Gustakh Dil 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 7th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo mentioning Nikhil as her husband and then thinking about it. Nikhil looks at her. She talks to him about their marriage and says whats not in fate can’t be got, am I right. Nikhil says you should have not come here without telling me, its not fair, is this the way to leave a letter and come. I know we are not good husband and wife, but we were good friends who understood each other, you should have told me before leaving. Lajjo thinks I would have cried if I saw you.

She thinks I love you a lot. She starts feeling unwell. Nikhil calls Doctor Kaka. Doctor kaka sends Nikhil out and asks Lajjo not to talk much as Nikhil is not running anywhere. Ayesha comes to the tea stall and asks the man about Adhiraj. He gives her his house address. He says I know you want

to meet him. Nani gets bone pains and sees that the oil Lajjo gave is over. Meera hears Nani saying this. Nani says I don’t eat that bad oil. Meera says yes, but remember that oil erased your pains. Nani says only Lajjo knows where to get the oil, Lajjo is ill, why I ask he for oil. She gets much pain and is restless. She thinks about Lajjo.

Lajjo’s mum comes to talk to Lajjo. She brings khichdi for her and makes her eat. Lajjo is upset and cries. She says I have troubled you a lot. Her mum cries. Lajjo’s mum asks Lajjo to promise her that she won’t hide anything again from her. She says you don’t know what we went through. We are your parents. Ayesha comes in Adhiraj’s locality and some kids tease her and laughs. A girl praises her looks and she gets happy. She comes to Adhiraj’s house and knocks the door. Adhiraj opens the door and is shocked to see her. Nikhil talks to Lajjo’s dad and says I don’t feel to eat anything. Lajjo’s dad gives him tea and talks to him.

Nikhil apologizes to Lajjo’s parents and says we did not know Lajjo will leave us, she told us that she is going only for three days. Lajjo’s mum says what would she do then, you did not accept her, your family too rejected her. Nikhil says no one forced me to marry, it was my decision, but after that, I felt its wrong. Lajjo is also not happy at my home. He says it would be good for both of us to get separated. Lajjo’s dad says we are not angry on you. Its fate, not your mistake. Ayesha talks to Adhiraj. He asks you here, how come. He coughs and is unwell. She says as you are unwell.

She says you did not follow me since 3 days, I m so relieved. He shows her his house and she is shocked. He teaches her to make tea. She does everything as he says and the tea falls. She screams. He says did your mum not teach you. She says did your mum teach you to ignore someone’s burnt hand. He says some hindi lines. She says I m fool to come here to see you. She says you don’t care about me. She cries and leaves. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil. Doctor Kaka asks Lajjo to rest. Lajjo asks did Nikhil went back. He says no, he won’t leave without meeting you. Lajjo says tell me to leave, this place is not good.

She says tell him that I want to talk to him. He says he won’t go, will you go with him if he wants to take you with him, its tough to stay alone. He says don’t say no to Nikhil. Lajjo’s sisters puncture Nikhil’s car’s tyres. Nikhil asks someone about garage. The man says I will take it and get it repaired. Lajjo comes to know that Nikhil’s car’s tyres punctured. She asks how. The man says your sisters did this. She says naughty, let them come. Nikhil comes to Lajjo and says you want me to go from here.

Lajjo says you should not hear others talking. He says answer me first. Lajjo says think about Ishaana, she loves you a lot. Nikhil says don’t take the talk there, get well soon then I will leave. Lajjo says I m fine, the germs are dead, I will be fine in two days. I will go home. Nikhil says after you go home, I will also go my home. Lajjo thinks about their old moments. She says its so easy to keep up a marriage, you will keep your love and I our marriage. She cries and says I m not thinking about anyone, I ruined two lives, yours and Ishaana. She says I know you did not cheat me. You did right. Nikhil looks at her.

Lajjo looks while Nikhil is about to leave. Nikhil says Lajjo and turns to see. She hides.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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