Gustakh Dil 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo asking Adhiraj can he stay without Ayesha, can he forget her. She asks what does his heart say, if its saying yes, then you did not love her, if its saying no, then you love her and can you then live with this loneliness. She says She asks what does his heart say, if its saying yes, then you did not love her, if its saying no, then you love her and can you then live with this loneliness. Ayesha thinks its her last day in this city now and she will go far from Adhiraj. She cries. Adhiraj comes to her running. She says you, why did you come here now. He says he did not understand his feelings, he was a fool to think he can live without her. He says he can’t live without her and he loves her a lot. She smiles. He says I m sorry, please don’t go, forgive me for everything. He says someone came to me to open my eyes.

He says someone told me that its important for me to realize that I love you. Ayesha runs to him and hugs him. She says thank God this moment came. He says now I won’t go anyhere. Ranawat sees some files. He gets a call from his foreign client. He says why is shit meeting not a secret. Ranawat says its still a secret, it’s a misunderstanding. He says I came to know about secret info leaked, I think someone is following you. Ranawat is shocked. He says someone of your men is a spy. Ranawar says no, its impossible. I personally know the men working with me, I trust them, no one can cheat me, as they know its death if they cheat me. The man says I can’t take risk. We will re schedule our meeting. You must come alone.

Ranawat thinks who can it be, spy? Miss Roy tells Nikhil that she heard Ranawat talking to his cline,t so the meeting has changed location. Nikhil says how will we get the details as Ranawat is not taking me. DK says but Trishna can go. Nikhil says no, she can’t go, its impossible, Ranawat is not a fool to not identify her.Lajjo says we can change her look and he will not identify me. Miss Roy asks Amit to make people to know Trishna and she should have crowd, make it a star entry. Amit says he will protect her. Nikhil says I don’t think this plan is good. DK says we will know Ranawat’s plan of operation by this.

Lajjo says Ranawat should not know Nikhil is a spy. Nikhil says he has an idea. Adhiraj tells Ayesha that her family won’t accept him. She says I know. He says you know the meaning to love me, you have to live in my poor state, our dreams will also be small. He says name, fame, and comfort will be gone. She says she is ready as she loves him. She says she has known this very well, she has everything here, but she wants his love. She asks who changed his decision. He smiles and says Lajjo. She is shocked. He says your Bhabhi Lajjo came to meet me. She says what and smiles. He says she explained me so well, that opened my eyes, she made me helpless and pushed me to think.

He says she is amazing. She says how much more favors will she do on me, I did so bad with her and she made me meet my life. He says yes, me. She says she will cancel her foreign trip and tell her family about him. He says fine. She asks does he have any doubt, will he blame her later. He says yes, if she changes her mind. Nikhil comes to meet Ranawat and gives some info about the meeting and some rivals following them. Ranawat says this is happening for first time. Nikhil asks him to cancel the meeting and change time time and venue, there is someone who is cheating him. Ranawat says yes, your doubt is right.

Ranawat says he will reschedule it, and only he will know its details, he will go aloe. Nikhil says fine, don’t tell me any details, keep it a secret. Nikhil smiles. Ranawat thinks he was doubting Nikhil, if he was spy, he would have not told him, he was attacked and could not have his life, its not right to doubt him. Jasmine comes and greets them. Nikhil asks for one day leave as he is going Mumbai. Ranawat says sure, you can go. Jasmine says Mumbai, not bad and smiles as it’s a good chance. Harry sees her smiling and asks whats going on. Nikhil leaves.

She says you won’t understand as you got old. He says who old. She says you and runs. Harry comes to Ranawat and says he did not come to take money. He says he came to talk about business, he knows why is he worried, he feels someone is cheating him and you don’t know who is he. He says he knows it very well. Ranawat gets angry and asks how did he know this. Harry says I heard you talking. Ranawat scolds him. Ranawat asks him not to interfere in his business. Harry says don’t get angry, hera me once. Ranawat says what now. Harry says its Nikhil who is making place in your heart.

Ranawat says you are jealous of him as he is much better than you. Trishna comes at the venue and talks to Nikhil. He says he trusts her and you can do it. He encourages her and says he loves her a lot. She smiles. He asks her to take care of his wife, else he will die. She says fine, I will get your wife back home safely. She thinks she has to do this for Nikhil.

She enters the place and meets the foreign client. Ranawat looks at her.

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