Gustakh Dil 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 6th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts of with Nikhil apologizing to Ishaana in a restaurant about the shirt. She tells him that its not a big deal they can buy more shirts. He tells her he has no idea when Laajo became very careless, Ishaana replies that everyone makes mistakes and he should not be angry with her. They both share a good moment that lightens their mood.

Later in the night Laajo enters Nikhil’s room with some shirts, he doesn’t talk to her properly and asks her to leave the shirts. When he takes his car keys Laajo asks him where he is going late in the night, he gets irritated and asks Laajo to not interfere in his matters.

Nani is talking to Meera about Laajo and how her oil worked. She also tells Meera happily that Ishaana has created another misunderstanding between

Nikhil and Laajo. Meera doesn’t look happy and asks Nani why she is happy when Laajo without being selfish got her oil and even heard shoutings from everyone due to it. Nani says that she finds Laajo to be a nice girl and if she was not Nikhil’s wife she would appreciate Laajo. Meera also says that if Laajo was not Nikhil’s wife Naani would never have even met laajo.

Laajo is crying in her room and thinks to herself that she actually has no right to be here, she prays and and says that she wants to go back home and that she cant see hatred for herself in Nikhil’s eyes. She sees Nikhil coming back and when he goes to sleep, she goes to his room and quietly wonders the reason she cant go away and why she has been tied to Nikhil.

The next day Ayesha is walking on the road when some guys at a tea stall start teasing her. Ayesha walks away without saying a word but suddenly a new guy comes in and stops the other guys from teasing her. The new guy says that that girl could be someone’s sister and we should respect women. Ayesha gets angry and starts shouting at the other guys and says that they are poor and have no work to do, she also adds in that they all uneducated and have nothing to do in life. The new guy gets angry at Ayesha for saying such things and says that what they did was wrong but it doesn’t mean that all poor people have cheap mentality he also adds in that just because they are not getting a job doesn’t mean they are uneducated. Ayesha also starts arguing and remarks that all poor people are the same, the new guy cuts in and says that rich guys can also have cheap thinking. Ayesha is suddenly reminded of Sid, they both fight on the road till Ayesha leaves.

In the house, Shyla and Naani are sorting out clothes to give for donation to the poor. Laajo offers to help but Barkha stops her. Nani asks Laajo to take some clothes for her family in the village, but Laajo very sweetly refuses and says that all these clothes are very fancy and that none of the people in the village would wear them. Suddenly Barkha spots Nikhil’s old but brand new green shirt, on seeing it Laajo remembers a conversation she had with Chayya about her son needing a green shirt for the picnic and how Chayya cant afford one. Laajo asks Barkha for the shirt and makes an excuse that a boy from her village likes these clothes. when everyone leaves Chayya asks laajo why she is so nice and despite all the insults she still cares for everyone.

Precap- Laajo is making sandwitches and puts peanut butter, Ishaana sees it and eats it but she starts coughing. Nikhil is asking Gunjan why she gave the peanut butter sandwitch despite Ishaana having the allergy.

Update Credit to: Desigirl_21

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