Gustakh Dil 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo talking to Gunjan and says she came to know that day she is Anjali’s daughter. Gunjan says we understood eating the food that you made it, we missed you a lot. Lajjo says me too. Barkha comes and sees them chatting. Ayesha comes and hugs Lajjo. Lajjo asks how is she. Ayesha says I m fine, I actually wanted to say…. Lajjo says why are you hesitating, say…. Ayesha laughs and says I m really sorry from all of us, we did so bad with you. Lajjo says bury the past and move on, I forgot everything, I have no complains. Ayesha goes to get a letter. She sees it and gets tensed. Lajjo asks whose letter is it. Ayesha hides. Lajjo asks is there any problem. Ayesha gets angry and says its personal.

Lajjo says I did not know its personal, I saw you worried, so I asked you. She leaves. Ayesha says sorry Lajjo and reads the letter. Lajjo thinks whats the problem with Ayesha. Barkha comes to Kabir and asks him to return her cheque as Trishna won. Kabir says that day was Trishna and no one could stop her that day. She says it looks like you are impressed by her too. She asks why did he not do her work, anyways give her cheque back. He says I tried. She says stupid trick of kidnapping a child, Sagar reached her. Kabir says he is a father who loves his daughter a lot, and can do anything.

She says I m hearing this for first time. Sagar comes and Barkha is shocked seeing him. Kabir says congrats Sagar, you proved you are the real star maker. Trishna is very talented. Sagar says she is good human being, she did not try to fail anyone, I hope Ratri and Kabir realized manipulations can’t make anyone lose. Kabir says yes, Barkha is here. Sagar meets Barkha and Kabir tells Sagar that I will tell you who is she. She is Nikhil’s mum and Lajjo’s mum in law. Sagar is shocked.

Sagar thinks how did Barkha react before seeing Lajjo. He thinks how Barkha tried to take back Trushna and commented on her badly, and praised Ratri. Sagar says you are Lajjo’s mum in law. Barkha says yes Sagar. Chaya tells Lajjo that she is very happy she came back, as now she won’t have the duty of taking care of Nikhil. Lajjo asks did he miss me. Chaya says a lot. Chaya says I felt you won’t talk to me being star. Lajjo says I m same for my family and will make lunch for my family. They have a funny talk. Chaya laughs and says you are still our same Lajjo Bhabhi. Lajjo smiles.

Chaya says you have shut Barkha’s mouth, now no one will insult village girls. Lajjo asks Chaya to go, as she will make food for everyone. Sagar says you are Nikhil’s mum, that does not make any sense, you came to convince me to replace Lajjo. Kabir looks at Barkha. Sagar says OMG, and laughs. He says you were behind Ratri and Kabir, but why. He says you were also behind wardrobe malfunction. Kabir points to Barkha. Sagar says how could you, you played with her respect, she is your son’s wife, why did you do this, as she is not suitable for your family, the truth is you are not suitable for you.

Barkha says yes, as I did not wish to come in my son’s life, as I feel she is not the right girl for my son, I know I could not stop her. Everyone was right and I was wrong, she came back home, and what do I do now, I will have to accept her, and that’s how I will have to live with her. Sagar says you should be proud of her. Kabir nods yes. Barkha says one step at a time Sagar. She says she will try. Sagar says be careful with your steps. He says she was waiting for this moment when you accept her, then she will be a true winner. Barkha says I shall try as I said. She leaves.

Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj and talks about his case and is he scared. He asks her the same and asks her not to come to the court. He says he won’t feel bad. He says your name will come in newspapers as you are from a big rich family, everyone will be hurt. She cries. He asks her to go ahead in life, her marriage is fixed, why is she getting into this case. Lajjo asks Chaya to call everyone. Chaya says no one is at home, I told them you are cooking lunch for them today. Barkha hears this and sees Lajjo upset.

She comes to Lajjo and says I m hungry, and you can serve me the food. Lajjo is stunned and says you will have food with me. Barkha says why, can’t we have lunch together. Lajjo thinks about old moments and how Barkha used to react seeing her. She smiles and they go out. Everyone come with welcome home poster and surprises Lajjo. She thanks them and hugs Samrat. Barkha smiles. Samrat says I m proud of you. Lajjo says Anjali helped me a lot.

Inder says I m very hungry, lets have food. Everyone is happy. Barkha asks where is Ayesha. Gunjan says she went out, she was tensed. Barkha says I told her to be at home today. Lajjo thinks about Ayesha’s problem. Gunjan says even Nikhil is missing. Barkha says will we have food now. Samrat talks to Inder and says how we used to sign a song for our guest in childhood. They sing the Sonbarsa song Swagat Athithi ji ka. Lajjo smiles happily.

Nikhil talks to Lajjo’s pic and says tomorrow your Nikhil will come to take you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am glad Mili returned safely please don’t get the show be involved with the diamond smuggling and off track. It would nice if they all get united and ends the story line here.

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