Gustakh Dil 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 6th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo thinking about Nikhil’s words. Lajjo looks at Nikhil. Roobaroo Tu har Kahin…… plays……. Nikhil is sleeping and she gets sad. She touches his face and the song Gustkah Dil……… plays……. Barkha comes to Nikhil’s room and sees his toys and things. She thinks about Nani’s words that Nikhil can get anyone but not a mum. She thinks that Nikhil can never hurt her and will do anything for her. She thinks about Nikhil’s childhood. She thinks of her other son Akash and says I can’t do this.

Nani comes to her and asks what can’t you do. Barkha says what you asked me to do, I can forgive Nikhil but can never forget that, how can I. She says I lost Akash because of Nikhil. Nani says Nikhil is your son, you lost Akash and do you want to lose

Nikhil now. Barkha says I know, but I can’t do this, I want him to be happy and get the best in his life. But I can not love him, I m annoyed with him. She says whenever I see him, I think about Akash.

Barkha cries and feels helpless. Nani forces her to love Nikhil. Barkha says don’t force me, I can’t love Nikhil. She shouts on Nani. Lajjo’s mum makes laddoos for Nikhil and asks him to eat on the way. Nikhil thanks her. They wait for Lajjo and she comes. Lajjo’s mum scolds her. Lajjo says I will also go with you, now. Nikhil is shocked. Her parents look at her. Nani says I think Lajjo won’t be back with Nikhil, we have time to save our future now. She says show Nikhil how much you love him.

Nani says we don’t have any other option. Nikhil asks Lajjo why did you change your decision, you wanted to stay here for a month, then what happened, is everything ok. Lajjo says nothing, everything is fine. Lajjo’s mum also asks her what is the matter. Her dad also asks her. Lajjo says there is no such problem, I want to go my home. Her dad says we are happy in Lajjo’s happiness, take her along with you. Nikhil says fine. Her sisters says Lajjo won’t go so soon.

Lajjo’s mum asks Nikhil will it be a problem to take Lajjo with you. Nikhil says no, its not a problem. Lajjo smiles. Nikhil asks Lajjo to get ready. Lajjo’s mum sees them and smiles. Gunjan and Rishi are talking over about their mum. Rishi says she called me. Gunjan says you are lying but why. She says you always hurt dad, why, can’t you see his happiness. Rishi says he does not care about me, then why should I care about him. Gunjan shouts on him. Rishi says he made oru mum go away from us.

Lajjo makes her decision final that she is leaving. Her sisters try to stop her. Lajjo says she can’t. Her mum and dad comes to her and they get emotional. Lajjo hugs them and cries. Ishaana comes to Nikhil’s house and meets Ayesha. Ishaana asks Ayesha why are you so happy. Ayesha says you are looking restless, why are you looking at the door. Ishaana says Nikhil is coming. Nani and Barkha are happy to see Ishaana and Ishaana tells them that Nikhil is coming alone. Nani asks her to win over Nikhil.

Ishaana agrees and asks Nani what happened. Nani says my knees are aching. She says you are very sensitive, you notice small things too. She says few things and praises Ishaana. Barkha says did you ask Nikhil till where he reached. Ishaana says no, I did not call him. Nani says he will coming alone, its great, he is bearing his marriage as a burden. Sad for him. Barkha says lets celebrate. Nikhil comes and hears party and says I came on the right time.

He is happy to see Ishaana and goes to hug her. She says I missed you so much. He says I missed you too. She says I came to give you a surprise. They are shocked to see Lajjo. Lajjo is upset seeing Nikhil hug Ishaana. Nani and Barkha are shocked seeing Lajjo back.

Ishaana is jealous seeing Nikhil happily talking with Lajjo.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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