Gustakh Dil 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The show starts with Nikhil gets awaken during the night after a bad dream and he calls Lajjo who also gets up.
Lajjo asks if something is wrong, he can tell her, Nikhil thinks upon, but prefers to retain all his problems to himself as it may hurt her.

Lajjo gives Nikhil some water and after they both sleep, Nikhil thinks what kind of a husband, he’s that he hiding stuff from his wife.

The next morning Indur praises the tea made by Lajjo with Barkha and is reading the newspaper…

He sees the news of Ayesha witnessing the case of Adhiraj, he shows the newspaper to Barkha both get mad with Ayesha.
Lagos hears both Barkha and Indur as she brings coffee for Barkha…
Barkha drags Ayesha and asks her if all these are true Indur also asks the same.

Indur asks if it is not true??Ayesha is quiet…and says it is true and says she witnessed the case as Adhiraj is not the culprit it is not true she was with Adhiraj through the whole night.
Nani also arrives and all are shocked.. Ayesha continues to defend Adhi Nani tells her that she said she was with her friend due to rain.
Ayesha this is her friend with whom she was.
Barkha gets angry and asks her if she out of her sense to call Adhiraj her friend who is blamed for the murder of a minister…the one who lives in a colony..
Ayesha says, though he lives in a colony he’s still her friend and when he was with her through the whole night why could they blamed him.

Ayesha asks what’s wrong is she doing in saving him as she knows it well that he’s not the culprit.
Barkha calls him the murderer and asks Ayesha where she met such a person…
Ayesha asks what if he’s not of their status, he has no money he can’t be her friend…
Nani looks at Lajjo whereas Indur keeps looking disgustingly at Ayesha.
ayesha says whatever she’s doing is right Lajjo tries to stop Ayesha who goes in her room running.

Barkha asks what is going wrong and what is indeed happening…

Lajjo runs after Ayesha and the latter says everyone is blaming her to be wrong and may be Lajjo also is thinking the same…
Lajjo tells Ayesha, she knows that she’s right, she does not know what was the situation, but she knows Ayesha is saying the truth as she can see it in her eyes.
Lajjo tells her that Indur and Barkha are tense for her she could have said all this to her parents before.
Ayesha says Barkha would have never let her go if to witness a crime case.
Lajjo says this is a truth, but Barkha is a mother, she should not have hid this case from her…as it is a murder.
Ayesha continues to say that Adhiraj is not the culprit, Lajjo agrees to it and says that she knows that Ayesha can’t befriend anyone…
Ayesha says not because they are friends only, but if he would have been a stranger she would have taken the same step.

Ayesha says that Adi is a very good human being.
Ayesha tells her that Nikhil tries to know about it, but she did not say anything.. She continues to cry, saying look what happened, she’s alone, Lajjo tells her she’s not alone, she there for her because she’s fighting for the truth… Lajjo asks Ayesha to promise her not to hide anything from her…
She promises Lajjo and they hug.. Nikhil comes asks what is happening between two sisters in law what a bonding…
Nikhil asks is something is wrong with Ayesha, she seems tense Ayesha says she’s fine.
Nikhil tells Lajjo about Sagar call and tells her to go for her rehearsal.
Ayesha tells Lajjo to tell Nikhil all in her way as he’s going to leave her…

At Sagar place,Nikhil tells Lajjo that there’s still a problem that Barkha will not accept Adhiraj as she never accepted Lajjo before.
Nikhil tells Lajjo he went on lunch with Adhiraj and Ayesha…

They both have a sweet romantic moments of hugs at Sagar place the both talk about they can’t stay away from each other.
Sagar is witnessing all from an another room.
The CID already has the case in hand and are discussing how Nikhil already supplied diamonds to different parts of the world very neatly and he looks very innocent.His job and promotions..
They also have Lajjo picture they discuss that she’s the superstar Trishna.
One of the officers says he can nab Nikhil on the same day…

Nikhil tells Lajjo that he wants to share something with her, but after the rehearsal with lots of hesitations.
Lajjo says fine as she knows he will not hide anything from her.

Nikhil is waiting for Lajjo in his car and someone is following Lajjo…he puts his hand in his pocket…

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  1. I don’t tow with the idea which the story line is heading to / diamonds. Why changing the lovely story of all Laamjo’s hard work to achieve her success why not put emphasis on this rather on the criminal side of it re diamonds.

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