Gustakh Dil 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 8th August 2013 Written Update

The show starts with the man meeting Lajjo and her mom on the bridge. He gets to know she’s Lajjo and gets angry as Lajjo misguided her. He also retorts whatever Lajjo mom said. Suddenly he begins to laugh saying Lajjo is just mischievious like his daughter and they should be as after marriage as these good time will end He blesses her and leaves. Lajjo mom tries to beat her.
Rambhujun goes to meet dadaji and he asks him why is he in a hurry to get her married. Rambhujjun says he has two more daughters after Lajjo. Dadadji asks why he has promised to gift a scooter to his to be son in law. Dadaji says these person are only eager and their demands never ends He also warns him about his new relatives as he knows and saw lots of these types og people who only want dowry. He tells him

their demands are too much to be careful.
Nikhil and his friends are roaming in the village they reaches a point where a man is selling some sort of rum and she challenges Nikhil to have it but Cobra comes in front and drinks it in place of Nikhil. He gets drunk and says he can gives his life for Ranjho and he loves her and begins to stumble and falls down.His friends run for help while Lajjo and her friend leave laughingly.

Gunjan is in a bazaar and is looking to some jewelleries and she meets Ishana who asks about Nikhil saying she was not able to go to Soam Barsa(I don’t know if is well Written sorry) Ishana says no Nikhil did not call her either, Ishana says may be there’s no network coverage and he’s not able to call.Ishana teases her saying she’s missing him.

Lajjo is trying to cook something she’s preparing the batter and her mom says there’s no need to cook as a girl who’s nearly to get married does not have to do all these. Lajjo pay no heed to her mom and while dropping the batter in hot oil gets burnt with the hot oil. She begins to scream and her mom runs to help her. They both cry as Lajjo will be leaving for her in laws soon.
Sheila serves coffee to Ishana and Gunjan asks her if she’s lost in Nikhil thought. Ayesha arrives and greets Ishana asking if Nikhil is not yet back. She says irkingly that she can’t understand what is Nikhil doing in this remote village what is there? Ishana says there’s lakes rivers etc etc and nikhil grandpa.
Barkha sees Ishana and greets her, saying she needs her help to decorate Ayesha room.
Lajjo is sad and recalling her mom words while she was crying. she looks outside and thinks she will have to leave her village and everything and has flashback of her sweet times in her village.

The next morning Nikhil and his friends are wandering around the village and they reach an old castle where Nikhil tries to frighten Cobra. They continue their way in the castle trying to explore more suddenly they see a head of an animal falls in front of them. They really get afraid and tries to search a way out of the castle, they keep on running in vain and arrive at the very same point, from where they enter. Lajjo and her friend are having fun frightening them. She also talks through a paper cone and asks them to dance, they all begin to dance except for Nikhil and lajjo tells him to dance. He recognises her voice and searching for them he catches both the girls. Her friend is able to runaway while Nikhil catches Lajjo by her hand. She bites his hand and runaway Nikhil tries to catch her but trip on a small rock he remembers of Aakash.

PRECAP: Lajjo arrives home with the new scooter covered with mud, her mom gets angry and scolds her saying what will they going to tell to the groom, they bought it ith lots of sacrifices.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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