Gustakh Dil 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 5th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo’s dad calling Lajjo’s house. He asks can I talk to Lajjo. Rishi picks the call and asks Lajjo to talk to them, Lajjo asks about everyone. Her dad says everyone is fine here, how are you. Lajjo is upset. He asks why are you not saying, Lajjo says I m absolutely fine. He asks did you get the gifts on diwali, did you like them. Lajjo thinks how Barkha and Nani insulted the gifts. Lajjo cries and says I know you have sent it by love, everyone likes it a lot. She says everyone were praising the gifts, and were happy. She says I liked my gifts also, the saree and the sweets. Her dad says you are saying the truth, right, your mum is happy, how is Nikhil.

Lajjo is quiet. He says call Nikhil, I want to talk to him. Lajjo tells him about Nikhil’s accident. He gets worried. Lajjo says he is fine now, don’t worry, he is not much hurt, he is resting for now, so he can’t talk now. He asks her to take care of him. Lajjo’s mum talks to Lajjo and gives some tips to her to remove bad sight from Nikhil. She says say our greeting and wishes to everyone. Nani and Barkha hears their conversation. Nani says Lajjo is a good bahu, that she lied for us, so that they don’t get to know about us. Ayesha comes and scolds Lajjo. Ayesha says Ishaana got annoyed and she left because of Lajjo. Lajjo says I did not tell anything to Ishaana. I don’t know why she left. Lajjo leaves from the hall.

Kunal comes to Ishaana and talks about her day. Ishaana is happy and says I m throwing my old clothes to buy new clothes. Kunal says so you are in a good mood. She says I m thinking to catch up with our gang. Kunal says sure, why not. He says don’t throw this top, she asks why. He says you wore this when our result came, and you said this top is lucky for you. She asks I don’t remember, do you remember that picnic and we lost the bus, we walked so this top is not lucky for me. Kunal says how can I forget that day, I realized that day I love you. He says this top is lucky for me. Ishaana comes back with the coffee and says we will go to meet the gang. He says everyone are busy today, no one is coming today, if you don’t have any problem, shall we go to watch a movie. Ishaana says great idea, I will go and change.

Kunal happily waits for her. Nikhil’s uncle Ravi comes to know about Nikhil’s state. His wife asks him why is he worried. He says my career for affected after Ayesha’s proposal broke. Sid’s dad took his case back. She asks him not to worry. He says it’s a big loss in business. She says don’t equate business with relations. He says don’t start again, don’t talk about things you don’t know. He scolds her and says we belong to high society. He says I don’t have any option, I have to talk to Sid’s dad and convince him about Sid and Ayesha’s wedding. Ishaana and Kunal talk about the movie. Ishaana says it was scary. He says its good to see you smiling after a long time. She thanks him for being nice to her. She says you had to bear my mood swings, and you did not say anything, thanks. Kunal says you are welcome.

Ishaana thinks about Nikhil and is upset. Kunal sees her sad and asks whats wrong. She says nothing, I thought about Nikhil seeing that couple. He says I understand, he was your past, look ahead, don’t cry, you don’t look good. He holds her face and gets closer. She says what are you doing, he says I was scaring you. She says lets go home. Kunal says lets go. Barkha and Nani are talking about Sid and Ayesha and that Sid’s dad is ready for their marriage. Barkha tells this to Inder. Nani says I don’t think so. Barkha asks what. Nani says we should not take decisions in hurry, we should think before saying yes. Barkha says what do you mean. Inder says Nani is right. Barkha gets hyper and says Ravi tried his best to convince Sid’s dad. She says did anyone think about Ayesha and what she wants. Inder says Ayesha is not mature, she can’t decide about her life. Nani says Inder is right, where is Ayesha.

Barkha says she is with her new friend Sangeeta. Nani says do you know her, did you meet her. Barkha gets angry. Barkha says does Ravi know what you feel about this proposal, he will be furious. Inder says so shall we let Ayesha marry to Sid, its about her life. Barkha says I don’t understand what happened to you. Nani says I will talk to Ravi and Ayesha too. Lajji is in her room seeing her parents’s gifts and seeing the things to bring the bad sight off Nikhil. Lajjo comes to Nikhil’s room and Sahila catches her keeping the things under Nikhil’s pillow. Shaila asks whats this. Lajjo says its puja’s flower and Nikhil will get well soon. Shaila does not believe her and thinks it’s a black magic thing. Lajjo says my mum has sent this. Shaila argues with Lajjo. Nikhil wakes up and supports Lajjo. Barkha and Nani comes and Shaila tells them everything. Shaila says I think Lajjo does not want Ishaana to come in your life and wants to make a space in your heart.

Nikhil is talking to Ishaana on phone and says you mean a lot to me, don’t compare yourself with Lajjo. You are my life, not Lajjo. Lajjo hears all this and is hurt

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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