts!!”S!! I Am”!!

Hope U like tiz frndzz..
A single scene of Intro for U,Frndzz…
Tanqq ….

  1. Nainaa

    Nice Dear!! You made our Om as a clown…..???… keep going… I am waiting for the next…?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Nainaa..Sure!!!Soon Dear!!

  2. nice one harshan……,
    if u can plz send ur last update link……

  3. Akshaya

    Wow nice start harshan

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Akshaya..

  4. Too good dear

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Dear..

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