Gustakh Dil 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 8th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling sorry Ishaana, I can’t do this as I love Lajjo. Ishaana is shocked and cries. She says Lajjo….. She says we are together since so many years and you love Lajjo, and everyone saw you love Lajjo, but I was so blind, don’t say anything now. She says what should I do now Nikhil, where will I go. Lajjo tells her mum that nothing changed, her marriage ended long time ago, this sign work is just a formality. She says I have closed the chapter now. Her mum is upset. Lajjo asks her to cheer up and become her strength. Her mum says I will not cry now. Lajjo’s dad comes and sees them talking.

Lajjo sees her dad and says I have signed on the divorce papers, send it back. She says I m getting late and will miss the bus. She leaves. He keeps the papers. Lajjo’s sister makes tea fall on the papers and they get worried seeing Lajjo’s sign erased. Nikhil tells Ishaana that he did not want to love Lajjo but he fell in love with her. Ishaana cries and says what can I do now, I can’t make her lout of your heart, you love her, not me. Ishaana says I had this fear in my heart that one day you will go back to Lajjo leaving me. He says I did very wrong with Lajjo to get you. She says I lost you now atlast.

Nikhil says Ishaana, believe me I will not go back to her. He says you came in my life before she did, I can’t cheat you, I will do what you say. He says tell me what you want once. She looks at him. Ishaana runs and leaves from the temple. Ayesha calls Nani and says there is a good news. Nikhil went out in the morning with Ishaana. She says when they come back, their problems will end. Nani says I m not so sure. Meera comes to talk to Nani. She says Lajjo was getting insult at Nikhil’s house, so I said it wiuld be good if she left, I know you are upset.

Nani says I have judged Lajjo wrong. Was I influenced by something. Lajjo’s dad comes to Baba with the divorce papers and tells him that tea fell on it. Shall we ask for another copy. Lajjo wants Nikhil to marry Ishaana. Baba says I trust you and Lajjo. Baba says don’t worry. Baba gives the papers to Anu asking her to keep it safe. Nikhil sits at the temple and thinks about Ishaana and Lajjo. Dil ne ki hai gustakhiyan……………plays…………. Nikhil thinks how he scolded Lajjo.

Sagar drives and stops his car as Lajjo stands on the way. He scolds her and asks her to leave from his way. She asks why so much anger, what did I do, I apologized for my mistakes. He gets angry and says I know girls like you. She argues with him and says is this the way to talk to woman, is this what your mum taught you. He shows her status and scolds her. He leaves saying pray to Lord that I don’t come across you, else that day will be very bad for you. Lajjo looks on as he says I will make your life hell, I promise.

Nikhil and Ishaana get engaged. Ishaana is very happy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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