Gustakh Dil 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil feeling Lajjo is around. He gets busy and leaves. Ayesha thinks abut Adhiraj and the woman’s words against him. She thinks she was there with him that night when it rained heavily and Adhiraj was at his home, then how can he murder anyone. Ayesha says Adhiraj did not do the murder as he was with me. But how can I tell this, what will people think knowing I was with him that night in his room. Ayesha thinks what to do, if she keeps quiet, Adhiraj’s life will be ruined, and if she tells anything, her life will be ruined. She gets worried.

Lajjo’s photo shoot starts and the photographer guides her in the process. Kabir waits there for Ratri. He gets angry. Anjali asks Lajjo to pose for the camera not being afraid of it, and think it loves you and think of the moments, think as if you are making an album of the memories. Lajjo says she is ready. She poses well. She thinks about Nikhil. Ratri is shocked to see her costume spoiled and gets angry. She says what should I do now. The designer gives her other dresses.

Ratri gets angry on her and says I hate these dresses, get out. The girl leaves. Anjali asks Kabir why did Ratri not turn up, did she cheat you, the one who can cheat someone and cheat someone else too. Ratri ruins the room and says who dared to ruin my dresses. Kabir calls her and she does not see it. Kabir gets angry. Sagar comes and is surprised seeing Lajjo posing so well. Everyone clap for Lajjo. Kabir gets angry. Aarushi asks where is Ratri. Anjali taunts Kabir.

Aarushi says we are fed up waiting for her, where is she. Ratri calls Kabir and says I m sorry, this photo shoot can’t happen today. He asks why. She says someone has ruined my dresses. She cries. Kabir fumes in anger. Sagar comes to him and gives him little advice and says costume does not matter, Ratri prefers her looks than profession. Sagar says its pack up now and smiles. Kabir feels bad.

Lajjo comes home and lights the diya. She talks to Rancho and tells her everything what happened. She says Ratri did not come there, don’t know who ruined her clothes. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo looking at her anklet. Nani looks at it and thinks she saw the girl wearing at the parlour. Barkha is angry on Chaya. Nani calms her down and asks her whats wrong. Barkha says everything. She does not tell them about Lajjo.

Singh praises Sagar and Lajjo and Sagar thinks about her. Sagar smiles thinking how Lajjo supported her. He also praises Lajjo and says she is simple but she has something in her, its her contribution, she has passion and honesty, she is hardworking so she became Trishna. Anjali says yes, but you made her this. Sagar thinks about Aarohi and his past. Aarohi was Sagar’s find and got married to him. She had a secret affair with Kabir and ditched Sagar even after he loved her so much.

Sagar thinks about how they cheated him. He tells Anjali and Singh that I make stars, but after they became a star, they run away, as some people throw the stairs with which they climb up. Anjali says every girl can’t be Aarohi. He says yes, she can’t be. Lajjo rests and thinks. She is happy and says I did not know this would happen, and tells her about photo shoot. Barkha thinks about Lajjo and her words that she will be back in her home. Barkha thinks she will lay thorns in her way and her love will go away from her life. She thinks what to do and Lajjo made a mistake to go against her as Lajjo does not know how far she can go.

Barkha taunts Ratri in anger as her photo shoot did not happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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