Gustakh Dil 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 7th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil saying Ishaana, I love you and only you. He says believe me for once. Nikhil sees Lajjo hearing all this and is shocked. He says Ishaana I will call you back. He asks Lajjo when did you come. She says just now, I did not mean to hear your talk. Nikhil says I was talking to Ishaana. She says I know. He asks her to give a list of things she wants. Nikhil says I did not get the oil you use. Lajjo laughs. Nikhil asks Lajjo to be honest with him, he says I can see your smile and know what you think. Lajjo says its nothing. Nikhil gives her money. She asks for what. Nikhil says spend it. Lajjo says I don’t need. Hesays you gifted me this house in the diwali, think this is my gift. This is your pocket money, he asks tell me what you want, I will buy it for you.

Lajjo says I don’t need anything. He says then keep this pocket money. He says take Gunjan with you. Lajjo says fine, sure. Ayesha comes to Barkha and asks for nail polish remover. Barkha says yes, I have it. Barkha sees the bangle Sid gifted Ayesha, she says its expensive, is it a gift. Ayesha thinks of Sid and says its my friends, I took it from her to wear it. Barkha asks who. Ayesha says Sangeeta. Barkha says be careful if its someone else’s. Barkha says its not good to take things from others. She asks her where was she yesterday, Ayesha is tensed and says I was with Sangeeta at her house. Barkha says I felt I saw you, where does Sangeeta live. Nani comes and asks who is Sangeeta. Barkha says she is her friend, she gave Ayesha her bangle to wear. Nani asks who is she. Ayesha is angry and asks are you cross questioning me, are you not happy for me.

Barkha says we are happy. Nani says don’t get me wrong, we are happy seeing you happy. Ayesha changes the topic and talks about Ishaana. Barkha looks at her. Ayesha says Ishaana loves Nikhil. Nani says we should use Ishaana to get rid of Lajjo. Ayesha asks how. Nani says when Lajjo feel that Nikhil is happy with Ishaana and not with her, she will feel that she should not be in Nikhil’s life. Ayesha says yes, then her dreams will break and she will be out of this house. Barkha says we should bring Nikhil and Ishaana close. Nani asks how will we do this. Barkha says something. Nani asks how will this help. Barkha shows invitation card.

Barkha writes Nikhil’s and his wife’s name on the card. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil’s words and says no one likes me here and he loves Ishaana. She is hurt. She thinks of going back to her village but says I can’t go, I have to stay here for their happiness. The servant comes and asks her what she is doing. Lajjo says mistake, I will plant the trees. He asks why are you crying. Lajjo says no. He says did Nikhil say something. He explains her that fight happens between husband and wife but Nikhil is a nice man. He talks about the importance of marriage. Lajjo smiles.

Ishaana thinks about Nikhil and their love. She says Nikhil needs me and I can’t go there, I m important to him and he is important to me, we can’t live without each other, I can’t think about anyone except Nikhil. She cries. The song Gustakh Dil…. Plays… Nani goes outside the house in the sun using a umbrella. She meets Lajjo. Lajjo talks to her about flowers and her knowledge about them. Nani says enough, she tells her about the concert invite came for them. Barkha gives the concert invite to Nikhil and says its for both of you. Nikhil looks on. Nani says Nikhil also does not love parties, but you can go with him as you are his wife. She says Nikhil won’t have any problem, as he ndoes not have to introduce you to everyone. Lajjo asks tell me why you are doing this, as you don’t like me., how did you change and asking me to go with him. Barkha asks Nikhil to ask Ishaana if she can come with him. She says Lajjo won’t understand all this and Ishaana loves concerts, she will enjoy them, why not take her with you.

Nani is convincing Lajjo to go with Nikhil. Lajjo thinks about it and smiles. Nani leaves and says sad, she started dreaming, but Ishaana will go with Nikhil. Barkha says I enjoy all this mum.

Nikhil is calling Ishaana and thinking will she come or not. Barkha asks where is Ishaana, is she coming. He says I m waiting for her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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