Gustakh Dil 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 9th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nikhil walking towards the fridge at night. He sees Lajjo and remembers that Barkha had told him to send Lajjo back if he loved her at all! Nikhil asks her if she can’t sleep and she says that she needs to apologize to him before she can go to bed. Nikhil asks for what, and Lajjo says for lying to him about being hungry earlier. Nikhil forgives her for that, and Lajjo says she lied about the book too. She explains that she was bored and wanted to read, so took the only Hindi book in his room. Nikhil tells her that it’s okay. He seems a bit annoyed, but she keeps talking randomly. She says that she hates lying, because her father told her that to keep one lie hidden, a person has to say a million lies. She says saying the truth is hard, but there is no

regrets afterwards. Nikhil tells her to go sleep as its very late at night.
Nikhil is in his room and has flashbacks of his time in Sonbarsa with Lajjo. He smiles remembering the fun times. He remembers the wedding and then his time with Ishana. He is at a loss of what to do and keeps dwelling on things said by everyone. In the morning, everyone is at the breakfast table. Nikhil’s dad talks about the rupee dropping further and Samrat tells him that there are other more important things to talk about. Ayesha is dieting and not eating much, so Barkha gets upset at her and says that no one listens to her in the house! Nikhil comes and says that he listens to her. He says that he has heard her, and will do as she wants. He says he will be sending Lajjo back to Sonbarsa. His father is shocked, but Barkha and Ayesha looks super happy. Barkha happily asks him to join them at the table, and Nikhil is surprised (as if she has never ever invited him to eat with them). Nikhil sits down to eat and his father asks if he’s sure about this decision. And Nikhil says that he has made this decision after much contemplation.
On the other hand, Lajjo is getting ready and Gunja is watching her get ready. Gunja says that her bangles are beautiful and Lajjo explains that they are a symbol of marriage and every married woman in their village wears them. Gunja rues that no one in this house wears them, Lajjo counters that Gunja will have to wear them once she gets married. They have a cute moment! Then Gunja asks about her life in the village and Lajjo says that time flies by! She says that her day starts with her taking care of her cows. She talks about her friend Putti and about the dispensary. Gunja is amused by all the talks. Lajjo actually looks happy.
At the breakfast table, Ayesha tells Nikhil that she’s glad that he’s take the ‘gawar’ away and Nikhil tells her that Lajjo may be from the village, but she is not illiterate. Ayesha is super rude and says she’s happy that she is leaving. Nikhil’s dad tells Samrat that one of them needs to go with Nikhil to drop off Lajjo. Nikhil says he will go alone, but Samrat says that he needs more support to break the marriage. Barkha takes Nikhil’s side and even puts her hand on Nikhil’s side. She says that he is capable of fighting his own battle and should be allowed to fix his mistake. Nikhil looks at her astonished and lovingly [I felt so bad for him, because it was obvious that he was basking in her attention and was acting like someone who had never received any love or support from their mother]. Nikhil gets up and leaves and says ‘thanks mom’.
Lajjo is telling Gunja that her village teacher always praised her and Gunja asks her why she never studied any further. Lajjo says that there was no way to study further other than going to the big city and her parents refused. She says that if she could have studied further, she would have become a doctor. Gunja offers her own books for Lajjo to study from and Lajjo is super happy! The clock strikes 8:30 and Gunja says that lets go to breakfast of we’ll be late and Shaila will get mad. Lajjo asks her if Shaila is Hitler and Gunja laughs. Gunja asks her to come down to the table and eat with them. Lajjo refuses saying she is used to eating here and Gunja doesn’t listen. Lajjo tries to cover her head with her saree and Gunja says that there is no need as no one does it here!
At the table, Ayesha is being super mean and saying how her wedding preps have been slowed because of this girl and that she’s glad she is going and her preps will finally get back on track. Barkha asks Samrat what he is thinking and Samrat says he is thinking of Lajjo and her family and how they will feel once they realize that Nikhil is going to break the marriage. Lajjo hears this as she is coming down with Gunja. Barkha says that they need not get sentimental, and tells Samrat to not say anything to Nikhil or else he’ll get emotional and change his mind again! Barkha says the entire fault is of the villagers and Lajjo’s family. They should have thought how the entire thing would turn out before they duped Nikhil into it. Ayesha agrees with her mom and both Nikhil’s father and Samrat aren’t happy. Nikhil’s father says that this wedding is legal and that they can’t just send her home and that they need to do a proper divorce. Barkha says that she doesn’t care and only wants to girl gone. Nikhil is 21 and he won’t get married for another 6-7 years and that is plenty of time for this to be solved. Ayesha says that the divorce won’t take long because the villagers won’t be able to afford a lawyer and a court case. Barkha tells everyone to stop arguing and that Nikhil has made the decision to take her back to the village and that is all that matters. Lajjo has heard enough and she turns around and runs back up the stairs. Everyone hears her bangles/payal’s noise as she runs up. Lajjo runs to her room and shuts the door. She breaks down as she thinks back to the conversation downstairs.
In the village, Lajjo’s mother happily makes a premonition that Lajjo will be coming back to visit soon. Her sister is not convinced, but the mother keeps saying that Lajjo will come for the pagh phera ki rasam soon. Lajjo’s father comes back home with groceries and gives it to her. She asks if he heard that Lajjo is coming back and Rambachan says he is not sure, but not to worry. She is worried that maybe the big city people don’t know about the rasam, but hopes that Lajjo comes.
The episode ends with Lajjo crying in her room.

Precap: Nikhil’s father is giving a blank check to Lajjo and telling her that her father can fill out the amount and that they will pay for her second marriage. Lajjo is shocked.

Update Credit to: Persephone

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