Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-4)

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As you all wanted I am portraying Soumya as a negative character.For that I am changing a little bit of last episode.That is Soumya does not attend bhavna’s engagement.She gets ready to go to the engagement but quits at the last moment as her mother is not feeling well.So she does not meet Yuvraj yet.


In the afternoon next day suhani is having her lunch.Bhavna gets a call from sharad.She goes to talk.Meanwhile Soumya comes.
Suhani: Somu!! Auntyji kaisi hai ab??
Soumya: Ha maa bilkul theek hain.Kuch nahi low bp hai.Is liye chakkar aagaye usko.
Suhani:Come and have lunch with me.
Lata serves lunch for soumya.
Meanwhile bhavna comes.
Bhavna: Suhani yesterday u asked sharad ji for a treat na.He told u and me to get ready to go for a movie.He and Yuvraj will be coming to pick us and we will be going in an hour.
Suhani:Oh which movie??
Bhavna:Bacchan saab ki movie hain.
Suhani: Somu tum bhi aao na.Bahut maja aayega.
Soumya:Nahi suhani.Mera mann nahi hain.Aap sab jaayiye.
Suhani and Bhavna get ready.
Yuvraj and Sharad come.Soumya is there only.Suhani introduces soumya to Yuvi.Soumya likes yuvi in the first sight itself.They get ready to go.
Soumya stops them.
Suhani:Kya hua somu?
Soumya:I too will come suhani.
They get into the car. Soumya wantedly sits in the front seat.Yuvi is driving.

They reach the movie theatre.All of them get down.Sharad goes to get the tickets.Meanwhile suhani asks somu if she will come with her to the rest room.Somu says no.She goes to talk with Yuvi.Suhani goes.
She does not come for a long time.Yuvraj goes in search of her.He sees a guy holding her hand and misbehaving with her.Suhani is crying.His blood boils.He is shaking with anger.He slaps the guy holding her.He fights with the other guys.Suhani hugs Yuvi and thanks him for saving her.Meanwhile Bhavna,Sharad,Soumya comes.
Yuvi(shaking with anger):Why didn’t u ask bhavna di or soumya to come with you?
Suhani:I asked somu but she did not come.
Yuvi(in an angry tone): Soumya why didn’t u go with suhani?
Suhani:Don’t say anything to her.It was not anyone’s mistake.
They go inside.The movie has started.Soumya and suhani sit on either side of yuvi.
Soumya moves her hand toward’s Yuvi’s hand.he slightly touches his hand.Yuvi takes his hand from there.She pretends to get bored.She acts as if she is sleeping.She slowly tries leaning on Yuvi”s shoulder.Yuvi moves towards suhani’s side.Somu leans even more.Yuvraj exchanges his seat with suhani.Soumya gets angry on suhani coz Yuvi spoke angryly towards her bcoz of suhani and now he is ignoring her.

PRECAP:Suhani and Yuvraj plan a romantic dinner for bhavna and sharad.

Sorry guys for the late update.Please comment and let me know if u like this episode.

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Amazing …

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thank you di

  2. Aqsxxh

    Amazing Epi- ha somu, I love Yuv’s concern for Suhani and how he shouts at Somu!
    My fave part was when Yuv kept of moving away from Somu

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thank you di


    Wow this was a blockbuster episode- i couldnt get enough! What a treat for my sunday night, thank you di xxx

  4. awesome writing waiting for nxt epi

  5. amazing epi …i like yuvraj showing more concern towards suhani.plz make them like each other very soon.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      In the coming episodes there will be a lot of love scenes between them

  6. I read ur ff from the beginning today.. Love it.. Plz update asap.. πŸ™‚

  7. Wow it is amazing.ut doing very well.all d very best fr yr future episodes.i like it a lot

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