Gustakh Dil 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil being shocked seeing Lajjo and Sagar together. Jasmine sees Nikhil angry and smiles. She says whats Lajjo doing here, you said she has to take rest at home and she said no to you for lunch, but she is here with Sagar. Rancho and Shreya ask Nikhil what happened. Nikhil says I have important work, I have to go. They ask him not to go. Nikhil gets angry and acts rude. He says he has work and leaves. Jasmine thinks its Nikhil’s weakness, he is jealous and I have to add fuel in this. She smiles. Barkha looks at Inder and that girl. Inder says he has important meeting, can we go. He leaves with that girl.

Ayesha follows recipe and cooks food. She looks for dry fruits and sees the halwa burnt. Adhiraj comes and asks what happened. She says she wants to give him surprise and cries. He eats the halwa and praises it. She says its burnt and says don’t praise like this. She says don’t eat it. He says my wife made it by love so its good, I will have anything you cook, even poison. She says fine, drink this acid and show me. He says are you testing my love. He says here I go and is about to drink. She stops him and says are you mad to drink it. He says you are mad, I knew you will stop me. He laughs and she beats him. Lajjo comes home and sees Nikhil annoyed.

Lajjo asks him how did he come early when he went for lunch with friends. He says I felt you will have rest, as its important. He says I requested you to come for lunch with me, and you come in same café with Sagar, what do you think I will feel. You have reasons to refuse me, but not Sagar. Ayesha gets the wedding gifts and says we will auction the things we don’t need. He says your relatives gave you this. She says when will we use this, we will buy what we need.

She says they did not give me a small thing, coffee maker, how did they not remember. He says I was a fool. I felt you like masala chai. She says yes, but I also like black coffee. He smiles and gifts her the coffee maker. She is happy and hugs him. Nikhil says my wife can go with Sagar and not me. Lajjo smiles and says my Nikhil ji is jealous. He gets angry while she pulls his cheeks. He says I m not joking, I m serious. She says she went to meet him for work, she likes to spend time with him, not Sagar. She says why did you not come to meet me if you were there.

He says Lajjo, sorry. I felt you just went for time pass, sorry again I did not come to meet you, I was angry seeing you with someone else. She says she is his wife and she won’ bear he went with Jasmine. He thinks how to tell her, but he has to say her. He says I m sorry again, I was with Jasmine. Lajjo looks at him. He says relax, we took admission in same college and we are classmates. She says she is following you. He says what to do, she saved my life and related to us now, she is Adhiraj’s sister, we can’t avoid her. I promise there won’t be anything, I will keep distance with her.

Gunjan greets Inder and asks is he worried. Inder says where did Barkha go, did she tell you. Gunjan says she called and said she will come late. He says did you notice any change in her behavior. She says no. He goes to sleep. Barkha comes home and looks at him. She sits angrily thinking about Inder’s words. She thinks Inder cheated me. She cries. Nikhil says his first lecture is now. Lajjo says she will come on time. She tells Nikhil that she is following many instructions. Nikhil asks her to give some money. She is shocked.

Nikhil hesitates. He says my account is freezed and I don’t want to ask from dad. She smiles and says we are not apart. She gives him money and he thanks her. I will try to spend less. She asks why, I m earning that’s why, tell me if I took money from you, would you ask me to spend less. She says we are one and its matter of two years, we decided you will study, we will share responsibility. Nikhil smiles. She says I m earning, but I don’t value money. He hugs her.

Jasmine comes to Harry and asks him to find out about Sagar Khurana. Harry says he is SK, who launched Lajjo. She says yes, I want all details about him, Harry asks why, do you want to become star. She gives him 24 hours time and thinks Nikhil and Lajjo’s relation will end then.

Jasmine meets Sagar and holds his hand. Sagar takes his hand back. Jasmine calls Nikhil and complains about Sagar for misbehaving with her. Nikhil is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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