Gustakh Dil 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar coming to Mili. Mili is scared of him and sits to study. He aasks hwat are you doing. She says studying. She tells him her tutor is very good. He says she should study well, if this tutor is not good, then you will be fired. The lady wishes Lajjo stays and works well. Mili asks him to see her drawing. He says later and acts rude. He says I don’t want any disturbance and scolds Mili. He leaves. Lajjo comes to Rancho and says I got the tuition job. Rancho is happy. Lajjo tells about Mili.

Rancho says what about her angry rude dad. Lajjo thinks Mili got scared hearing her dad come. Lajjo says I don’t know, I did not meet him, but Mili is scared of him, I don’t know why, I have to teach her and talk like you. The house owner comes and says this house is lucky for you, tell me everything where you are going to teach. Rancho says she is going to teach Sagar Khurana’s daughter. The lady is happy and says that house will be big, he is such a rich man.

Lajjo says I did not hear his name. The lady says he introduces new talent and is a page 3 socialite. Lajjo thinks about Sagar. Rancho asks what happened. Lajjo says one such rude man came in my village, I don’t wish to meet him again. The lady says stay careful, I heard Sagar is a drinker. Rancho says don’t scare her. The lady says he is very rich, he will give you advance and give me rent soon. She leaves. Rancho asks Lajjo not to worry. Lajjo lights the diya and misses Nikhil. Rancho looks at her.

Nikhil touches Lajjo’s pic and misses her. Jabse tere sapno me mere naino ko chua hai………………plays……………Its morning, Barkha is going somewhere and is shocked to see Riya in kitchen. Barkha asks what are you doing here. Riya says I was giving instructions to Chaya. She says Nikhil is really close to me. Barkha calls Chaya. Riya says Barkha, nice saree, are you going somewhere, party?Barkha says am I not allowed. Riya says I have seen this saree before, it’s the same one which you wore in Navratri festival, are you repeating it OMG. Barkha is stunned and leaves.

Nikhil looks on and thanks Riya. He laughs seeing Barkha’s expression. Riya says was I too rude. He says don’t’ worry, I will drop you home. She says but you don’t have a car, I will drop you. Nikhil returns the advance to the manager. The manager scolds him and says you should have thanked Ravi. Nikhil says he want to find the job on his own. Nikhil thinks he had to give away the ring which Baba gave him on his marriage as he needed money. He says sorry Baba.

The lady asks Lajjo what is she doing. Mili says she taught me all poems and tells some. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil. The lady says Mili don’t make noise, Papa is at home. Lajjo says I want to meet him to take some advance. The lady says I can’t talk to him, he gets angry soon, he does not like people who ask advance, he may fire you. Lajjo thinks of house owner’s words. Mili tells Lajjo that Papa teaches dance and dances to show Lajjo. Lajjo laughs and looks for the lady.

Sagar comes there and sees her standing, he sees Lajjo’s back and leaves not seeing her face. Lajjo brings milk for Mili and asks her to drink. Ayesha is with her friends at a restaurant and hears Sid insulting her and Adhiraj talking ill about her. She comes to him and slaps him. She says what you did with me, this slap is for it, don’t try to do that again, else you will be behind bars. She says I m Inderjeet Bharadwaj’s daughter, don’t think I m weak. Ayesha leaves. Sid feels humiliated.

Lajjo comes home and says I got admission in college, you did a favor on me. Rancho says we are friends, go I m coming. Lajjo opens the door and sees Nikhil talking on phone. Nikhil turns and they look at each other.

Mili’s guardian lady asks Lajjo to stay with Mili till she comes back. Lajjo thinks about house owner’s words who told she won’t be allowed to come after 10pm.

Update Credit to: Amena

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