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Here we go…

Vansh: why the hell are doing this. (angry)

Riddhima: what? You know me! Ahh well it’s my pleasure because some years before i was unknown. Well leave all that tell me how is ishani…ops! Must be in jail. (laughs)

Vansh: riddhima! What you think ishani will be in jail for long time i will take her out as soon as possible. (smirks) (something strikes him) did…she really killed my child. (moist eyes)

But to his bad she disconnected the call.

Vansh: Angre! I guess you found her location. (stern) (vanshu ka plan πŸ™€)

Angre: yes boss i found it. (Yes ke alava aata h kuch)

Vansh: lets go then.

Other side….

Riddhima was crying remembering the incident of her baby🀧

Riddhima: ishani will be in jail only and you vansh you will also get your deeds punishment.

And angre and vansh….

They reaches xyz place. (arey take it xyz abc qrs bla bla anything you want)

Vansh and angre enters inside and see (hat yar yaha pe yeh part bhi khatam nhi kar saktiπŸ˜‚)

Vansh: there is no one here its empty. (confused)

Angre: boss i think she tricked us.

Vansh and angre being disappointed left from there. Someone looks over them and smirks. (kon h wo kon h wo kaha se wo aaya)

Riddhima’s place

Riddhima: thank god you changed place info on time or else plan would have spoiled.

Person: it was difficult but yes i did it.

Riddhima: update me what are they planning. Now you can go.

Person noded and left.


After conversation with vansh….

Riddhima: he must have tracked me wait i will change the place…….oh no!! It’s not working network problem. I need to call him now.

On call…

Riddhima: change the location now i am unable to do it.

Person: no problem i will do it.

Flashback ends….

Riddhima sat on her chair and looked on the screen.

Riddhima: hmm now whose turn…idea.

Riddhima again started coding and recorded a voice then sended it to vansh.

Vr mansion.

Vansh was roming in his room thinking just then he received a voice note.

Voice note: sir! Someone entered our office please come fast.

Vansh got shocked and left from there.

He camed near his car and saw tier puncher.

He looked on no car was there.

He started running and going towwrds his office. No auto taxi were on road. (strike thi)

He was running suddenly a car camed towards him he jumped other side and got hurt. But he again started moving.

He reached there huffing. He asked his gaurds.

Vansh: who is inside?

Gaurds: sir no one.

Vansh ko again shock laga

Vansh: that means…. riddhima. (angry)
(Riddhima ka brain wah kya idea tha…wait mera brain maine likha h na)

Suddenly his mobile started ringing.

On call.

Riddhima: hello vr! What’s up.

Vansh: riddhima! Why are you doing this.

Riddhima: try to remember something.

Yes guys remembered.

Vansh left riddhima alone in hotel and left from there.

Riddhima started running on road and got hurt but to her disappointment vansh was alright and enjoying.

Same repeated.

Vansh: you deserved that so?

Riddhima: vansh vansh so according to me you also deserves this. Happy? (Riddhima Rocked vanshu super shocked)

She cut the call.

Vansh started moving just then….

Aryan camed there and saw him

Aryan: bhai you here that also injured come i wilo take you home.

He nodded and both left from there.

Vr mansion

Aryan and cansh entered

Dadi: vansh! Beta what Happened to you? (Jab bechari riddhu ko laga tha tabh)

Vansh: nothing much dadi

Vansh left from there and changed his cloths. He sat on the bed and thought something.

Vansh: what if riddhima was innocent. What if we really unknowingly killed my child. What if i am at fault.

Suddenly his room’s lights went off.

Vansh was just sitting. He saw someone wearing hoddie.

Vansh went to him/her and saw he/she was not there.

Hoddie person started whistling.

Vansh was confused and was moving here and there to search him/her.

Lights camed back…..

Q) who is that unknown person who changed location of riddhima.

Q) is he the hoddie man or hoddie person is someone else.

Guys you all only wanted asap so i posted and ya listen it may end in next part. Bohot bada ja rha isliye bta nhi sakti. And ya next part will vome in 3 to 4 days. I am not sure. Do comments and tell how it was. Bye bye take care.

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