Gustakh Dil 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo noticing the man who is taking Nikhil’s pics. The man goes after Nikhil. Lajjo gets worried and thinks who is he. She thinks about Nikhil’s words about the job. She gets suspicious about his job. She talks to Inder about it and he too shows his worry regarding Nikhil. Chaya brings tea for them. Lajjo asks why is Nikhil so big salary, that too so soon. Inder says you won’t believe it. I thought this and tries to ask him, but he is grown up now and did not tell me anything. He asks her to ask him. She says no, he will doubt on me. Inder says he is sure my son won’t do any wrong work. HE says I m worried for his job, I have a strange fear seeing him. Lajjo gets more worried.

Anjali comes to meet Sagar. Sagar is glad seeing her. He says my life is changed all of a sudden, I m getting many calls. Anjali smiles. He says everyone treats me like VIP, did you know Barkha is Lajjo’s mum in law. Anjali says I was surprised, Barkha was against her and she fell so low to stop Lajjo from winning. He says this happened for good.

Anjali asks did Lajjo come to meet you. Sagar says no, she is busy with family. She asks will she come back. He says she signed the contract. She says why will she come, she got what she wanted, don’t expect anything, you will be hurt, she loves her husband a lot. Sagar thinks how to tell he really loves Lajjo and he can’t move back now. Barkha is arranging her room. Nani looks gorgeous and says she is going on shopping. Lajjo will also come with us, I want to do Lajjo and Ayesha’s shopping.

Nani says why don’t we call Ayesha’s inlaws for dinner, they can see Trishna is our bahu. Barkha says don’t confuse me, Lajjo is not at home. Ayesha comes and Nani tells her about her marriage shopping. Barkha asks where was she all day. Ayesha lies. Ayesha says she does not want anything and leaves. Barkha and Nani see her upset. Ayesha thins sorry mum for hiding this that I went to court today to give statement for saving Adhiraj.

Nikhil and Lajjo meet their friends. Lajjo gives their orders. Rancho thinks the last time when they came here. They are shocked seeing Lajjo changing so much. Barkha tells Lajjo and Nikhil that many people were around us because of Lajjo’s name. Nikhil too tells the same. Barkha looks happy. Sagar comes to meet Lajjo and tells about the limitation that she can’t go out like this, she is the star now. She asks Barkha to explain her, she needs security. Nikhil says sorry. Lajjo says I m not star for my family, I can’t change my behavior. Sagar asks Nikhil to explain her. Nikhil says I agree with you.

Sagar asks her not to go in any ordinary hotel, and go with her own car, driver and security. He leaves. Barkha says Sagar is just a sweet fellow. Nikhil says Sagar is really good, she won the competition because of him. She asks him to be careful next time. He says sure. He asks Lajjo which car does he want. Lajjo says I did not think I will buy a car. They laugh. He says you won’t change, and when will I get be used, I have a good job. He gets tensed. They sees a shadow and asks who is it. The servant says some boys came to take a ball. Lajjo asks him why is he worried. He says nothing.

Its night, Nikhil wakes up by Khanna’s warning and shouts Lajjo. She wakes up and asks what happened. He asks is she fine. She says I m fine, did you see bad dream. Nikhil cries. She gives him water. She says tell me, what is the matter. He looks at her.

Barkha reads Ayesha gave statement in court. Inder asks Ayesha is this true. Ayesha says yes. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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